Wix: The Ultimate Website Builder with Rank Affecting SEO Updates

Are you planning on creating a website but you don’t have coding and web designing skills? Then the best option for you is to use a website builder.

Nowadays, building your own site has become easier than ever with platforms like the website builder Wix.


Wix is a user-friendly website builder that is suitable for all kinds of users, from the inexperienced to developers and web designers. Experienced users can also get many benefits from a variety of the features offered by Wix, such as having a wide selection of website templates.

Many of you might already know Wix and its variety of features. If you don’t know them, here are some of the best features Wix has to offer.

  • Website building tools are suitable for people without technical expertise.
  • 100s of high-quality website templates.
  • Optimised for mobile.
  • Offers free website builder or a wide choice of premium plans.
  • Tools to integrate your site with social media.

Along with these features,Wix offers a new innovative way to create a website in a blink of an eye. Wix has recently developed Artificial Design Intelligence (ADI),the first-ever artificial intelligence that designs a personalized site for you. Now that your site is created, you can focus on the SEO aspects of it.


Wix has some great SEO features that will make sure your website ranks in the search engine results pages. Anything that you’d need to in order to optimize your site is made possible with Wix. So whether you’re an experienced SEO or don’t even know the basics, Wix has got you covered.

Here are some examples of how you can easily apply your SEO strategy



As you may know, Google Analytics is the soul of a webmaster’s SEO strategy. There, they can find a lot of information and plan the best way to structure their content as well as follow up on the website’s traffic. This Information includes data on who are the people visiting their website,what is their geo-location, how much time they are spending on your website, etc.

With Wix, you can integrate Google Analytics easily to your site. All you need is a Premium plan and connecting your site to your own domain.

In order to integrate Google Analytics, all you have to is:

  • Sign into your Wix account.
  • Hover over Subscriptions and click on Domains.
  • Click on the domain connected to the site you want to track.
  • Click on the Analytics tab.
  • Enter the Tracking ID.
  • Click Submit.

That’s it; it’s that easy. After integrating, you can easily access the statistics and data of your site.

  • Customizable heading tags:

Wix is a platform that prioritizes SEO and therefore they gives you the option to easily customize heading tags.

The heading tags act as the title of a page and therefor has a lot of importance in SEO.

Particularly, in On-page SEO the heading tag plays a crucial role on providing the searcher with a title that should indicate the page content, and with this assure a good click through rate (CTR). With the Wix editor, you can customise the heading tags h1, h2,h3, etc.

To add an H1 tag all you have to do is click Add on the toolbar located at the left side of the editor, click on the text – Site Title, then click on text element and edit the text.


Recently the expert developer team of Wix introduced the latest SEO changes in the platform. You would love to know about them.

Here you go…

  • Wix holds your rankings by getting most of 301 redirects:

Generally, 301 redirects are a powerful tool regarding SEO because whenever you are creating a new site, the 301 redirects helps you to retain your previous SEO ranking by passing link juice to the new page.

With the Wix platform, you will be able to setup your 301 redirects without any stress in few easy steps.

All you have to do is analyse your previous site SEO performance and reports. Then just create a new site with Wix.

Use the earlier information, start building your content, and keep it in drafts.

You can disable the option “Allow search engines to find my site” to avoid SEO indexing before publishing.

Now just set up your 301 redirects from pages of your previous site that are ranking in Search Engines to the new pages of your Wix site.

You can set up 301 redirects easily from the advanced SEO section on the Wix editor.

Then simply upgrade your site a Premium plan and connect your domain. Finally, publish your site and allow search engines to find it.

That’s it. Now by this process, you can easily get the most out of the 301 redirects.

  • Wix gives you Clean URL Structure:

Previously, the URL structure has been a pitfall for the Wix platform, but now Wix has recently updated its URL structure.

The new URLs are clean and simpler than ever. A clean URL has a big impact in SEO since it improves CTR in search results.


  • Wix improves your site loading time with impressive measures:

Wix has kept its focus on the site loading time, as this has been a topmost priority for Search Engines when ranking sites. Therefore,Wix has taken some effective measures to improve your website loading time and to provide your audience with a user-friendly experience.

They are improving your site speed with some of these impressive methods:

> Automatic image optimisation:

Wix automatically optimises images when you upload them. This is very convenient since you don’t have to optimise each and every image before uploading them. Instead, just upload the pictures to the Wix editor and they will do the job, making sure your site has the best possible performance.

> Content delivery network (CDN):

Wix uses a content delivery network to stay connected in different geographical locations. This way, Wix servers are able to deliver your site’s content from the cache server that is closest to your user location and therefore improves loading time.

> Defence against DDoS attacks:

Wix has a defence shield from all the DDoS attacks, blocking any DDoS attack from overloading its servers. They are prepared to deal with all kinds of attacks so with Wix there is no worrying about attacks that could slow site performance.


Progressive JPEG images: Progressive JPEG images initially display a low-quality version of the image during the first loading moments and then the images are rendered progressively. This helps to decrease the site’s loading time in the major browsers like Firefox and Google Chrome.

  • Bonus: SEO Settings in the editor:

The SEO settings tab in the Wix Editor Enables you to quickly add SEO changes to each and every page of your site, making sure you start your journey with the best SEO settings.

SEO for images:

Images are important for the Search Engines. You can optimise your images with the Alt text option in the editor.

SEO Wizard & Support staff:

The SEO Wizard is a free app that helps you analyze and improve your site optimization with valuable tips and tricks from the Wix professional team.

If you need more help, Wix is also offers other tools in its App Market and it has the best support team to help you out.

  • Final Words:

The features presented here are some of the few Wix features I have looked into and liked. I personally feel that using Wix would be very helpful to someone who is starting a website. Since ranking well in Search Engines is essential for people interested in generating income from their websites, being able to take SEO in your own hands is imperative. Having in mind that Wix is providing such an easy solution with many features to use, it’s better to shift to Wix. If you have any queries, just comment below. I’d love to hear from you.

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