Walmart GTA Portal Login at

Walmart GTA Portal Login

You will be astonished to know where Walmart saves all the time stamps related to employees. We would like you know you that it is Walmart’s Global Time and Attendance Portal (GTA Portal) where all the time stamps are stored. This portal keeps the records of clock in and clock out done by either a handheld device or an RFID card. This portal can be accessed from home, office, or any other place.

Walmart GTA Portal has lots of amazing features which helps managing remote workers easily as it offers the asynchronous syncing with other systems to speed up the processing. It provides deep insights of employee data like working hours and attendance to see if any trend occurs which needs to be investigated.

About Walmart

Walmart is the famous and world’s largest retailer in the world. It has approx. 11000 stores across the America. It is one of the successful companies in the history achieving greater results each day. It offers low prices on products and focuses on expanding business in different part of the globe.

Walmart involves in the public trade and revenue numbers earns it the title of world’s largest corporation. As per the Fortune 500 list 2020, Walmarts’ revenue was US$548.743 billion.

The company offers lower price in some sections like “Neighborhood Market” and “Rollbacks” section”.

Walmart GTA Portal (Global Time & Attendance Portal)

Walmart Global Time and Attendance portal is an online system enables managers to view employees attendance working in their team. This web portal has all the functions for easy management and super easy access for time reports.

The following information can be easily accessed through The Global Time & Attendance Portal:

  • Clock in/Clock out
  • Employees’ working hours.
  • Employee tracking
  • Biometric fingerprint scan (optional)
  • Attendance report to check for any potential anomalies in employee data.

The Walmart one Wire GTA Portal also allows managers to create alerts that inform managers if any problem occurs such as –

  • Time spent beyond the allowed limit for break.
  • Employees falling short in timely clock in and clock out.
  • Company Rules break

Benefits of One Walmart GTA Portal

Walmart GTA Portal account offers so many benefits such as –

  • Anywhere clock in/clock out for employees
  • Employees can still clock in or clock out if they are not at the workstations.
  • Portal is well managed and safe to use.
  • An efficient system for easy task allocation
  • Accurate information assists managers to sense any possible trends in working hours.

Walmart GTA Portal Login Requirements

  • Walmartone GTA Portal Login website address
  • Walmart GTA Portal valid user id and password
  • Updated browser compatible with Walmart one GTA Portal login website.
  • Laptop/Tablet/Smartphone/PC with active internet connection.

How to Login into Online Walmart GTA Portal?

Get Step by Step process to have access of Walmart GTA Portal account:

  1. The user need to visit  Walmartone My Time official webpage  and hit the  “GTA Portal”  tab.
  2. The user will be redirected to Walmart GTA Portal Login.
  3. Direct access to Walmart GTA Portal login page:
  4. You enter Walmartone UserID, select country/region and location from the given drop down list.
  5. Then Click on Sign in button and fill the password field to get access of GTA Walmart portal account.

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How to Reset Walmartone GTA Portal Password?

If you are not getting able to have access of your Walmartone GTA Portal, then read here the step by step guide to reset Walmartone GTA Portal Login Password.

  1. Visit One Walmart GTA Portal Login page:
  2. Enter Userid and select store location and hit the Sign in button.
  3. Now click on Forget Password? Link.
  4. Now enter your registered email address and hit the Submit button.
  5. A password reset link will be sent to your email id.
  6.  Now click on the link and update new password for GTA Walmart Portal account.

Walmart Helpdesk Contact Information

Having issue in accessing Walmart GTA Portal account, contact Walmartone customer service with the following details:

Walmart Social Handles

Final Words:

We have shared the details of Walmart GTA Portal Login at You got the information related to Walmartone GTA Portal, such as Walmart onewire GTA Portal benefits, one Walmart GTA portal login guide, Walmart wire GTA portal password reset, and many more. If you want more info, please ask in the comment section.

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