Top 12 Free Undress AI Tools: Testing Closth Removal Cloths from Images

Ever heard about those AI tools that can, believe it or not, remove clothes from photos?

Yep, you read that right. AI’s been making some serious strides, and now we’ve got these “Undress AI Apps” on the scene. It’s kinda like those deepfake tools, but specifically for, well, undressing images.

Some folks use them for art or entertainment, maybe even research. But, let’s be real – these tools can be a double-edged sword.

It’s super easy for anyone to get their hands on them, which means there’s a potential for some major privacy issues. Imagine someone taking your photo and, with a few clicks, making it look like you’re… well, you get the idea.

As we dive into this list of the top 12 freebies in the Undress AI world, it’s super important to remember to play nice.

These tools are powerful, but with that power comes a big ol’ responsibility. Let’s keep things above board, respect each other’s boundaries, and steer clear of any shady stuff.

After all, nobody wants to be “that person,” right? So, let’s dive in, but always with a dose of good judgment!

AI undressing tools can be super cool for art and fun, but they come with some serious ethical baggage. Misusing them could lead to creating images or deepfakes without consent, which can really hurt the people in the photos. So, let’s think twice before diving in, okay?

What’s Undress AI and How’s It Work?

AI has brought us this cool thing called Undress AI, which can take away clothes from photos. It uses some smart techy stuff, like GANs, to look at a picture and then make a new one without the clothes. The GANs have two parts: one makes the image and the other checks if it looks real.

So, the more it does this, the better it gets at making pictures without clothes.

These fancy tools change photos to show folks without clothes on.

People find uses for this in art, movies, and science. But, there’s also worry about people using it in wrong ways and invading privacy.

1. Soulgen


Meet Soulgen, an AI tool that crafts virtual female characters. Want your dream gal in a virtual world? Type in some words or tags, and boom – there she is! Oh, and if you’re new, they’re giving a cool 50% off. That’s why many reckon it’s among the top virtual girl creators out there.

Why Should You Check Out Soulgen?

Everybody’s talking about Soulgen in the virtual pic-making space. Why? It’s got some brainy tech behind it, using deep learning and a whole lot of images to whip up unique, lifelike AI ladies.

It’s speedy, on-point, and with the buzz around AI art, it’s becoming a go-to for folks wanting realistic virtual gals.

How Much Does Soulgen Cost?

1 Month: Used to be $19.99, but now? You get to de-blur, save forever, jump the line, go watermark-free, do a bunch of stuff at once, change up your AI lady’s face, tweak the pics, and get a neat 100 high-quality image credits every month.

12 Months: Was $239.88, but grab the same perks as the 1-month deal with a sweet discount if you’re in for a whole year. Cool, right?


Heard of It’s this nifty AI thingy that takes off clothes from photos, but it’s all on Telegram. Wanna try? Pop open Telegram, look for the bot “@lsp_prod_bot”, hit “/start”, and you’re good to go. Throw in a photo, wait a tick, and get your edited pic ready to download or show off online.

Why is Kinda Cool?

Here’s the deal: won’t cost you a dime to try out. You just upload a snap, pick how you want it to look, and let the magic happen. If you’re a Telegram fan, there’s a special Undress AI bot for some extra features.

Worried about your pics floating around? They promise they don’t keep any. Plus, it’s not just about undressing. They mix it up with some design tricks to give you a one-of-a-kind pic. And hey, the whole thing is smooth sailing – easy to use, keeps your stuff private, and you get to play around with a pretty neat AI tool.

How Much Do You Drop for

Here’s the best part: Zip. Zilch. Nada. It’s free on Telegram with their chatbot! How cool’s that?

3. DeepNude AI

DeepNude AI

Okay, so there’s this tool called DeepNude AI. Basically, it’s an AI wizard that turns clothed photos into nudes. It’s like an artist that’s trained on a bunch of pics and uses some clever tech tricks to do its magic.

Why You Might Like DeepNude AI?

First off, the results? Super realistic. It’s like this tool went to an AI school with loads of picture books. Plus, if tech isn’t your thing, no worries! It’s a piece of cake to use. Just toss in a pic on their website, and bam, no more clothes. No need to install anything.

What’s the Damage for DeepNude AI?

So, for the monthly deal, it’s $9.99. If you’re thinking of going long-term, it’s $69.99 for the whole year.

4. AI Undressing

AI Undressing

Here’s the scoop on AI Undressing: With just one click, it’ll whip up a nude photo from a clothed one. Pretty wild, right? It’s all about digitally making those clothes vanish and giving you options to tweak how the final pic looks.

Why Should You Give AI Undressing a Shot?

This tool’s pretty smart. It’s got a bunch of training from loads of images, so it knows its stuff about how clothes look. When you give it a photo, it zeroes in on the clothes and, like a virtual magician, makes them disappear.

How Much Will AI Undressing Set You Back?

