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YouTube Vanced differs from official YouTube, providing groundbreaking advanced functionalities such as Ads Blocker, SponsorBlock, Background Play, AMOLED Mode, and more, all free of charge.

If you found YouTube’s frustrating advertisements unsatisfactory, explore the futuristic iteration of YouTube known as YouTube Vanced. Powered by the ReVanced Patches, it offers unprecedented features that you have never experienced before.

About YouTube Vanced

YouTube Vanced APK download

YouTube Vanced is a modified rendition of the original YouTube application that incorporates numerous remarkable functionalities, greatly cherished by millions of users. In this application, you can delight in an ad-free experience and refrain from encountering any sponsors while enjoying an unlimited plethora of videos.

Although not YouTube Premium, it mirrors its premium attributes. Team Vanced, spearheaded by the esteemed developer and senior member of XDA named Rafalete, crafted this app by augmenting the original YouTube app, bestowing it with remarkable features like Sponsor Block, Return YouTube Dislike, and an array of captivating customization options, all freely accessible.

This app is alternatively referred to as YT Vanced Mod APK due to its capacity to offer ad-free streaming without any charge.

If you are curious about where to obtain this application, you will find it widely available throughout the internet, as well as in various official app stores such as uptodown, APKPure, apkmirror, and more.

Moreover, you can acquire the most up-to-date version of YouTube Vanced Manager APK at zero cost right here. For further insights into this app and its usage guide, kindly peruse the information below.

Version Info

NameYouTube Vanced
DeveloperVanced Team
Size94 MB
Last updatedJuly 11, 2024

HOW It Works?

If you’re unfamiliar with how YouTube Vanced APK operates, it’s actually quite straightforward. In terms of usage, there’s no disparity between YouTube and Vanced. The functionality of this application mirrors that of YouTube.

All you need to do is install the application, sign in to your account, and enjoy your preferred content. The significant advantage is that YouTube Vanced offers all features completely free, while the official YouTube option includes premium features that require payment.

To summarize, opting for YouTube Vanced APK is always advantageous for any YouTube user who wants to avoid paying for premium features.

Features for Youtube Vanced:


YouTube contains pre-roll, mid-roll, and sponsored ads in most of its videos. Although these interruptions are justified as advertisers have paid for them, they can disrupt the user’s experience on the platform. YouTube Vanced provides an integrated ad-blocker that eliminates ads from all videos, ensuring an optimal online viewing experience. It’s akin to the unlocked version of YouTube Premium, requiring no paid subscriptions.

Dark Mode

YouTube Vanced also offers a dark mode feature, which not only enhances the visual aesthetics of the app but also reduces eye strain and adapts the screen to current lighting conditions. It provides users with comfort when using their devices in low-light settings and significantly extends the device’s battery life.

Background Play

The original YouTube app limits features like background play unless you pay for YouTube Premium. When you switch apps or turn off your screen, YouTube videos stop playing. But with Vanced YouTube, you can listen to any video’s audio in the background, even with your screen off. Vanced gives you unlimited, uninterrupted audio playback of videos while multi-tasking on your device – no Premium subscription required.

PiP Mode

Vanced’s Picture-in-Picture (PiP) mode lets you multitask easily while watching videos. It shrinks the video into a small floating window that sits above other apps. This mini player can be moved anywhere on your screen so you can work on other tasks or apps while still watching the video. PiP keeps playback running smoothly without taking up the full screen, so you can be productive and still catch every moment of the video.

No Root Access

YouTube Vanced can be used on any Android device without encountering any system access errors that might occur on non-root devices. Versions are available for both rooted and non-rooted devices to ensure proper functionality.

Vanced Settings

The application offers various customizable settings that grant users precise control over their preferences and video playback experience.

HDR Mode

To significantly enhance video quality within the app, you can enable HDR Mode or Forced HDR. These options substantially elevate the visual experience, surpassing the quality offered by the original YouTube application.

