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Wpx Hosting Promo Code

Tremendous customer support and faster loading pages are the combination of a successful website. Of course, you need a faster website as well as the great support from the hosting provider.

WPX hosting is the biggest choice for bloggers who want to take their website next level. Even though WPX hosting is a little bit costly when compared to the other hosting providers like bluehost and Hostgator, it has some amazing features.

If you want to know the complete review of this hosting provider and if you want to get a maximum discount, we are here for you. We have a special WPX Hosting coupon code which will give you to the jaw-dropping discount.

I was using several hosting providers like Hostgator, bluehost, A2 hosting, and site ground. Site ground is the finest hosting providers I have ever used. But now I moved to WPX hosting. Let’s see what WPX hosting is and why it is the best hosting provider right now.

What is WPX hosting?

When this beautiful hosting services provider started in 2013, it was known as ‘traffic planet-hosting.’ The founder of this hosting provider believes that faster loading website attracts more visitors than the slow loading websites.

And of course, Google indeed considers site speed as one of the major SEO factors. That’s the reason why he created the fastest loading website, hosting provider. WPX hosting is famous for its lightning speed performance.

wpx hosting coupon code

A simple answer when someone asks about why WPX Hosting? 

It has the maximum positive reviews compared to the other hosting providers with 9.8 out of 10 on Trustpilot.

No matter what website you have, either it can be a simple blog, or it can be a professional business website. You need a better hosting provider to load your site speed. A single second delay in loading speed can cost 7% loss in visitors.

It is huge for business type websites. WPX hosting Provides excellent features and affordable price. It is known as the best-managed hosting provider for any type of sites.

WPX hosting features

If you are just starting a big website or thinking to upgrade the current site hosting, then WPX hosting will be the best option for you. Most of the pro bloggers recommend this hosting provider because of its awesome features.

  • It loads the site faster (LIGHTENING)
  • It’s FREE
  • Better Security
  • No External CDN is needed
  • Beginner Friendly
  • WPX Cloud CDN (With any plan)
  • 24/7/365 Support Team AVERAGE under 30 seconds response time
  • “FIXED FOR YOU” (They do it for you)
  • UNLIMITED Free Google-Sponsored SSL Certificates under 10 seconds
  • Unlimited FREE Site Migration from your current host to WPX Hosting Within 24 Hours
  • FREE Email Included
  • Enterprise-level Incapsula DDoS protection

WPX hosting pricing

WPX hosting comes with 3 different plans – Business, Professional, and Elite. Let’s talk about this plan details in detail.

WPX hosting pricing

A completely new site or if you have a small website which has medium-range visitor’s then you can go with the business plan which allows you up to 5 websites at a time to host. And the best thing about all these plans is you will get WPX cloud CDN for free.

It will cost you $249.96 for one year we want to go with the business plan. But with our coupon code, you can get $50 off. This is the best pricing in these features line.

If you want to host more than 5 sites, then you may go with the professional plan where you will also get 20 GB storage and 200 GB bandwidth.

This is more than enough for any kind of websites. Most of the people ask to host their websites for AdSense blogs where they will get maximum traffic. In that case, you may go with the Elite plan.

The Elite plan allows you to add up to 35 websites and unlimited bandwidth, which is the greatest thing. You will get 40 GB storage. You have to pay $999 for this plan for one year. When you use this WPX hosting coupon code, you will save $198 at checkout.

WPX hosting review

Here is the Genuine review of WPX hosting. We have tested our websites with this hosting provider, and we are happy to share our opinions with you.

We included everything that comes under your hosting, and when you have to move your website or if you want to start a new website under this hosting provider, you have to know the truths and myths about this hosting service.

Let’s start with the notable aspects we have to look when we are going to take a new hosting provider.

1 Speed:

Majority of the bloggers don’t care about the loading speed of their website. It should be considered as one of the major factors of website maintenance. You have to take care of your website speed, and you have to impress the readers coming to your site.

What will you do if Google is taking 10 seconds to load? You wait because Google is a giant search engine. But what will you do if you are in a hurry and Google is loading very slowly? Probably you might shift to either Yahoo or Bing.

That’s exactly how people think. They need a fast loading website with clear customization. With a clean website, you may not see the difference in loading speed, but with the time you add images, videos, and content to your site then your site will get heavier as which will slow down the speed of your website.

This is the biggest drawback for a site which loads slowly. A lot of professional bloggers notice at a similar difference in the differences when they are using other hosting and when they switched to WPX hosting.

You have to install a cache plugin, and if you are hosting your site under this hosting provider, your website will load within 3 seconds.

wpx hosting has good speed

One of the professional bloggers shared this screenshot to show the difference before and after using WPX hosting. For better experience and faster loading websites, WPX hosting is waiting for you.

2. Website Migration (FREE):

If you are already using another hosting provider and if you are not satisfied with it, then it’s the time to change it. You cannot lose visitors just because of your hosting providers are not making efficient space to load faster. And yes you are decided to move away from your hosting provider.

