Top 10 Google Alternative Search Engines!! Try Right Away!!

Top Google Alternative Search Engines

Today, search engines have become an integral part of our daily routine. We use search engines for searching everything. It has made our lives much simpler and sorted. We just put keywords on it and it shows us relevant results consisting information we require.

Whenever we are confused about something or unable to get novel ideas, we rely on Google services and other search engines. Their amazing services have proved to be very helpful to us.

Search engines have been at advantages only. It has presented all the information in such an efficient and reliable manner, that millions of people have become depended upon them to get the new information every time.

Google is the king of the entire existing search engines in the present industry. Nonetheless, we have other search engines alternatives which you can prefer to search anything you want to. Let’s have a look at them, one by one!

Top 10 Google Alternative Search Engine ~


bing search engine

Microsoft is the owner of this web search engine called BING. In the US, this web search engine is the second biggest search engine with a market share of 19.8%. This search engine has rated to be the best alternative for Google search engine due to its amazingly unique features.

Its homepage is unique as it changes continuously with different and amazing high-quality images of various things such as people, sports, animals, etc. It also serves us the facility of language translation. Also, if you want to know about any particular topic, then this search engine provides us instant solutions.

Amongst its unique features include superior media attributes, operating calculations, and spell check and video search engines. Also, video search engines have various adjustment settings such as size, resolution, length, and volume.


yahoo search engine

The owner for YAHOO SEARCH engine is Yahoo itself. This is the third best search engine of the world. Officially, this search engine comes up with Mozilla Firefox now. This web search engine comes up with 40 different international languages. Yahoo is just not a web crawler; rather this is additionally a news aggregator, an email service, a travel catalog, a strip mall, horoscope, etc.

Abundant information regarding any niche of topics is provided by Yahoo Answers and Yahoo finance. Climate, time, pictures, recordings, most recent news and Health tips, Public information, Movies data and traveling data are some other key hallmarks of this search engine.

3. Privado


Privado follows different approach to serve you the search results. The concept of Privado is to ensure the privacy of the users. They don’t track users activity. Neither stores users’ search data nor their Ips.

Mostly websites place cookies on browser to serve personalized ads to you. Privado search engine doesn’t use tracking cookies to track down your online activities.

In this time when privacy is major concern across the world, this search engine seems a hope to all of us.


duckduckgo search engine

The proprietor for this web crawler is Since this site is not very known, a very few people know about this web search engine. Two of the unique features of this search engine are that your information remains secure here and it protects all your information.

Wikipedia, Yahoo, Bing, Yandex, and yummly are its association partners. Instant solutions, pictures, voice seek, concealed administrations, Bangs and plans of action are some of its key attributes.


ask search engine is altogether different from other web looking sites. Essentially, resembles question and answer types. is still preferred as the first choice for USA users.

It has a famous question and answers blog on the right-hand corner which has proved to be very useful for the users, and people use it more frequently as it gives satisfactory answers. Questions regarding a broad range of topics such as science and fiction, literature, business, politics, etc. are answered on this site.


dogpile search engine

Past a few years from now, dogpile overpowered Google and became people’s first choice regarding search engine. Categories, White pages, Preferences, Search filters, recent searches, favorite fetches and more are the key attributes of this search engine.

This search engine contains a separate toolbar for Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox, which gives clients an option look from their web program. Dogpile is one of the most seasoned web crawlers to minister data, connections, pictures, and recordings from other web search tools.



Gibiru has one unique feature that it goes up against censored content. One should know that the information which is presented online becomes visible after the removal of censored data. Gibiru picks up all the indexed lists including those that include the sensory data for the audience.

Additionally, its anonymous proxy search engine handles the issue of security. Also, Gibiru has a Mozilla Firefox augmentation to make the look for uncensored information simpler.



Wolfram alpha, other than being a computational algorithm mechanism, is a superb search engine. Unlike storing site pages, this search engine chiefly ministers its information.

This search engine has a unique feature of administering the information from the reputed sites such as trustworthy sources which include school distributions/libraries, Crunch base, FAA, Best Buy and numerous different sources.

If you search about any particular school on this web search engine, you can get access to the information about all the essential things such as Enrollment numbers/Tuition Fees/location, etc. at single location

9. IxQuick


This search engine is associated with Google and deals with all the issues related to privacy. It supports 17 different languages. This search engine does not store any user specific details rather; it only considers preferences of the user.

After 90 days, when the user is inactive, the information gets deleted. This is famous for quick searches of images and videos. It caters around 7 million queries on a daily basis.


yandex search engine

Yandex is the fourth biggest web search engine in the world. It is widely used in Russia and is a Russian based organization. It handles 150 million questions every day.

Despite the fact that it features an English restricted form, is by a wide margin the most mainstream web crawler. Additionally, Yandex is the default Search motor on the Mozilla Firefox program for clients in Russia.


Internet Archive

The Internet Archive is an excellent hotspot for a large number of open books, pictures, programming, films, recordings and a great deal more. You can check how a site looked before. A portion of the exemplary films and books are up by means of Internet Archive.

Here you read a list of top 10 Google alternative search engines. If we assume them cards, then Google is an ace in them which drives the entire search industry.

Do let me know which search engine other than Google you use in your daily life?

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  1. I heard that Duckduckgo is actually one of the only search engines that gives you completely unbiased results. That would make it one that I definitely would be interested in using. Too often searches come up with things related to searches I have previously done. Thanks for the post, I will refer back to this later when I need to find news or something similar to current events.

  2. Safe search engine ‘SearchPal’ has been launched
    London, U.K Mar 2019

    SearchPal a new multilingual Internet search engine has been launched. SearchPal differentiates itself from other web search engines by its emphasis on Internet safety and privacy employing Bing’s Strict Mode (API) it blocks inappropriate websites, offensive content and harmful traffic that can slip through in other search engines even when “clean” search terms are entered. Offering you, your family, organization or company a good experience of Safe Surfing.

    The site does not store IP addresses, does not log user information and uses cookies only for user settings such as Language Settings and Theme options. The search results are generated from multiple separate sources, including crowd sourced sites such as Wikipedia, and other search engines such as Bing.

    SearchPal allows users to search the entire web for pages, images, and videos. It has multiple filters to refine the search results. It comes with regional search, light and dark interface with eye-candy backgrounds, intuitive and responsive design.


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