Basic Plan: At $5.49 a month, you get 15 chances to use it, decent pic quality, a faster line, and some tweaks to body type.

Standard Plan: For $16.99 monthly, you’re looking at 90 goes, better quality, no waiting in line, quicker results, and yup, that body type tweak again.

Pro Plan: Splurging $37.99 a month gets you a whopping 600 tries, top-notch quality, instant starts, both body type and age tweaks, and no pesky watermarks. Pretty neat!

5. DreamGF


Introducing! It’s this rad AI spot where you can whip up virtual relationships. Yep, think virtual girlfriends – and it won’t even cost you a dime. Plus, if you’re into spicier stuff, they’ve got things like AI flirty chats and even an AI adult content maker.

Why Give DreamGF a Spin?

Ever thought of having an AI girlfriend? lets you do just that. You can decide how she looks, what she’s into, and how you two chat. And it doesn’t stop there. Fancy a cheeky AI message? They’ve got you. Or maybe a profile that feels just like the real thing? They’ve nailed that too. It’s all about making the virtual gal of your dreams, tailored to what you’re into.

How Much Does DreamGF Cost?

Bronze: For $9.99 each month. Silver: Doubling it up at $19.99 monthly. Gold: A bit more sparkle for $49.99 a month. Diamond: Going all out? That’s $99.99 monthly.

Each one’s got its own perks on the platform. Just pick the one that vibes with you the most.

6. is a website designed to edit photos by removing clothing digitally. With options to adjust age, body type, and image quality, users can achieve more precise and high-quality results.

Why Opt for offers an advanced AI service that facilitates the removal of clothes from images seamlessly. It’s especially advantageous for individuals on a budget who may not have the resources for premium AI applications. stands out due to its customization features; users can adjust the age, body type, and image quality to meet their specific needs. With its rapid processing, the platform appeals to those seeking prompt results. Additionally, for users interested in AI-generated art with mature themes, has offerings to cater to that audience as well.

How is Priced?

Currently, offers a promotional Freemium plan to all its users.

7. Seduced AI

Seduced AI

Introducing SeducedAI, an advanced AI tool that effortlessly crafts high-definition, mature-themed photos. Users don’t need to be tech gurus or own specialized equipment; the platform handles it all.

Why Should You Consider Seduced AI?

SeducedAI offers a straightforward way to generate AI-crafted adult content. The platform simplifies the process, ensuring even those unfamiliar with AI or image editing can produce content. It’s essential to note that users must be 18 or older to access the service.

While the site features mature content crafted by its users, it’s vital to understand that all showcased images are products of AI and purely for entertainment. These images don’t represent real individuals or actual events.

What’s on Seduced AI’s Price Tag?

  • Basic: Settled at $10 monthly or a daily rate of $0.33.
  • Pro: A step up at $25 each month or daily for $0.83.
  • Platinum: The premium choice at $50 monthly or $1.67 daily.

8. Smexy


Delving into the world of Smexy AI, it’s tailored for those eager to breathe life into their fantasies, all without the hassle of intricate technicalities or design skills.

Why Pick Smexy AI?

With Smexy AI, quality and variety go hand in hand. Its expansive library of models coupled with a user-friendly interface ensures that even those new to digital creation can quickly design and refine their projects. While the name might suggest otherwise, the tool isn’t limited to only mature-themed creations. Its diverse capabilities cater to a broad spectrum of artistic endeavors. Its promise of instant results and simplicity caters especially to individuals looking for rapid content generation. For a peek into what’s possible, their website proudly displays various user-created content, some of which are of a mature nature.

How Does Smexy AI Weigh on Your Wallet?

For the time being, Smexy AI is rolling out a Free plan to all users as a promotional gesture.

9. Promptchan


Promptchan is like this AI art wizard, but mainly for the edgier, NSFW stuff. Whether you’re into anime, super-realistic, or fantasy pics, this tool’s got your back.

Why’s Everyone Talking About Promptchan?

Ever wanted to make your own AI-powered character just from a bit of text? Well, with Promptchan, you can, and there’s no holding back. They’ve even got this neat “Make Your Dream Girl” feature where you can cook up endless AI characters, whether in hyper-realistic, anime, or just plain real styles.

Finding what you made is a breeze too. You can sort by what’s hot, fresh out of the oven, or just browse everything. And if you’re picky about how your image looks, no worries! You can tweak the finer points and even pump up the resolution.

How Much Does Promptchan Cost?

For Promptchan, you’re looking at $11.99 a month. Not too shabby, right? With that, you get 750 chances to tell the AI what kind of image you want, and it even works three times faster than usual. Cool beans!

10. Deepswap


So, there’s this online tool called Deepswap. It’s all about using smart AI stuff to swap faces in photos and even videos. Ever seen those funny pics where people switch faces? That’s the kind of magic Deepswap does. And the results? Super convincing. You can easily find what you want with categories like the latest, top hits, and styles like super-realistic, anime, or just the usual real deal. Each pic or vid comes with a title and a little bit about it. Plus, you can jazz things up a bit by tweaking details and making them super clear.

