10 Amazing Ways to make money online in India

ways to make money online in india

It’s a human tendency to earn some money to make their life more peaceful and wealthy, but making money has been a daunting task.

We can’t get money easily. To earn money from any source, you must give your best shot to make something out of your work.

With the growth of digitalisation, we saw the growth of businesses in the online world. Herein, the opportunities of making money online also grown.

Have you ever thought of “how to earn money online” Or “How to make money online especially in India.” Since it has become a spreading business across the western countries. What about Indians who want to make money online?

I know that many of you might have heard stories of many online earners who are making their living out of their online ventures.

And I even trust and believe that most of the people do earn money online.

But the question is – how do they make money online?

I’m an Indian, so more concerned about the Indians.

Being an Indian, you might have searched sometimes- “how to make money online in India?”

Now, all people who are having these queries, so I will try to give a good answer to their questions in this blog post.

Let’s go into the topic:

Making money online is not a big deal these days, but you have to find the best and trusted ways to earn enough money. Each and every way won’t give you desired results.

I know that day by day you may hear lots and lots of stories that some people are earning quickly from the internet, and they are making millions of dollars, etc.

By hearing these things, some people are becoming victims of Spam sites. They are simply losing money and hope.

In real life you can find many examples for such spamming, let me give you one example:

“Each and every day you can find a commercial column in your newspaper where you can find “earn money from your home” opportunities. And also you may find these making money online email in your inbox and through some ads etc.

Now, whenever people see these kinds of news they just remember one thing, that they can easily make money online like the stories which they heard about earlier.

And people tends to contact them to make quick money. Here comes the shock while they kindly say – you need to deposit some “x” amount of money and then we will give you the work and after completing them you can get your payment.

However, you are eager to earn money online so you will only start paying the down payment, but most of the times you will not get money from these kinds of approaches because I have seen many of them who are losing money for problems of this sort.

In my example: One of my friends paid 5000 as a deposit through an outsourcing office by seeing an ad in the local newspaper and also by seeing their official website and other sponsored posts about that company.

And he took some projects and worked for nights and submitted that, and he even took images of all the copies he is sending them.

Then, after a week that outsourcing company said, your work has mistakes, and they showed that errors, and it’s a total mismatch of what he submitted and what they are showing.

He showed the images, but the company said they couldn’t do anything. Similarly, there are lots of examples you can find in your surroundings as well.

Before joining this kind of programs just give some amount of time to your brain to think, if at all there is an opportunity to earn money quickly from home like what the ads says. Why others won’t use this method.

First of all, if you think you can earn money handsomely like 1 lakh per month just by working two hours a day by those online projects.

“Why will all the others choose another platform to work hard and get some money?”

So, don’t just fall into those traps and give your money. And this is the way where a lot of people lose faith in online earning, some people also try various others ways by searching on google.

In google, you can find millions of articles on this particular topic, and I do accept that some articles are the legitimate article, but most of the articles are just sponsoring articles and some spam sites where many people fall into the trap.

Now, if you want to earn money online then this post will be helpful for you in many ways, firstly I am reminding one thing.

“Making money online doesn’t happen in overnight, or it’s not the quick way to be the billionaire.”

But, if you are having some luck then you may say that I can’t guarantee it. In the online world, hard work pays off.

There are legitimate ways to make money online, but the frustrating problem for that is the real and actual ways to make money is not the “get rich over night or get rich in short time” schemes.

Now, here I am saying 10 Amazing ways to make money online, there are much more online jobs where you can work from home.

I am mainly focusing on India, but these methods can also be applied to any other countries in the world who wants to earn money online.

Legitimate Ways to Make Money Online in India:

I will introduce some legitimate ways to make money online in India. These are proven methods are working for me and several people online.

1. Start Blogging:

One of the most trusted and legitimate way to make money is through blogging. Most of the people already tried it and also earning money from blogging. This is the best way to work from home India.

Blogging is becoming as a mounting career option for many upcoming bloggers; presently they are many people who are making their living through blogging. And of those many people, I am proud to say that I earn my living from my blog.

Many bloggers earnings are huge but they reached those earning by doing lots of hard work and spending lots of efforts, and they are successful now.

Ex: Here take a look at ShoutMeLoud June month Income report


This income statement is used as an example to say what blogger can earn.

Here take a look at few ways to monetize your blog,

The best ways to monetize your blog is through:

  • Advertisements: Advertisements are the oldest method of making money from a blog. And definitely, it’s the best way to monetize your blog. Google AdSense is one of the popular and best advertising platforms which is trusted by lots of people.
  • Paid posts: A paid post is a content partnership between vendor and blog owner. Many blogs make use of this method. Paid posts are the posts just about a specific brand, service or product. A company will pay you some amount to publish an article about its brand or product in your blog.
  • Products: you can also create your own products and can promote them on your blog and via other modes. So it’s the best way to sell your products and, make money with the blog.

Along with these, there are other ways like offering services, affiliate marketing, paid memberships, courses, etc.


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 2. Affiliate Marketing:

Affiliate marketing is the best source of earning money online and many bloggers, marketers make their living through the affiliate marketing.

Affiliate marketing is a type of marketing where you promote a product, and if the sale happens for that product, then you get the commission. And in this process, you don’t have to buy and sell products, all you have to do is promote the product.

There are many popular marketplaces which offer affiliates products, some of the popular affiliate marketplaces in India are Amazon associates, Flipkart, eBay, etc.


Most of the products offer 4% to 8% commissions on the product you sell. The percent may vary for some products but although you will get good commission.

