Verizon Router Red Globe: Unveiling the Causes and Effective Fixes

Your Verizon router indicates connectivity problems with a red globe.

To determine the issue, it’s crucial to observe the red light’s behavior—whether it remains steadily lit, blinks slowly, or rapidly.

A steady red globe signifies connectivity problems with the router, a slow-blinking red globe suggests issues with the gateway, and a fast-blinking red globe indicates router overheating.

How To Fix Verizon Router Red Globe

Resolving a Verizon red globe involves updating the firmware, securing the cables, resetting the router, or verifying if any outages exist in your vicinity.

However, if you encounter difficulties in resolving this matter, it is recommended to contact customer support. They will send a skilled professional to aid you in resolving the issue.

If the problem cannot be resolved, it may be necessary to obtain a new router.

For further insights into the matter, please proceed with reading to discover additional information regarding a red globe appearing on a Verizon router.

Meaning of Red Globe on Verizon Router

If the red globe appears on your Verizon router, it indicates a lack of internet connectivity. There are various types of red lights on the router, each with its own significance:

1. Solid red globe: This indicates no internet connection due to a damaged ethernet cable or outdated router. You can test the connection using a device that relies on ethernet to determine if it is functional. If not, the cable is likely damaged.

2. Slow flashing: A slow flashing red globe suggests an issue with the gateway, indicating a failure to connect to the network. In such cases, review your router’s configuration settings on your account’s dashboard.

3. Fast flashing: If the red globe flashes rapidly, your router is overheated. To resolve this, power off the router and let it cool down for a few minutes. Alternatively, relocate the router to an open area for better airflow.

Why Does Verizon Router Show a Red Globe?

The primary cause behind your Verizon router displaying a red globe is an internet connection problem. The factors contributing to this issue are as follows:

  • Unsecured cable connections.
  • Absence of power supply or router turned off.
  • Local network disruptions or maintenance.
  • Faulty hardware.
  • Outdated firmware.
  • Router overheating.
  • Malfunctioning or faulty router.
  • Problems with the router’s settings.

How To Solve The Verizon FiOS Router Red Light Issue

Now that you’re aware of the reasons behind the red globe on your Verizon router, here are some potential solutions you can attempt:

1. Restarting Your Router

The best way to deal with various internet problems is to restart your router. This action eliminates temporary glitches and bugs that may be causing the lack of internet access.

It is recommended to periodically restart your router as it promptly fixes this problem.

To manually restart your Verizon router, follow these instructions:

  • – Unplug the router from the power outlet and wait for a few minutes.
  • – Plug the router back in and let it fully boot up.
  • – The router will take approximately two minutes to restart.

To restart the router using the My Verizon App, follow these steps:

  • – Download and install the My Verizon App on your mobile device.
  • – Log in to your Verizon account within the App.
  • – Tap the ‘Menu’ button located in the top left corner of the screen.
  • – Choose ‘Devices’ from the menu.
  • – Find the router you want to restart and tap on it.
  • – From the list of options, select ‘Reboot’.
  • – Wait a few minutes for the router to reboot, then reconnect to the network.

If restarting the router doesn’t fix the red light issue, proceed to the next step.

2. Verify Wall Outlet & Cable Connections

Frequently, loose or damaged cables are the culprits behind the red globe on your router. To address this problem, carefully inspect all cable and wire connections for any indications of damage.

Even a faulty power socket or cable can hinder your router’s proper functioning. If any cables are damaged, it is crucial to replace them immediately.

Follow these steps to check the wall outlet and cable connections:

  • – Disconnect all cable connections and reconnect them securely, ensuring there are no loose connections.
  • – Inspect the cables for any signs of twisting or damage.
  • – Test with a different ethernet cable to determine if it functions properly.
  • – Additionally, try connecting the router to a different power outlet.
  • – Connect the ethernet cable to a different LAN port.

If your Verizon router continues to display the red globe, investigate the possibility of network outages in your area.

3. Examine Local Outages in Your Area

If the globe on your Verizon router remains solid red consistently, it is highly probable that your internet service provider is encountering connectivity problems.

Your router might have lost its connection to the Verizon network, or Verizon’s internet service could be operating at a reduced speed. This situation can arise during ISP maintenance or due to a network outage in your vicinity.

To verify the existence of an outage in your area, get in touch with your internet provider. If the problem originates from their side, you simply need to wait for them to resolve it. Follow these steps to check for network outages:

  • – Place a call to your internet provider and inquire about any outages.
  • – Monitor their website for updates.
  • – Send them an email.

