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  1. Hi Nikhil ,
    congratulation you did it right ,god you show here ,how to do it.
    this can help for something other than Grammarly as well.
    Did see you post about the Jaipur blogger meeting ,there are
    many bloggers in Jaipur and successful ones. Nice to see this:)
    Greeting to Jaipur 🙂
    Thanks for the information about your winning post.

    1. hey Erika, thanks for this lovely comment. I would like to meet you whenever you come India.

  2. Hi Nikhil
    Congratulations on winning the Grammarly premium , ha Grammarly just corrected my incorrect premium word. Wonderful info on using this great resource. I will be sharing it!

  3. Nikhil, I am using Grammarly free edition. I would love to get a premium edition. Ty for sharing your case study. Many bloggers do not like to share their secrets. Glad you share it.

    1. I would love if you implement the same case study…and share the results. If you need any help with it, ask me freely.

  4. Hello Nikhil, very nice article. I would like to add some value. Recently I came across an information that Grammarly
    is not mobile friendly. I am in touch with their product support for the same.

    But surely this is one of the best tool for newbies and professional bloggers.

    1. thanks for adding me Vikas

  5. Hi Nikhil,
    Grammarly is better than any grammar checker tools and having a premium version is much better. So congrats.
    Thanks for sharing.

    1. are you using this tool Robin?`

      1. Yes, I am using this Tool. I am able to get premium features for two weeks only.

  6. Hi Nikhil, well done! Something with the price tag of FREE is always a bonus! I’m glad you have found a tool that helps you so much. It seems like a great find!

    Enjoy the journey!

    1. Thanks for comment mandy, Grammarly really helps in error correction.

  7. Great post Nikhil,

    I’m sitting here reading through your site at 2am! You have a lot of excellent informative info.

    I just wanted to show my appreciation for your awesome work.


    1. happy to see your kind words in comment section.

  8. Well done on winning the free year, Nikhil. I’m impressed. You explained your keyword research in a very clear, easy to understand way. Thank you.

    1. I hope you would also apply this technique.

  9. Congrats Nikhil, grammarly is one of the best proofreading tool and you won premium account a year free ! am using free version will follow your tips with my own style. Thanks for sharing your experience with us and appreciated for your time !

    1. Thanks for comment…

  10. Well done on winning the free year, Nikhil. Your method of promoting is really great. Do you know what? I am also using my Pro Grammarly which I got for FREE. 😀
    Anyhow, thanks for posting.

    1. hey Abdul, could you share your method of getting grammarly for free..

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