Wp Coupons And Deals Free Download 2022

wp coupon and deals plugin

One year back from today, I was searching for coupon related plugin. I searched a lot but didn’t find any good plugin I can rely on.

After searching few days, I got one amazing pluging called Wp Coupons and Deals. I found it awesome and as per my needs.

You can ask me why I didn’t use other coupon plugins?

It’s a genuine question.

The answer is – I found other plugins don’t look good as well as legging in the features this plugin possess.

So if you want to download Wp Coupon and Deals free, click on this link.   

However the free and premium version has difference of some features. Premium version allows adding more power to coupons created by you.

Do you want to know what other benefits you get with premium version?

I heard yes, Right?

So let’s start with it…..

Get Wp Coupons And Deals Pro (Premium)

Wp coupon and Deals pro plugin is masterpiece. I am using it from last one year.

It has given me amazing results. I got able to double my affiliate revenue by using this plugin only.

I will not talk about the technical jargons in this article. We will only talk about the benefits of this plugin which only matter for a user.

Major Benefits of Wp Coupons and Deals Pro

Learn about few major benefits of using premium version of Wp coupons and deals plugin.

1# Templates (available in pro version):

I love different templates inside the plugin. It has total 8 different templates at the time of writing this post. You can test each of the templates and find which one is giving best results. My favourite one is here below.

You can control the color of coupon. The plugin dashboard got all the control for it. To play more with colors, go to plugin settings and changes colors as you want.

2# Set Expiry:

A user can add expiry of a coupon. If the sale is running for a limited time, then adding expiry is a good idea. This setting is found where you create the coupon. The expiry moves towards its set date.

#3 Coupon Hide:

The premium version allows you to hide coupon. Sometimes you don’t want to show the coupon code to the user, so this feature helps hiding the coupon.

Different between Pro and Free version:

Earlier I was using the free version of Wp coupons and deals plugin, but when I saw that pro version adds more value to my landing page, then decided to move to pro version.

Let me share with you the difference between free and pro version-



Hide Coupons

Can't hide

Expiration Time Countdown

Can't set expire time

Coupon Templates

One default template only

Show Specific Coupons

can't show specific coupon

Show All Coupons Of Specific Category

                            Can't show

Final Words

Currently I am using Wp coupon and deals pro on 5 on my sites. I got amazing results with it. If you are looking for adding a conversion friendly element to your landing page or your blog or site, this plugin is a real solution for you.

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