Many people think that they need a blog to do affiliate marketing, but the fact is you don’t need the blog to do affiliate marketing. You can promote on your own platform without having the blog. But all you need is your affiliate link.

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3. Freelance writing:

Freelance writing is the popular way to earn some money online. There are many successful stories, and also there are many freelancers who are making handsome amount through freelance writing.

Some people make a dollar per word, and some people earn even more. All you need the client satisfactions of the project. Many starters won’t get a dollar per word at the start of their work. So they should first try some other low projects, and they must complete them and convert those clients into regular customers.

But this freelance writing field is not that easy, it requires dedication and time towards the project and also sometimes this is more than what you even think. So, if you have dedication and love towards writing, then you can start this to earn money from your home.

If you want to become a successful freelance writer then it’s best to have a web presence, if you have a proper web presence, then you can get some extra money or else you can simply use other services like iwriter, up work and freelancer, etc. to take projects. Explore here the other sites for freelancing writing jobs.


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4. Online tutoring:

Online tutoring is an another option for the persons who want to earn money online. Online tutoring means just teaching your known skill to other individuals within a virtual environment online. This kind of teaching has been a significant boost for both the students and the teachers. As the teachers can earn income from their home itself.

And, presently in India online tutoring is the booming a part time job for many teachers, students and homemaker. They all teach some skill which they have the grip on and make money.

Now, to connect the gap between students and teachers and to give perfect payments they ar many online sites such as vedantu.com, bharthteaching.com, etc.



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5. Start Your Own Online Store:

Starting your own online store to sell your stuff is the best  for your business and as well to earn money from online, it’s just like a regular business. Many are interested actually to know how to get started to build their own online store.

But building an online store is not that difficult today all you need is to create a proper website which is attractive, and you need to integrate a payment gateway. And you can easily use PayPal account for that if you are building a small store, if you want to be professional, then you must create a proper payment gateway which includes all features.

If you don’t want to create this kind of website and payment gateway, you can create your e-commerce page on Shopify, or you can make use of Amazon or other popular e-commerce sites.


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6. Create Videos on YouTube and get Paid:

youtube videoes

You may already know this point that you can earn money through YouTube videos. YouTube is one of the largest sites where you can see numerous videos.

YouTube pays money for the videos you upload on YouTube. To earn money from your YouTube videos, you should monetize your YouTube videos with the Google AdSense.

If someone watches the advertisement on your video, then YouTube will pay you some amount of money. If you have video creating and making skills, or you have anything to share with other, then you can simply make a video and upload it to YouTube. Then YouTube pays you to amount by views on the video and various other factors.

Large tier countries have the high CPC than the lower tier countries like India, Pakistan, etc. You can also opt for other monetization methods like sponsored video reviews, affiliate links, etc.

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7. Become a Virtual Assistant:

A virtual assistant is a self-employed professional who provides all the administrative, technical and creative work for the other companies.

And now a day’s virtual assistant’s necessity is becoming more and more, and many companies are offerings lots of tasks to virtual assistants. So it has been one of the jobs where most of the people want to make use of it.

The virtual assistant has a flexible timing where you can work from home or at any others place, and you can work on your own free time.

If you want to work as a virtual assistant, then you can make use of sites like up work, Elance and brainstorm for the projects.

Examples:  see the price they are taking for an hour as a virtual assistant.


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8. Sell courses Online

Selling course online has become huge earnings for many people, as you already know that many people learn some tactics and tricks to reach the success.

So, if you have any skill or expertise on any topic whether it may be a small work or it may a large course it doesn’t matter.

You can create your course, and you can make money from that course and many people are already earning a huge amount of money in sharing some tips, etc.

You can easily upload your course on other platforms like Udemy, Skill Share and keep a rate for it.


Look at this amazing presentation to learn the money making from Udemy.

Let’s give me an example:

  • KulwantNagi is a famous blogger who conducts courses online and makes money from them.
  • Zac Johnson also has a portfolio, and he is a professional blogger where he makes money from his video courses as well.
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9. Design app or website:

If you design anything that it is attractive or which is having nice features, then that particular design application will give you so much amount of money.

If you are a web developer who creates websites or if you are app developer who develops apps then you can simply earn an enormous amount by doing your job from your home or any place you want.

There are a lot of earners who are earning from their website designing skills and design apps. Few designers also made this job as their own business and started earning. So, developing app and websites is always a good sort of trusted income online.

Ex: A 22 years old guy Ankit Srivastava generated Rs 45-lakh revenue from his music player app and got featured in your story. You can check how he did in yourstory.


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10*. Offer Services:

Lots of people get huge income by providing services, and this way is also a good way to earn money especially in India. As many tend to use services, and many companies give projects to various freelancers.

You can offer any service which you can do on the internet, the most used services on the web is SEO, SEM and Social Media services.

You can see many startups, on the services where they came as an individual freelancer and converted themselves into a startup company. But to offer services, you must improve your social presence to get offers and maintain a blog.

Ex: I am getting income from my services.


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Finally, I hope I have cleared your doubts in the ways to earn money from online and  I think you got to know some trusted ways to make money online and Internet marketing in India. If you have any kind of problems for these above ways, you can always contact me. We’ll help you, or just drop a comment in the comment section we’d love to hear your feedback.

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    So here you have also included all genuine ways of make money online . I hope it will help many of newbie like me 🙂


  • Blogging is one of the most popular online money making option which has evolved these days. many young people are jumping into blogging and even start making money from their school days. Internet has really changed things around by empowering many people and it is a good sign.

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