Top Landing Page Builder for PPV : Best Choice for You

Are you trying to offer Services/product online?

Do you want to turn each potential leads into customer?

In this hard competition it is hard to win the marketing game.

Although, you can increase sales as well as your profit.

It is possible with the sales funnel. Sales funnels are very popular to increase profit and helpful in selling high ticket products to the targeted audience.

I want to share the Kartra with you as advance sales funnerl creator for marketers.

It has very simple interface so no need to dig deeper for technical aspects.

If you are running any ppv campaign, it can prove top landing page builder for ppv campaign.

Let’s learn more about the Kartra….

What is Kartra?


Kartra, also known as Kompozer, is, in essence, a software application to structure sales funnels and is the simplest and most reliable way to establish one’s list in the modern marketplace.

It is an all-encompassing shopping-cart system that includes list building, email email marketing, web hosting, landing page development, business management platform designed specifically for marketers.

These tasks mentioned above and many more are performed by Kartra while accumulating them together in a primary account for easiness of management. These tasks may be performed in a goal-oriented manner which sets it apart from other platforms that focus mainly on tasks.

What Do I like About Kartra?

There are many advantages of using Kartra; some of them include being user-friendly are mentioned below.

  • Kartra provides all the business tools in a single location. You can easily sell your product without encountering many difficulties.
  • Kartra accepts different currencies and adjusts its billing page according to the present geographical location of the user.
  • Help desks created with the help of Kartra are highly customizable, wherein our own logo can be created, which would help build trust.
  • Kartra can handle multiple accounts, even on a single tab. This integration makes it easier to send detailed reports to those multiple accounts.

What I Don’t like About Kartra?

  • The main disadvantage of using Kartra is its high cost. The monthly cost of Kartra is $99(normal), while the premium plans are as costly as $499.
  • Kartra partners with a very small number of e-commerce platforms
  • Other sites have much lesser membership costs, much more collaborations with a large number of e-commerce platforms, and a faster interface.

Features of Kartra

We are listing here the most important features of Kartra. These features make it a advanced tool for running Affiliate Programs.

Creating Products For Sale With Kartra

There are multiple price point configurations in Kartra, making it easier to provide different services and offer products in bulk at a fixed price.

You can sell unlimited products (physical and digital), along with services, membership sites, and even courses. You can pay for the products one-time or in installments. Kartra integrates with PayPal, Stripe through which payments can be made.

If you want to create a product, just go on the “MyProducts” window and start creating the products. Coupons and discounts can also be used for cost-cutting.

1-click transactions feature an excellent initiative that makes the billing process easier by readying the check-out page in advance. Beautiful templates make this page more attractive.

 Payment rescheduling and modifying payment options can help a client who is unhappy with your product price. Along with this, a 256-bit encryption protocol keeps the transactions safe.

Kartra Funnels and Campaigns

Funnel is known as campaigns in Kartra. Just go to “My Campaigns” and generate a new one for you. The campaigns can either be personalized, or they are provided on the site itself.

These templates are provided by experts, which are a crowd-puller and will generate a handsome income. The funnels can be shared with other people, especially the Kartra users.

It has another superb feature that allows you to deploy and sell the already made campaign and make money. The ready campaigns are housed in the “My pages” section, which has sub-sections of “forms,” “videos,” etc. You can edit these pages whenever you want.

Kartra Landing Page Builder

Kartra provides the user with a useful page builder, which helps create billing pages with eye-catching templates for the pages and forms. These templates are professionally designed and help you save a lot of time in building beautiful pages.

Another interesting feature of the site is that it can also be customized according to the handy devices, i.e., mobile and tablet.

For speeding up the process, there are many features on the site, e.g., “show columns,” columns, and component mode. When you select the component mode, then there are various sections in it. These can be edited according to your will. The page templates can be modified with the Page Library. Pages can be created from scratch, and they can be published. We can also use certain objects in our pages to make them more engaging.

Interestingly Kartra pages are not purpose-bound. They can just be used for any purpose ranging from email to registration pages for seminars.

 Also, there are thank you pages, sales pages, pages with videos regarding a product promotion or launch, a full-scale marketing page. These pages adapt to any given task. You name it; you have got a page for it.

You can use your own domain to host the pages or use Kartra’s domain. In case you do not have your own domain, then Kartra hosts your pages under its own domain.

Kartra Email Marketing Automation

Kartra provides us with marketers who are constantly working for you at all times. So it is simple to design automated marketing campaigns that act as your personal assistant and do all the work for you, right from sending emails to tracking orders all by itself, just like the programmed robot.

Broadcast messages can be sent through emails or SMS. Follow-ups after the purchase can be monitored through sequences based on the people’s reactions to the product/service. The sequences are mostly based on a YES-NO or an IF-THEN format which would record the people’s reactions.

Also, we are allowed to create Behavior-Based automation that assesses the buyers’ behavior and acts accordingly. We can conduct split testing and then run the automation for a certain amount of time. Kartra automatically selects the best version, which fared well in the split test. We can create a sequence on the site. Then we can add many subsequences to the main one. After that, we can add certain triggers to initiate it.

