Unlock Redmi Note 3 Bootloader Without Xiaomi Permission

I’m sharing a simple method to unlock Redmi Note 3 Bootloader. Xiaomi Redmi phones come with locked bootloader. To perform any required action, you need to unlock the bootloader first. There are two ways to unlock bootloader Redmi Note 3 . First option is the official way in which you need to send a request to Xiomi to get the bootloader unlocked of Note 3. This process might take 10-15 days and If you get able to convince them, then only the unlocking takes place in an official way. However, the users complaint about the error “Stuck on 50% Process” or “Couldn’t Verify Device.”  

Unlock Redmi Note 3 Bootloader Without Xiaomi Permission

So if you don’t want to wait to unlock Redmi note 3 Bootloader, there is an unofficial way to do it. In this article, I will show the exact method to perform it.

Why do You Need to Unlock Bootloader?

  • You may want to flash any custom rom
  • For fixing MI Device
  • Write/Erase System Files
  • Performing TWRP Recovery

Supporting Devices:

  • Xiomi Redmi Note 3

Download Center

ADB and fastboot DriversDownloadinstall the same on your PC
Global developer Rom (6.7.21) Fastboot ROMDownloadflash this ROM on your phone to unlock
Redmi Note 3 Unlock Bootloader Zip fileDownloadunzip it on desktop
Fastboot EDL ZipDownloadUnzip it. It boots your phone into download mode from fastboot mode.
 MI Flash ToolDownloadTo flash the Global ROM and Unlock zip file on your phone.

Procedure to Unlock Redmi Note 3 Bootloader Without Xiaomi Permission

1. Your phone must have battery more than 70%

2. First of all, you are required to  install the ADB and Fastboot drivers from the links given above and then proceed to disabling the driver signature enforcement in your desktop/laptop.

3. Run the cmd in administrator mode and enter the following command to disable the driver signature enforcement-

bcdedit /set testsigning on

4. Reboot the PC.

5. Turn On the developer mode in Redmi Note 3

Go to Phone Settings > About phone > Tap Miui version 7 times to activate the developer mode

6. Turn on Debugging

Go To Your Settings -> Developer Options -> Tick The “Usb Debugging” Checkbox .

7. Turn on OEM Unlock

Go To Your Settings -> Developer Options -> Tick The“Oem Unlock” Check box

8. Now unzip the Global developer Rom (6.7.21) two times and then you can see Image folder inside. 

9. Now unzip the Unlocked_Bootloader zip file and copy the emmc_appsboot.mbn file and paste it to the Global developer Rom (6.7.21) Image folder.

10. Right after this, Install the MI Flash tool. 

11. After it, check the file  XiaoMiFlash.exe  in c:\xiaomi\XiaoMiFlash  folder. Also check the c:\xiaomi\XiaoMiFlash\source\Thirdparty folder for the drivers. They must be existed there.

12. Now you have to bring your phone to Fastboot mode. Turn off your phone and press volume down and power button simultaneously. Through this process, you will able to see the MI icon on the screen. Also connect your phone to the pc via USB cable.

13. Now open the fastboot_edl folder and search the file ‘edl’ and run it.

14. Now your phone will boot in download mode and the mobile screen will go all black.

15. Now open the Device manager in your computer and click on Com port to see your phone’s chip details. If it is showing correctly then you can assure that your device is properly connected with the pc.

16. Now right click on your phone driver details and then click on Update Driver software. Next click on Browse for driver software on your computer and then click on Browse button.

17. Now locate that driver folder we talked above in this post. (c:\xiaomi\XiaoMiFlash\source\Thirdparty\Qualcomm\driver)

18. Now wait until it updates the driver.

19. After it, run the XiaoMiFlash.exe file  in c:\xiaomi\XiaoMiFlash directory.

20. The program window is opened. Now Select ROM Images folder in this program.

21. Next  Click on the Refresh Button to see your connected phone on the tool.

22. Now select Clean all  and click on Flash and process starts.

23. Let the process complete itself.

24. Now turn on the Fastboot mode in your phone by pressing Volume down and power button.

25. Now go to adb folder. Generally you will find it in C:\adb. Here press shift and right click of the mouse. Now select Open command window here from the list.

26. Run the following command on cmd.

fastboot devices
Press Enter

fastboot oem unlock-go
Press Enter

The above command will unlock your phone. The phone will be restarting this time.

27. To make sure that your phone has been successfully unlocked, again move your  device to Fastboot mode and open the cmd with same method (step 23) and run the following command.

fastboot oem device-info
Press Enter

If it shows Device unlocked true then your phone has been unlocked successfully.

It was the tutorial to Unlock Bootloader Redmi Note 3. If you need any help with this post, then please comment below.

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