Parallel Usage

Contrary to common misconceptions that suggest uninstalling the original YouTube app is necessary to use YouTube Vanced, both applications can coexist. MicroG enables YouTube Vanced to function independently of Google Play Services, resulting in a distinct package from the default app.

Save for Offline Viewing

Similar to the default YouTube app, you have the ability to download and save videos offline for later viewing. However, not all videos can be downloaded, reflecting the limitations of the original app.

Anti-Ban Protection

Despite being a third-party application unrecognized by Google Play Services, using YouTube Vanced does not pose a risk of account suspension. It incorporates anti-ban mechanisms that safeguard your account.

Google Account Sign-In

If you wish to retrieve your personal information, such as liked videos, subscriptions, and recommendations, from the original YouTube app, you can sign into YouTube Vanced using your Google account.

Gesture Controls

By utilizing swipe gestures, you can conveniently adjust screen brightness and volume, mirroring the functionality found in other video players.

How to Install Youtube Vanced for Android?

The original Vanced YouTube app was discontinued last year, but ReVanced has now revived it with additional features. ReVanced makes installing Vanced simple – just download the APK and microG files and manually install them on your Android device. Follow the steps properly to get the latest ad-free Vanced YouTube working smoothly without errors. 

Step 1: Download APK from Trusted Source

– Download apk file from this article.

– Avoid scams and malware by using the official site

Step 2: Install APK Files

– Download both the YouTube and MicroG APK files

– Use your device’s file manager to find and select the APKs

– Enable “Install from unknown sources” to allow installation

– Grant permission to install the APK files

Step 3: Complete Setup

– Install MicroG first and enable auto-start in its settings

– Then install Vanced YouTube APK

– Launch the Vanced app to start using it

– Sign into your Google account to unlock all features

– Enjoy the latest ad-free Vanced experience!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is YouTube Vanced Functional in 2024?

YouTube Vanced, a modded app for YouTube, is highly popular and beneficial. It offers additional features that provide a premium experience. Initially developed by XDA Senior Dev Master_T, it was unfortunately discontinued by Google LLC. However, a new developer has taken over, allowing users to once again enjoy the fully updated YouTube Vanced App on their Android devices with improved features.

Is YouTube Vanced Free?

YouTube Vanced is a modified version of the original YouTube app, offering numerous amazing features that users love. It does not require any subscription fees and is completely free and safe to use.

Can YouTube Vanced be used on iOS?

Although YouTube Vanced has gained popularity, it is not currently available for iOS devices. The team behind Vanced has not developed an iOS version. Therefore, if you are seeking YouTube Vanced for iOS, please note that it is currently unavailable.

How to Install YouTube Vanced on Android?

Installing YouTube Vanced on Android is a straightforward process. Simply download the provided APK file, follow the accompanying guide, and enjoy the premium features for free. Alternatively, you can install the Vanced Manager APK as usual, which allows you to install all Vanced apps without charge.

Is YouTube Vanced an Official App?

YouTube Vanced is a trusted, modded YouTube app with millions of users. It adds premium features missing from the official YouTube app like ad-free viewing, background play, picture-in-picture mode, and sponsor blocking. This supercharged YouTube experience is still designed by Google, but not officially supported or mandated by them anymore since the original Vanced team discontinued it. Even though it’s an unofficial mod, YouTube Vanced’s popularity stems from giving users advanced functionality and control for free. Millions continue using this modded app to enhance their YouTube experience.

Did YouTube Vanced Shut Down in 2024?

It is true that YouTube Vanced was discontinued, but the project has been taken over by other XDA developers. The latest version of YouTube Vanced is now available for Android, providing users with a seamless experience.

Best Alternative to YouTube Vanced?

If you are not inclined to use YouTube Vanced, an excellent alternative is NewPipe. This app offers similar features to YouTube Vanced and is also free for Android users.

Is It Illegal to Use YouTube Vanced APK?

As mentioned before, YouTube Vanced is a modified version of the YouTube app, not available on the Google Play Store. It was developed by XDA Senior Dev Master_T and includes features like background playback and ad-free video watching. If you are a user of this app, there is no need to worry about its legality.

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