Kartra Membership Platform

Kartra is one of the best options to share content and remain connected to your community. It has multiple membership levels, which can be beneficial while interacting with them and setting optimum prices accordingly.

You can create a large number of membership sites with beautiful templates which can be customized according to the different brands that you try to sell as per your needs and priorities.

For example, any type of content, text, audio, or any visual content, and different combinations of different contents can be used. We can create different categories for the same, which would simplify the search optimization in the site.

Individual subscriptions can be easily tracked, and its record can be kept. Password access is easier in Kartra with a single sign-up.

 Users can apply to normal membership subscriptions or premium ones, which have levels ranging from bronze to gold. Members of your site can get personalized accounts with their login details through email. These sites can be molded as per your wish, and brands can be created and added to your account.

The progress of your buyers can be continuously tracked through software.

We can engage with them through question-answer sessions, they can give us feedback, and thus the interaction would be fruitful and interesting. We can assign points to customers, which would encourage them to continue transactions with us.

The most useful feature is that it provides us with a multi-site portal that can be managed on a single page. Another useful feature is that it provides us with a single login address for multiple sites if we wish to handle multiple sites at a time.

Kartra Packed With Marketing Features

A most interesting feature of Kartra is that it customizes the recommendations of the client according to the needs and preferences of the client. This is called behavior-based automation.

E.g., If a person is diet-conscious, then after the first transaction, we can recommend him/her more products that would be useful for increasing the knowledge of a healthy diet. Thus, it would be of great utility to the customers, which would increase their chances of carrying on transactions with us in the future. We can use this feature by having a look at the customer’s internet usage and history.

We can add cost-saving offers, bumper sales, product upgrades, top quality products at affordable prices based on the clients’ preferences. One more feature of this is that it allows us to track incomplete transactions and recover them through automated emails.

Kartra ‘My Agency’ Software

If the dealer/seller has an agency, then Kartra can be a boon. Due to the feature, the dealer can handle many websites of his customer from a single dashboard. If the client wants to access those websites, then certain permissions should be taken, and then we can provide him/her with the login details.

Kartra allows you to create a portfolio of yourself where you can store all the reports of your clients. You can also manage the billing business of all the clients under one account. You can customize this portfolio as per your priorities and add and delete reports as and when needed.

Now you can manage the accounts through two roles: owner and contractor roles. The owner role comes in when your client does not have an account of his own as he does not want to get into the nuances of managing the account. As the owner does, here you can demand the monthly fees for the services you are providing and then earn a handsome sum of money as you are the boss here.

On the flip side, if your client has his/her account, you can serve as the care-taker and manager of their account by linking your account to theirs and then carrying on the transaction until the client ends it.

The only issue is that the Owner/Contractor feature is available only in the premium higher versions of Kartra and not in the normal versions.

Kartra Integrations

Kartra has quite a good integration system. It has tie-ups with popular payment portals, SMS, email portals, calendar apps, etc. Despite this, Kartra has a very limited amount of integrations than many of its counterparts.

In the integration part, a competitor of Kartra, Clickfunnels, has leverage. For connecting with other party services and tools, Zapier integration can be used. As mentioned above, Clickfunnels has a higher-end in integrations than Kartra. It integrates with 10 Payment portals, while Kartra integrates with only four, which is PayPal. But one good feature of Kartra is the Google calendar feature. It eases the reservation process for the client by canceling out all the dates that are already reserved.

Kartra Helpdesk Support

Kartra helpdesk is a tool which reduces all the unnecessary work of client while simultaneously increasing his/her productivity. It has a well-designed ticket system that assigns tickets to the clients who want their issues to be addressed.

One more plus point of this issue is that it structures the tickets according to categories of the issues, thus making it easier for the complainants to solve their issues individually. It also has a multi-agent department which allows us to transfer complaints from one department to another.

Kartra Pricing Plans

At the moment, Katra offers four plans. The first is the Kartra Starter that is priced at $99 per month. This is followed by the Kartra Silver pack that is priced at $199per month. The next on the price scale is the Katra Gold pack at $299 per month. Lastly, there is the Katra Platinum pack set at $499 per month.

If one chooses to pay on an annual basis, they can avail the offer of saving 25%. However, there is something to keep in mind while purchasing. The packs priced at a lower rate would have certain limitations. With the starter plan, one can avail up to 2500 leads, 15000 emails monthly, and can host 100 landing pages. It isn’t until the Silver plan where the values start to stack, however.


What is Kartra?

Kartra is an online marketing site for selling our products and business.

What is its Monthly membership price?

For the starter pack, it’s $99 per month, while for premium packs (silver, gold, platinum), it’s $199, $299, and $399, respectively.

What integrations does Kartra provide?

Kartra has a limited number of integrations than its counterparts, one being PayPal and Stripe.

How to build a page on Kartra?

It’s very easy to build a page on Kartra; it has already designed templates that can be used to create various types of pages.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of Kartra?

The main advantage of Kartra is its all-in-one feature and user-friendly policy. The main disadvantage is being more costly than its other counterparts.


Therefore, in conclusion, Katra is a great option if you wish to have much more than landing pages and grow your business easily and automated at a reasonable price! An all-in-one platform such as Katra is a must-have!

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