How to Use Italic/Bold Letters on Twitter/Facebook

Many social media freaks out there who stay online till end of the day. They try different things on social media to gain more likes, comments, shares, Tweets to their posts.

Social media has enormous crowd attached with it, so people need to try different things which others aren’t using on their profiles.

How to Use Italic Bold Letters on Twitter Facebook

One thing that you can implement each time without any obstacle is using different font-style. It can be italic, bold, any other.

However, social media don’t give an extra feature to post text in different forms, but you got a solution for it. A fantastic tool allows doing so. It’s Unicode Text Convertor that converts your regular text font into stylish eye catchy text.

Unicode Text Converter

Now You can publish the stylish text over Facebook and Twitter.

Twitter —>>

Facebook –>

bold font on Twitter

I have tried on these two social media sites only because I am active there only. You can give it a shot on your favourite social media sites like Instagram, G+……

If you liked this post, then do share it on social media and let your friends know about the stylish font. You can also comment if you need any other trick related to social media. I will try to get it on Myquickidea.

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