If no outages are reported, ensure that your router is not experiencing overheating.

4. Verify for Overheating

At times, your Verizon router may overheat, resulting in a solid red light. Overheating can occur if the router is covered with a cloth or placed in a poorly ventilated corner.

To address this problem, power off the router and allow it to cool down for approximately 5 minutes. Then, power it on and let it boot properly. The following are some ways and tips to prevent router overheating:

Avoid connecting an excessive number of devices to the same network, as it can overload the router.

  • Ensure that the router is positioned in a well-ventilated area.
  • Elevate the router above ground level.
  • Make sure there is nothing resting on top of the router.
  • Clean the router if there is any dust accumulation.

If the router isn’t overheating but still displays a red globe, check for any required software updates.

5. Update Router Firmware

An outdated firmware can cause a red globe on your Verizon router. Therefore, updating the firmware can resolve the issue by fixing software bugs or conflicts that may be causing the red globe.

Follow these steps to update your router’s firmware:

  • Open your browser and access the Admin Web GUI.
  • Log in using your credentials and navigate to system settings.
  • Locate ‘Check for Software Update’ and click on it.
  • If an update is available, download and install it.
  • Allow the router sufficient time to reboot, as this process may take a while.

To ensure the firmware is fully updated, avoid disconnecting the router from the power outlet or turning it off during the process.

6. Reset ONT

Resetting the ONT can potentially resolve the issue of a red globe on your router and restore your internet connection.

  • Perform the following steps to reset the ONT:
  • Locate the ONT and disconnect it from the power outlet.
  • Remove the batteries from the ONT.
  • Wait for a minute before reinserting the batteries.
  • Reconnect the ONT to the power outlet.

If the ONT is not the cause of the issue, consider resetting your router.

7. Resetting the Router

If the red globe persists on your router despite attempting the aforementioned steps, you can try performing a factory reset.

Executing a factory reset on your router will revert it to its default configurations. Keep in mind that this process will erase all saved WiFi names, settings, and passwords from the system, necessitating you to reconfigure them.

To manually reset your router, locate the reset button at the rear of the device. Press and hold it for approximately 15 seconds using a pin or paperclip.

Subsequently, release the button gradually and allow the router some time to reboot, as this process may take a few minutes.

Alternatively, you can reset the router through the browser by logging into your Verizon account. Access the Advanced settings, navigate to Utilities, and select Save & Restore. Opt for the Factory Default option, then click on Restore Configuration.

8. Contacting Verizon Support

If the persistent red sphere on your Verizon router remains even after performing a factory reset, it is likely indicative of a hardware malfunction or an underlying problem.

It is recommended to seek professional help. You can contact the Verizon support team for assistance in troubleshooting and resolving the issue.

To obtain help, visit the Verizon website or dial their support team at 1-800-837-4966. Their representatives will provide guidance on the required steps to resolve the problem and may even arrange for a technician to visit your location.

Furthermore, if your router is within the warranty period, you may be eligible for a replacement.

9. Trying an Alternative Router

If you possess an additional router at your place, you can try connecting it to check if it establishes a network connection successfully.

Opting for a superior Verizon FiOS compatible router can offer enhanced speeds and a reliable connection, surpassing the performance of an older Verizon router that may not deliver the same level of efficiency.

If you often experience internet connectivity issues, it is possible that your router is not functioning correctly. In such a case, it may be beneficial to contemplate buying a new router to address the problem.



The red globe on the Verizon router indicates no internet connection or issues with the gateway or device overheating.

Possible causes include router configuration issues, loose cable connections, or problems with your ISP’s internet service.


For problem-solving, verify cable connections, reboot the router, and inquire about service disruptions from your internet service provider. If experiencing overheating, power down the device for 5 minutes to allow it to cool. If the issue continues, performing a factory reset might be required.


Familiarize yourself with all the lights on your Verizon router to understand the ideal status light. In most cases, a solid white light is the expected and ideal status light.


Slow internet speeds, frequent disconnections, unusual light behavior, and overheating may indicate router deterioration. Consider replacing it.

Final Words

This article provides information on fixing a red globe on a Verizon router. Red light states include solid, slow flashing, and fast flashing.

Causes range from outdated firmware and overheating to internet connection issues.

Try restarting or following the mentioned steps. If unsuccessful, contact customer care for assistance.

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