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MyQuickidea.com was launched on May 11, 2015 by Nikhil Kumar Saini with a desire of providing precise guides and tutorials related to computer and internet marketing. The primary objective of starting this blog is to assemble an enthusiastic community of people who strive to solve computer problems and having interest in digital marketing. We can relate it with a combined approach of learning computer problem’s solution techniques and online marketing tactics including blogging, SEO, and many others.

How MQI is helpful for Visitors?

MyQuickIdea is consistently making attempts to produce complete guides to make computer virus free to keep it in good condition. Our articles on this blog will also help with promotion of websites online.To solve any issue related to PC, needs of proper guidance. Our motive is to provide a complete practical tutorial to readers on each kind of problem so that readers can solve the common PC issues with their own hands. Besides of this, MQI reveals the top result oriented Blogging tips and tricks that are required to sustain long in SERP. The published articles will contain the proper guidance and perfect resources to gain knowledge of concepts that result in better efficiency. The lack of proper knowledge can lead towards darkness. However, the MQI prevents people from any kind of disappointment by providing precise information of the related topic.

This blog is standing on the land of following topics:

• Computer Problem Fixing
• Blogging Tips and Tricks
• Money Making Guides
• SMM (Social Media Marketing)
• Lead Generation & Conversion
• Digital Marketing
• and so on…….

Meet with the Blog Founder-Nikhil Kumar Saini

Blog Author- Nikhil Kumar Saini
Blog Author- Nikhil Kumar Saini

Hey, Guys, I am Nikhil, a professional computer  technician cum blogger, belong to Jaipur, Rajasthan. I am crazy about blogging and computers since a long time. In the beginning, I was unable to explore my interest in blogging. I had the PC, but It was not on the network. Hence, We got an internet connection and started my blogging journey. If I take the side of my soul, I like to call myself a blogger. I take blogging as a mode of sharing thoughts and more than that solving the problems of others.

I love to solve computer related issues. My blog is a favorite platform for me to leverage my knowledge to the readers so that anybody who has any problem in PC can get the solution through MyQuickIdea.

I started my blogging journey from Blogspot and then migrated to WordPress which is told a recommended blogging platform. I am keen to learn more advanced SEO techniques. My hunger of learning online marketing keeps me engaged with my PC. I spend most of the hours on my PC. I am constantly trying to make this blog easier to read so that visitors can gain knowledge with little efforts.

Future Vision about this blog?

I want to develop one platform that solves every kind of computer issue and teaches the each smallest aspect of online marketing. I usually experience many problems in both of the fields. The newbies will not encounter any kind of issue is our sole purpose of starting this blog.

Money making is the need of everyone. We do not deny this fact. However, the main objective is establishing trust in reader’s mind. If they will follow us continually, it is real money for us.

We need your love, care and support for establishing the feet thoroughly. I really appreciate your efforts in contributing in the growth of MQI.

Thanks for sharing your love by visiting MyQuickIdea regularly. I expect the same love and care in the future too………….

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