Do you know how to migrate a website without losing SEO rankings and traffic? Probably most bloggers don’t know how to play with the file manager and web servers.

This is the biggest problem for the bloggers who don’t know how to migrate their websites and day blindly follow some plugins. Of course, plugins will do this, but you have to do it manually to protect your data and privacy.

But what if you don’t know how to migrate your website and don’t trust any plugin? Here is the solution from the experts.

WPX hosting offers free website migration, which will take the headache from you. You can ask them to migrate your website from another hosting provider by giving the details and relax ( maybe you can watch a movie in time).

And congrats your website is already moved to WPX hosting. It is not simple to migrate a website and also it is not difficult too. If you know how to backup and compress your files in file manager and database, then you can easily migrate your website from another hosting provider to this beautiful hosting provider.

But if you don’t know, then you can take the help of WPX experts. The best feature any hosting provider can offer to clear your doubts and confusion about rankings and traffic. Let me tell you the best thing. This process will be finished without downtime.

3. Daily Backups and 99.95% Uptime Guarantee:

Of course, almost all hosting providers offer backups. But what’s unique with this hosting provider? WPX offers you the daily backup of your whole sites.

You will get daily backups automatically for all of your website hosting under this hosting company. If you want to do it manually, then you can do it. But these hosting provider experts will do it for you. There is no particular time we can say that your website is hacked.

site migration type

Source: MOZ

Suddenly you may lose all of your files and database. This is the worst scenario and the nightmare for most of the bloggers.

I have come across with the people who earned thousands of dollars with the website, but the next day they lost their site. This is because of some technical issues, or someone hacked their website.

If you don’t have files and database, then you lose organic visitors. But with the daily backup, you have a recent version of the backup file, and you can use it anytime even if you deleted the website by mistake.

4 Security & SSL (FREE):

The #1 reason people move to WPX hosting is ‘Security.’ WPX offers Sucuri for free. This includes HTTP/HTTPS protection, Malware scanning, Hack removal, and also DDoS protection.

You have to protect yourself from Malware attacks, and of course, it is possible with high security hosting providers. You may notice that free hosting providers cannot afford to give you the best security, and people will lose their files. You should not be a victim of security issues. Protect your website even if it is a beginner site or established site with WPX hosting security patch.

5 Email Management:

Unlike other managed web hosts, WPX hosting staff helps you set up email accounts under your domain attribution within a few minutes. This is an excellent click-bite as this service is unavailable on other hosts.

The cPanel dashboard is user-friendly, and it is easy to understand even for the beginners. You can create as many as email accounts you wish, and also you can forward them to your custom Gmail or another mail provider. Alternately, you can also manage your emails from webmail. You will get a dedicated URL to access this mail app.

6 CDN:

wpx cloud cdn

Don’t get fainted when I say you don’t need an external CDN when your site is under WPX hosting provider. Even without an external CDN, your website will load faster within a fantastic time.

People like to add a third-party CDN like MaxCDN or Cloudflare To increase the enhancement of their website speed, but you don’t need that. WPX + W3 Total Cache is an excellent combination without CDN.

7 Enterprise Level DDoS Protection (FREE):

DDoS attacks increase in the number of spam emails, slow down the network, inability to access any website, etc.

The good thing about WPX hosting is it provides Free Enterprise-Level DDoS Protection. It will cost you $299 per month to protect from these attacks if you want premium security. But WPX hosting is making it free for you with their plan to satisfy customers.

8 24×7 Ground Staff support:

When I was using HostGator, their support is terrible. Siteground staff offers excellent customer support, but this stands at #1. I was so amazed by the support, and I promise you will also get the same feedback.

You can solve your issues and technical problems within few hours. WPX support is quick and user-friendly. When you are going to move your existing site from any hosting provider, you have to interact with the new hosting provider customer support. You can analyze their support, and you can judge the quality of support they are providing.

These points are from personal experience, and you will love it when you become a customer of WPX hosting.

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How to use WPX hosting coupon code?

You already love WPX hosting features right. So, now how to avail WPX hosting discount? Here is the simplest method. Land on the WPX hosting page and select a plan (Business/Pro/elite) and click ‘Get Started.’

After that, you have to enter your domain name. You can also get a new domain when signing up. If you are migrating your site from another hosting provider, then enter your domain name and click Next.

how to buy wpx hosting discount

After entering your domain name, you will land to the next page where you can add your promotional code.

Enter your exclusive WPX hosting coupon code 2022 to get a massive discount. You are finished. Let’s rock now!

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Wrap up

Here it is. This is the complete review of WPX hosting, which is famous and which is faster. WPX hosting is new to the industry, but it is effective and making every day it’s a bigger day. They are currently making more than 12 million pages a day and growing every day. The pricing is available with these features, and the supporter is unbelievable.

You can also contact them via Facebook page, which is also an excellent option for the beginners. If you need a best-managed hosting provider which keeps your website safe and secure, then you can grab the opportunity by using our WPX hosting coupon code in this 2022.

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