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  1. I Also Love Giveaway, giveway is really easy way to increase visitors on your blog. thank for sharing such a good article. thanks !!

  2. Hey Ravi,

    Just awesome post to get something extra by giving something. really like the way and will try it soon. thanks for the update.

    Keep it Up 🙂

  3. Hello Ravi,
    Its a nice article to know about the giveaway offer deal , me too planning to have a such offers, Your article gave a good idea about it
    thank so such

  4. Hey Ravi,

    Just awesome post to get something extra by giving something. Yes, It is the best way for generating trust of your blog and also the best way for building the brand of your blog.

  5. Hi Ravi, I never thought of such idea before i read this article on MQI. I’m planning a giveaways on my blog as well. I would like to give a free hosting for 3 months contest.

    So what my plan is to people subscribe on my blog and 1st lucky winner will get a baby hosting plan absolutely free. Thanks for the article it was worth to stumble upon this blog. I have bookmarked it now.

    Also please try and install notifications, so we will get updates about latest post.

  6. Many bloggers love Giveaway because it is really helpful for increasing more visitors to your blog.

    Your article gives us many ideas and different plans to think about
    innovative things.

    It gives the best way to build trust and brand to your blog.

    Now what I planned is preparing a Giveaways to my blogs and so that I can offer some of the free hostings to my customers as well.

    And also I can offer some coupons for lucky winners.

    Thanks for sharing this awesome article.

    will this Giveaway exists for a long time???

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