10+ Website Builders for Instant Site Building

People are frequently joining the social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter or snapchat to communicate with other people. However, these social media sites only give you a limited area to expose.

Being an individual or a company, you do need more reach to your targeted audience.

To make it possible, you need to have a website that holds more info about you or your company.

Building a site has always been a talking point among the non-techies. So they look for an affordable solution so that they can create their websites with their own hands.

Website builders are the right solution for such sort of issues. They help to build responsive sites at less cost. You can use them even after having almost no knowledge of coding. They allow you to create sites with drag and drop functionality. Also, there is a landing page builder option, like SendPulse, that can help you create a landing page if you don’t really need a whole website.

So let’s talk over 10+ website builders you can start using right away…

Top 10+ Website Builders Online:

Here is the list of top 10 website builder online. Keep in your mind that nearly all the website builders online do have the premium set of packages and more. Here I have mentioned both free and premium website builder online. Let’s get into the list of best website builders straight from this point.

1. Wix:

wix site builder

Wix is an excellent website builder which is readily available on the web. When you are in search of easy online website builder to create an attractive looking site. Then Wix is the best option for you; it is just because Wix is an easiest and fullest featured website builder on the web.

You can simply create your own highly customized site, and you don’t have to pay anything for creating this is a free website builder online. There are hundreds of HTML templates readily available at Wix. All the templates in Wix are user-friendly and having the drag and drop interface, which is a great option for all newbies, here all they have to do is create a site with drag and drop features of the Wix website builder online.

2. Weebly:

weebly site builder

Weebly is an old website builder who has already gained lots thousands of fans. This is easy to use site builder which delivers some good looking and responsive themes. You can easily design your site withWeebly customization options.

Drag and drop features allow you to add images, text, and various other elements. You can quickly insert elements into your favorite areas of your page. Weebly can add maps and download your entire website as a ZIP file if in case you want to move your site or information to another web hosting service. This site builder doesn’t provide undo option, but it autosaves your edits as you go so this site builder is helpful for anyone.

3. Square Space:

squarespace site builder

Square space is another website builder online which is packed with the whole of features and beautiful themes. This site builder lets you quickly build a modern and beautiful site. Themes which are available in Squarespace are user-friendly and very responsive on all platforms.

This square space is having additional features such as deep selling capabilities which include digital downloads. Although, this has impressive features and fluid responsive design, it is not that simple as the Wix platform, so I have mentioned third in this list.

4. Duda one:

duda website creator

Duda one is online website builder which offers excellent command for users to create fabulous sites. This site builder is very easy to use, you can easily create a full-featured website with Duda one. It is having a clear interface and lots of social media integrations options.

This website builder also has an active mobile site builder where you can modify your mobile site.

5. UCoz UKit:

ucoz site creator

This is an online website builder from Russia. It offers high stability and control over your site. You can create excellent sites from this good-looking website builder. This is a new website builder, however, this software has some amazing capabilities to design an e-commerce capable sites online. You can have the built-in statistics and image editing tools with this online website builder.

The slick interface of this web creator will make you feel easier to use it. It quickly saves uploaded images for reuse. It is best for blogging activities and with the low price when compared to the other website builders online.

6. WordPress:


WordPress is one of the best website builders which gives excellent control over your site. WordPress sites power around 24% percent of the web and this count is increasing day by day. You can find thousands of themes readily available in WordPress repository.

However, this website builder’s exhaustive tools also require you have at least minimum knowledge of the baseline of coding at sometimes. WordPress has huge community throughout the world. So, you can get any answer regarding WordPress within few minutes. That the great thing about WordPress.

7. Strikingly:

strikingly site developer

Strikingly is easy website builder online which helps you to create a well-crafted site. This builder has some great tools to customize your site. Along with that, it has extreme ease customization options.

It is very simple to start building a site with this Strikingly website builder. It offers great features and options, it is quite expensive than other website builders.

8. Godaddy website builder:

godaddy website builder

Godaddy is a well know name in the online world. You would already know that GoDaddy is for domain registration and site hosting, but Godaddy also offers some basic tools and website builder as well.

This site builder has a generous storage limit. You can  quickly design your website with the drag and drop software. Along with these features, this site builder is also having photo editing option inside the website builder.

9. Jimdo:

jimdo website creator

Jimdo is an active website builder, and this has crossed some high-profile website builders who are presently available in today’s market. This is a site builder is having lots of features and customization option. You can easily integrate social platforms. This site builder has good mobile support, and it is less expensive than many other website builders.

10. Voog:

voog site builder

Voog is an online website builder with some great features. This platform is built on a simple drag and drop software interface. You can design a robust and responsive site with the Voog website builder.

This Voog has only limited number of themes.  Customization options of Voog are enough to accomplish standard site building tasks, but they aren’t that efficient. So it is better to check once while to opt for this site builder.

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  1. Wonderful list of website builder. I have used Wix which is amazing, but I think weebly is much better as one can create beautiful free blogs and continue sharing regular articles. Thank you for your hard work. Keep sharing.

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    Thanks For providing the details about nunmerous website builders ,I would be bookmarking it for my future reference,would be proceeding according to my website requirement


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