YouTube Earning: Making Money with Your Videos [Enough Guide]

Setting up channel is not the issue, Getting thousands of views on videos is the real game…

Most of the people who heard from somewhere that they can make money with their recorded videos by monetizing them on YouTube thought that now they are just one step away…

It’s actually not…

When you are going to upload your videos with the intent of business and fame then you need to follow the professional methods…

Yes, it’s a complete business and you need to follow the industry trends if you want to be successful in any business right?

I am going to tell you the complete method to grow your channel….

YouTube Earning Making money with your Videos

Grab a cup of tea or popcorn it’s going to be little long…

Here we go:

Step 1: Find out your Interest

find your interest

Let me tell you first that this is the most common and biggest mistake which new Vloggers make while starting their journey on YouTube and that is to “Cover every topic in their videos”

It’s like one day they are uploading the dog videos other day cat and next day pranks…

You cannot do that…

Here’s a quick proof:

If you are a fan of watching Dog Training videos on YouTube which channel you will choose and subscribe?

The one who is just uploading the dog-related awesome videos

Or the one also uploading the pranks and daily Vlogs along with dog videos

If you are like most of the people you will select the first one which is only uploading the great content about dogs…

This is a very good example that people always want to subscribe and prefer to watch the videos from the channels which are expert on that specific topic.

Let’s get back to our point that you need to select just one topic on which you have interest and also knows a lot about it, it can be any sports, health, beauty, cooking and many more…

If you cannot decide the topic quickly it means you are bit confused so you can use this way of finding the niche for your channel…

Here’s a simple Way:

Simply take a paper and pen then write down at least your 5 interests and then select the one which you think you can cover in your videos…

You can also use the Pinterest for showing you the complete list of interests which can surely help you in selecting the topic from a good big list.

I must tell you that don’t select the topic in a hurry and always think before making the channel because you are going to make videos on that topic for pretty long time…

It means if you don’t have much interest in that topic you will never come up with new video ideas, so it’s very important to select the topic of your interest.

Step 2: Do Some Quick Keyword Research

Quick Keyword Research

I always mention in my guides that no matter you are doing blogging or Vlogging keyword research is the most important part of starting any business online…

In a Nutshell: Keyword research is the estimated idea that how much people are interested in your selected content topic and how much people are searching for your topic every month or year…

We do Keyword Research for making sure that the topic we have selected is popular enough and also for the estimate of viewers we can get if we start getting maximum views from YouTube.

Okay, so here’s the easy way of doing quick keyword research for your channel topic:

Simply open this tool, select the API of YouTube and enter your selected topic in different variations like I selected Dog Training and here are the results:

It’s telling us that 74k people are searching for “Dog Training” every single month on YouTube.

Now it clearly means that it’s a popular topic on YouTube and if I can make a better content than other channels I can get a good share of traffic every month.

It’s just one keyword and people normally search different variations as well so it’s a big audience.

In this way, you can check your selected topics and my normal criteria for selecting the topic is at least 50k searches for the main keyword otherwise I move on to the next topic.

So, now you are only going to select the topic which is famous and can bring in a lot of views…Let’s move to the next step

Step 3: Upload Stunning Videos

Upload Stunning Videos

After setting up your channel now it’s your time to start making and uploading the stunning videos for getting viewers which can like, subscribe and share your content on their profiles…

Believe me, it’s not very difficult there is a simple formula which you can follow for making the outstanding content…

Here’s the Formula:

Simply search your keyword or topic on which you are going to make the video and watch all the top videos appeared on the first page…

Now your task is to find the flaws and problems in those videos and clear out those problems in your upcoming video.

In simple words watch the already available content and improve it as much as you can. Also, you have to provide the in-depth details on every topic you are covering for getting more viewers.

Quality of videos also matters a lot, so you need to select the good vlogging camera for recording the high-quality videos…

As you already know that we all prefer to watch the videos in high quality and also the ones recorded professionally.

Step 4: Optimize your Videos for Ranking

This is the most important part as I already mentioned before that making the channel is not difficult but getting the views needs your effort.

So, if you want to rank your videos on the first page when people are searching for the topics of your videos you need to properly optimize it for search and believe me it’s not that difficult…

Here’s the list…

1: Add Eye-Catching Title

More than 70 percent of the people only read the headlines of your content online and on YouTube may be the percentage is high because of the related videos section.

So, when someone searching for the keyword you are working ON and your video appeared on the list make sure that you got their eye attention and after reading they quickly click on your title…

Also, I must tell you here that related videos section is the biggest source of traffic on YouTube that you can easily bring in just by writing the attractive headlines…

Here’s the Hack:

I am also not expert at writing great headlines because it’s not the skill that you can learn in days…

But you can still write great headlines for your content using this website Buzzsumo

After getting to this website simply write any keyword or topic and it will show you the most shared content online on that specific topic.

