Typography and fonts – What is Important to know?

Sites are designed in such a way that it is quite possible to reduce the site and leave a couple of important areas. I would refer text and pictures to these areas, these are things that attract your attention. Given that the text is one of two things, it sounds like it is important, right? So, we will try to maximally briefly and briefly describe the basics of typography regarding free fonts.

Typography and fonts - what is important to know

Is it important? Which font is better? What are letter spacing? Does line height affect site traffic? These are ordinary questions of every person who has come across this topic.

Typography affects different areas, such as the perception of the whole site, the user experience, the uniqueness of your brand.

Let’s look at the basic elements that will allow you to understand a little more about this.

Printing is essentially the main part of any brand. These are colors, logo, site structure and user experience. All this distinguishes your brand from the rest.


In our world, each element and aspect has its own mood, to a greater extent this applies to fonts. They can be both joyful and funny, and sad and strict.

Allow gliding around the site

Any user, like you, does not read every heading and every letter of the site, we just leaf through one page after another.

There is a hierarchy in fonts and site structure, this is an important topic and you should study it much deeper than we can tell you. In short, this is the importance of the posts on your page. Not the user chooses what he will read – the designer does it. With the right choice of sizes and fonts, the visitor will pay attention only to what you point him to.


Before delving into the printing house, it’s important to know what it is talking about. Without knowledge of the terms, you will understand with great difficulty what is written in the article.

Typography is all that you see on the page. Including fonts, pictures and ads. This is the structure of the site, the way the user perceives it.

Typeface – are font styles. Often this word is called fonts, but this is a mistake.

Fonts are part of the typefaces, The font has one specific style.

The font family is a simple concept, it implies fonts with the same distinctive features.

Weight is the thickness of the font. It can be thin, thick or hollow. All this is characterized as weight.

Kerning is the spacing between characters in the horizontal plane. In general, it is recommended to set kerning manually, but we advise you not to. In stock versions, the most attractive value is most often set.

Tracking is gaps. While kerning is the distance between each character, tracking is just spaces.

Point is the font size value. It is not necessary to explain to you how this works, once you look at the sizes, you will easily navigate them.

The Serif is a font decoration element, a small decoration on each symbol.

Sans serif – from French, sans is translated as “no”, respectively, this is the opposite of the term above.

script Typeface – these fonts should look like they were written by hand.

Blackletter typeface It is also called the Gothic font, or the font of old England. It can be recognized by characteristic curls and serif.

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