Yes Advertising Review: Feel Free to Monetize Your Site

Yes advertising is one of the popular advertising networks in the world. It’s a global digital media company which can expand your digital advertising reach.

It’s a product from Yes up Media Inc. Yes up Media Inc, is a modern online and offline advertising company which is particular known for its easy advertising portal.

Yes advertising is the one of the best high paying online advertising company, where it pays the high rate to their publisher. Publishers can quickly monetize their blog or website by simply placing their ads and earn money from yes advertising with ease.

Yes advertising also helps advertisers to promote their product or service to the right audience through top sites and also relevant sites.

Here Yes advertising not only checks the top rankings, but they also see the relevancy of the ads and where it can work well with its advanced technologies.  By doing these, they acquired a huge number of trusted customers over the world.

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Yes Advertising always delivers the advertiser’s campaign to the right audience to increase their sales and to increase their ROI.

Yes Advertising provides the full range of solutions to advertisers. They always combine the data and analytics and all the powerful integrations to optimise web and mobile based campaigns to get best results.

It uses unique features to provide best results to the advertiser. It helps in providing:

  • In-depth targeting process that can easily help the advertiser to know more information.
  • Yes Advertising reach is beyond expectations as it will keep your ads in a perfect place where you can get millions of daily impressions and a boost in sales.
  • You can easily start your campaign in a few minutes which is far easier than other advertising.
  • Each and every IP address is scanned by traffic quality scoring technology which is more advanced than standard advertising solutions. And it also especially measures the conversion rate and likeness of conversion.
  • Yes Advertising provides 40 different ad formats which are actionable and perfectly test with more than 10 targeting variables.
  • Yes advertising systems automatically optimise your campaigns.
  • It has the best user-friendly approach where it provides the self-serve platform, and you can have full control of your campaigns.
  • It offers more than 10 targeting features which are best to measure your results.
  • It has a unique feature which is automatic split testing.
  • Yes Advertising provides S2S tracking and pixel tracking to track all the mobile and desktop reports.

Along with these best features yes advertising also has a unique customization option for banner ads, display ads, mobile ads, video ads, etc.

They are having 300K+ active advertisers and among them, there are many large firms which get benefited from yes advertising. Now they have become a trusted customer of yes advertising.

Some of those large companies advertisers are,, 24 options, Friend finder networks and more.

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For Publishers yes advertising is the best choice if you have little traffic or not getting the approval of other advertising sites like Google AdSense and Bing ads etc.

You can easily turn your blog and mobile traffic into cash. It also brings you high rate cost per impression CPMs than others.

Yes advertising is the best tools to boost your site and to gives full control for the site owners. It helps in getting higher revenue through any pop-up, banner and video ads.

Publishers who often tend to fail in generating revenue through various online networks then for them, yes advertising is the best. As many advertising networks pay very low rate and also have approval policies.

But Yes advertising is not having any of the clutter which is used by others sites, and it pays the maximum revenue which is generated by your sites.

Advantages and features of yes advertising:

  • Earn high income than other ad networks.
  • You can get an opportunity to earn some revenue from your mobile and desktop web traffic.
  • You can easily choose the right and perfect monetization metrics as per you wish from Cost per Click CPC, Cost per impression CPM, Cost per view CPV, Consume price index CPI.
  • Advertising also helps you to earn through referring your friends. For each and every referral you can get 10% of additional income.
  • You advertising always produce secured ads; they don’t just create adult ads.
  • They pay on time, and there will be no delay in payments.
  • It is very easy to integrate ads on your website by its flexible and easy integration methods.

Some of the publishers using yes advertising are SHORTEST, Host advice, picosong,, Keepvid, Idropnews, etc.

App Publishers:

If you are an app developer, then you can also utilise the yes advertising to earn fancy amount from your apps. App developers can use yes advertising add or integrate interstitial ads and native ads format to monetize their Android and IOS apps effectively.

Advantage And Features Of Yes Advertising:

  • App developers can select campaigns easily on their only app via SDK.
  • You can easily integrate with more than 1000 campaigns from yes advertising ad exchange platform.
  • The Native ads, rich media ads, video ads and app walls are available on yes advertising.
  • It’s having a mix of Cost per click (CPC), cost per impression (CPM) and Cost per view (CPV) campaigns to choose the best one you desired.
  • Yes advertising has 5000 plus active campaigns from 150 countries and region across the world.
  • You can have a complete control on ads, and you can also have a real-time reporting system which helps to analyses your results.
  • You can easily manage your account and dashboard with the dedicated account manager.
  • All campaigns are secured, and yes advertising will never produce adult ads on your site.
  • These are the best advantage and features of the Yes advertising.

These are the best advantage and features of the Yes advertising.

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About payment details:

Yes advertising is a legitimate online advertising company which pays all customers on time, and they are the best ones in the industry.  The minimum payout of yes advertising is $50, and its pays your amount on a weekly basis. Whenever you reached your payment threshold, they will be sending the amount in that week itself.

Minimum payment: $50

Payment frequency: weekly.

Payment options: PayPal, Cheque, Payoneer.

Referral program: 10% referral commission.

Requirements to Sign up:

There is no need of account approval after joining them. You can easily start your process of finding best ads if you want or else they will do it for you.

There are no requirements of traffic; anyone can join yes advertising. Either you are having 10 visitors or 100000 visitors it doesn’t matter. It’s the best point of yes advertising, so it has built a solid user base in such a small time.


If you are not getting accepted by AdSense or any other then just try to change your mind and take your benefits of yes advertisements. It’s a matter of time if you decide to join then yes advertising company always welcomes you.  Rest is up to folks.

I hope you are clear about yes advertising and ready to choose yes advertising. For further queries do reach us or comment below.



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