Why We Love Giveaway (And You Should, Too!)

Blogger pays a lot of time and attention to attract visitors and followers. They produce useful contents, videos and inform readers about the latest discount. But the question is what else we can do to continue getting more visitors and followers.

Why We Love Giveaway

Contest and giveaway through the blog are another quick way to generate fans. It is a small investment for you to get the attention of the readers. In this post, I am going to discuss the benefits and tools you can use to create contest and giveaway campaign.

What is contest and Giveaway (In terms of blogging) –

There is so much competition among bloggers and everyone want to get more followers. By Conducting a contest or giveaway you can ask people to subscribe/follow your blog by offering a lucky or random draw.

You can ask people to subscribe to your blog, follow on Facebook, Twitter or other social media or like your channel on Youtube. Please see the example below:

What is contest and Giveaway

Benefits of Giveaways:

Now let’s see what are the benefits of random draw or contest you offer to your readers:

People like free stuff-

Many of your readers spent a good amount of time on the internet to read articles, watch video etc. They love to get their hand on free stuff or lucky draw. Who do not want to participate in a giveaway but just liking a Facebook page.

What else, you can offer them to increase their chances to win prizes by sharing it with their friends or liking other social media pages like Google plus or Twitter. This will help you get more followers for your blog.

Be viral in no time – 

By offering attractive prizes like Ipad or Iphone, you can attract more readers and get followers. Once people start sharing it with their friends on Facebook and other social media, your contest can become viral and give you more publicity.

Select date and time of your choice – 

You can set a deadline for the event and schedule it to start and stop. People participate in your giveaway more if they will see a countdown.

giveaway to get subscribers

Get more email subscribers and followers – 

Within your contest, you can ask the user to unlock the contest with the options like subscribing your email list or following on Facebook and other social media.

Tools to Start with Giveaway

Now do you want how you can set it up for your blog? Let’s see some tools which can help you to setup contest and giveaway. Most of the tools come as a plugin for your WordPress blogs.

Rafflecopter – 

One of the easiest tools to work with. You can create your giveaway campaign in minutes and everything is automated. You have a lot of option for the user to participate in Facebook, Twitter follows, email subscribers etc. You can also customize the option like asking a question.


At the end of the contest, you can select a random winner and email. It is so easy to use and share. You will also have a dashboard to analyze the data and how your campaign is performing. You can also integrate it with Facebook for your fan page.

It comes with a free version, but paid version comes with lot many features like Pinterest and pushing email directly to your email marketing provider like MailChimp, Getresponse etc. The basic package starts at $13/month.

Gleam – 

Gleam is little more advanced than Rafflecopter with extra features. It divides the whole giveaway into two parts; Rewards and competition.

Competition example could be to select winners who download apps from different sources, refer a friends or voting competition for a survey.


Rewards examples could be asking the user to perform some action before you let them download an eBook, app, articles or may be a coupon. It can be for registering for a webinar.

You can also use it to get feedback from users. It also allows you to send a template email after successfully completing an action.

Gleam comes with a free version, but you have to buy a paid version to unlock important feature like integration with email marketing tool and send automated customized email.

Both Gleam and Rafflecopter will give you a compatible WordPress code which can be easily put anywhere in your post.

Rafflecopter WordPress code


GiveawayTool (GWT) is a free web application which allows you to create a form based promotion of giveaway campaign and can be easily embedded in your website or blog. It has the following feature:


Kingsumo –

Kingsumo is another app comes as WordPress plugin to conduct Giveaway and other promotion. I mentioned it last as it is little costly (cost $198 for the lifetime license). You can customize your giveaway with pictures and collect email from the participant for your email subscriber list.


It is very easy to use. Have a look at an example below. Also worth to mention it comes with a 60 days money back guarantee.

Conclusion – 

Giveaway is a good way to increase followers and email subscribers to your blog. When you feel like your traffic has been reduced or you need to increase your fan base, you can try Giveaway. It does not have to be a big one, you can give away an eBook, any tool you have created, iPad, mp3 player or anything you can afford.

It is a small investment for your long term project. You can also get feedback from your readers as what they want in the Giveaway. As a blogger niche, you can offer a WordPress theme, a paid plugin, an eBook, or any other tool.

I hope you like my post about Giveaway. I would love to see your comment and please do not share it with your friends.

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  1. Hello Ravi,
    Its a nice article to know about the giveaway offer deal , me too planning to have a such offers, Your article gave a good idea about it
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  2. Hey Ravi,

    Just awesome post to get something extra by giving something. Yes, It is the best way for generating trust of your blog and also the best way for building the brand of your blog.

  3. Hi Ravi, I never thought of such idea before i read this article on MQI. I’m planning a giveaways on my blog as well. I would like to give a free hosting for 3 months contest.

    So what my plan is to people subscribe on my blog and 1st lucky winner will get a baby hosting plan absolutely free. Thanks for the article it was worth to stumble upon this blog. I have bookmarked it now.

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  4. Many bloggers love Giveaway because it is really helpful for increasing more visitors to your blog.

    Your article gives us many ideas and different plans to think about
    innovative things.

    It gives the best way to build trust and brand to your blog.

    Now what I planned is preparing a Giveaways to my blogs and so that I can offer some of the free hostings to my customers as well.

    And also I can offer some coupons for lucky winners.

    Thanks for sharing this awesome article.

    will this Giveaway exists for a long time???


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