You can simply copy those headlines in the Notepad and use them for writing your own headlines by changing some words…

Like I entered lose weight and here’s the result:

Now you can use this headline from these results “10 Foods you should be eating if you’re trying to lose weight” to create your own great headlines for YouTube videos…

“5 Amazing Foods you should eat for Weight Loss”

“Losing weight? Try these 7 Special foods for quick weight Loss”

“Lose weight with these 10 Foods: Available at your home”

In this way, you can use the top shared content titles for creating your own headlines and you can see that all these headlines are good written and can bring in a lot of clicks then your content will do the rest of job.

But always remember if your headlines are not cool no one is going to see your content as well.

If you want to learn more about writing great headlines you can read this Neil Patel Article which can help you in understanding the things better.

2: Make magnetic Thumbnails

Thumbnails are also very important on YouTube when it comes to achieving the high click-through rate (CTR).

After title most of the time users decide to watch the video by looking at the thumbnail, You can also notice this that the videos which have a high number of views always have the attractive thumbnails.

youtube thumbnails

So, don’t simply select the thumbnail from your uploaded video but I must suggest you take some time in painting your thumbnail professionally.

You can do this by looking at the videos which already have high views and notice their thumbnails pattern which you can use in your videos as well…

For making the thumbnail attractive you can add the short attractive titles…

Let’s suppose your video title is “5 Amazing foods you should eat for weight loss

Then you can paint an attractive image of foods with the tagline “Secret Weight Loss Foods”…

In this way, you can increase the chances of getting more clicks on your videos once the viewers are staring at your video in the list no matter it’s in the search results or in the related videos section. Use Canva to create eye-catching Thumbnails for Youtube.

3: Write the sweet Description

youtube video description

Video description is no longer the major ranking factor on YouTube but no doubt it can still help YouTube to understand your content type and help you in ranking.

So, let’s take the example of “Foods for weight loss” again…

In the description, you have to write the complete details of the topic which you are covering in your video and it will surely help YouTube in understanding the theme of your video and they will show your video in results accordingly.

Step 4: Promote your Videos like Crazy

When you have just uploaded your first videos on the channel then I must tell you the bitter truth that you are not going to get the views instantly even you are doing everything right.

It will no doubt take a time to start getting the organic views from YouTube search section even you are providing the high-quality content.

So, in order to get the organic views first, you need to promote your videos yourself which is a very serious part of kick-starting your channel views.

Here’s the method:

This is a tricky part which needs your effort as well because now you need to find the platforms where viewers which are interested in your content are already present.

Like if you are working on the weight loss niche then, first of all, you have to join all the social media groups related to weight loss and yes social media is one of the biggest traffic sources on the Internet.

1: Promote on Social Media

So, now all you have to do is join as many groups you can on Facebook and start taking part in their discussions about that topic…

It can also help you in noticing the problems of people in losing weight and then make the videos on those topics…

After some time if you see someone’s problem related to your content you can provide them with a good answer and also provide them with the link of your channel or videos so they can start watching your channel videos.

Believe me or not but it’s a great way of getting traffic once your channel is launched on YouTube and you will also start getting the reviews about your content.

Same you can do this on Twitter by making the account related to your channel name and start providing the people with interesting content in your niche.

 2: Promote on Forums

Forums are also the cool space for getting a lot of views which are interested in your content…

Because most people came here when they are not finding the answers of their questions on Internet, so if you can satisfy them with the proper answer and also share the link of your channel they will watch it for sure.

Quora is the biggest forum where you can sign up and start answering the answers to questions related to your channel and if the question is related to your videos you can also drop a link.

In this way, you can build the image on different forums which will in return give you a handsome amount of viewers at the daily basis from the people searching the same problem.

3: Don’t forget Reddit

In case you don’t know about Reddit it’s the biggest website where people share the interesting content from the Internet and millions of people watch it.

So, it’s very similar to forums but here the rules are little strict and you can only post your content in the subreddits which are related to your content.

Find the subreddits where your users are present and after making the required Link Karma you can share your content with a huge community and start getting the related traffic to your channel.

Don’t take it easy I got the maximum of more than 12k views from Reddit in a day when my video got a lot of upvotes from the users and got featured on the first page of that subreddit where everyone can see it for one day.

Final Words:

I must tell you again that no doubt making content is the difficult part but promoting content needs your real efforts.

Once you created the awesome content which is not present before in your niche then only half of your job is done because it’s useless if people are not watching it and giving their reviews about it.

So, you need to focus on promoting your content more than making content because it can bring in the traffic actually and once you got enough subscribers then you no more need to promote your content on social media…

Because your subscribers and the YouTube is going to do this job for you perfectly but for achieving that point you need a lot of effort in order to bring in the first thousands of views.

Now, you know more than 70% of the people who are just starting out blindly without any knowledge of YouTube optimization and promotion channels.

Also, it must be noted that I am not writing this guide for the entertainment purpose but it’s only cool if you take the immediate action and start working from today…

You can bookmark this guide by pressing CTRL+D so when you need it again its present in your bookmark bar.

What problem is stopping you from making the famous channel on YouTube? Let me know in the comments…

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