Resolved Error: DNS Zone File unavailable in Godaddy

Now these days, you aren’t getting posts frequently to read on Myquickidea. There is a reason behind it. I am busy with developing my new blog. After Myquickidea, it’s my second blog.

Now you would say, what’s its name?

Sorry, I can’t reveal the name right now.


I will share soon. Don’t worry!

I am writing this post to aware you regarding an issue that I encountered while I was deploying my new domain to blogger.

I had to resolve an error that took my whole day. But at last, I got to succeed and fixed the error.

“DNS Zone File unavailable”

This situation might occur with you, and I don’t want that you also have to face the same problem.

Let’s me tell you the complete story and along with I will share the right solution.

I just bought a domain from Godaddy and wanted to attach it to Blogger.

However, I don’t recommend Blogspot for blogging or hosting any website because it has so many drawbacks.

why WordPress is better than the Blogspot platforms

Many blogs are running on the Blogspot, and I wanted to test the platform.

I have used it at the beginning of my blogging journey. However, I want to utilize it one more time to explore the changes that have made in the past 1 or 2 years.

It’s an experiment.

Now way back to our real concern….

When I decided to attach the domain to the blogger, it was already connected to one free hosting that you can see the in the Setting tab in the Domain Details section.

(I am assuming that you are already in your domain setting in Godaddy.)

godaddy domain details

These are default nameservers of Godaddy. If you have attached any hosting related nameservers over here, it might be possible that DNS Zone File won’t show you anything in it.

The same things happened in my case.

In general, DNS Zone File shows you many options.

dns zone file godaddy

But I had free hosting’s nameservers here at the place of default nameservers of Godaddy, so I was unable to see anything in it.

I tried to a lot to find the issue, but nothing worked for a long time.

I just looked into the support section of Godaddy and found the solution.

According to Godaddy, the domain zone file shows empty because the domain is hosted on another server.

I just caught the point and changed the name server to the default ones because without making changes I couldn’t add the bloggers.

 Then Nameservers: NS1.WHDMS.COM




We need to add Cname into the zone file while we add a custom domain to the blogger.

In my case, it was showing blank in the zone file, so I wasn’t able to make changes.

After it, I added the default nameservers to the domain name.

You might not able to see the changes instantly, so just keep refreshing the page until you find the required changes into the name server.

Finally, I got what I wanted to be there.

This seems a simple error, but it can take your hours to resolve it.

Giveaway for you:

To fix a mistake, first read the complete error details carefully and try to understand it.

To get resolution, copy the error message and paste exactly into the Google. It helped most of the times when I stuck in a problem online.

In the case of no resolution found on Google, look into the support/help section of the vendor (in my case it was Godaddy). You can get a similar thread or have a clue from the support that will assist you in solving the error.

Final Words

I tried my level best to clear resolution of this issue. Many of you are using Blogspot, and this situation may also occur with you. Notify me if this resolution is not working at your end. I can help you personally.

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