Why’s Deepswap the Go-To?

Aside from the classic face-swap in photos, Deepswap lets you do that in videos too. Yep, whole videos. And if you’re into NSFW gifs (wink wink), they’ve got you covered there too, using their face swap magic. It’s all pretty straightforward. Pick your pic or vid, choose the face you want to swap in, and let Deepswap do its thing. And don’t worry, it’s all top-notch quality.

How Much is Deepswap Asking?

For a month? That’ll be $19.99. That gets you stuff like the pro perks, endless photo uploads, 20 go-arounds each month, no annoying watermarks, big video sizes up to 500M, tweaking your AI Girl, faster processing, videos up to 10 minutes, first dibs on new things they add, and using loads of different photo and video types.

If you’re in for the long haul, there’s the yearly deal for $99.90. It’s the same cool stuff as the monthly, but you save some bucks by paying up front for the year. Sweet!


Ever wanted to design a virtual girl of your dreams? lets you do that. It’s like a digital art tool, but you don’t need to be an artist or have a fancy computer. Plus, they’ve got this help and feedback thing, so even if you’re new, you’ll get the hang of it.

Why Go for

It’s super easy to use. Just hop on any gadget with internet, describe your dream virtual gal, tweak some settings, and boom – there she is! They’ve got a bunch of styles like “Elegance”, “Smooth”, and even “Spicy”. Depending on what you’re into, there’s a pricing plan for that.

How Much Does Cost?

  • Gold: For $14 a month (plus the tax bit), you get to use it as much as you want. You’re in the medium line, get decent quality pics, and can remix endlessly.
  • Platinum: At $23 a month (yeah, plus tax), it’s like the VIP package. Use it unlimited, skip ahead in line, get super sharp images, and even download them in crazy high quality. Plus, they’ve got this “Expert Mode” thing for those feeling a bit pro.

12. DeepNudeNow


So, DeepNudeNow is this website where they’ve got this AI thing that turns photos of clothed women into, well, nudes. They say anyone can do it, and yep, for free. But there’s a catch – you’ve got to play by their rules. They’ve got some guidelines you need to stick to when using the site.

Why Pick DeepNudeNow?

It’s a go-to if you’re after speedy and lifelike “deepnudes”. Plus, it’s free! So, if you’re curious or in a hurry, it’s a hit. Their special AI does its magic on photos, but remember – there’s not much said about where your photos end up. Always smart to think twice and use these things wisely.

How Much to Spend on DeepNudeNow?

  • Free: Won’t cost you a dime. But you get to ask for a limited number of photos, wait your turn, and the results come with watermarks and some ads.
  • Premium: For $19.99 a month, you get the all-you-can-eat deal. No waiting too long, no watermarks, and no ads. Plus, you’re saving 25 bucks in the long run.
  • Exclusive: For $24.99 a month, it’s like the Premium but a bit fancier. Faster queues just for you, and you keep that $35 in your pocket.
  • Business: At $59.99 monthly, this one’s for the big players. Get all the perks, put your own watermark on stuff, and they even throw in this API thing. Plus, a cool $60 saved.

Undress AI Tools FAQs: Quick Answers

Can you use Undress AI for learning stuff?

Sure, Undress AI can be handy for learning, especially in art and tech. Just remember to keep things respectful.

Any Undress AI apps out there for free?

Absolutely! There’s, Soulgen, Promptchan,, DeepNudeNow, and DreamGF, each with its own cool bits.

How’s work? And is there an age limit? lets you take off clothes from pictures, and they haven’t said anything about age limits.

What’s the deal with Soulgen? How’s it different from Undress AI?

 Soulgen whips up both lifelike and anime-style pics. It’s kinda like Undress AI but has some tweaks and a friendly setup.

DeepNudeNow’s got what features?

And do they keep my photos? DeepNudeNow turns photos into nudes in a snap. As for keeping photos, they haven’t spilled the beans on that.

What can do for virtual dating? lets you make virtual girlfriends, chat in a spicy way, and even generate some AI-made adult content.

How do I use Undress AI? What’s it got?

Undress AI lets you make photos without clothes. It’s easy to use, and the freebie version gives you 10 shots.

Got tips to keep my pics safe from Undress AI?

Yep! Tighten up your social media privacy, stay in the loop, holler if you see something fishy, and maybe use PhotoGuard to shield your snaps.

Conclusion: The Power and Responsibility of Free Undress AI Tools

The rise of Undress AI tools highlights just how groundbreaking and transformative AI and deep learning have become in reshaping the way we see and create images. From art to entertainment and even research, these tools have opened doors to fascinating possibilities.

But with great power comes great responsibility. The potential for these tools to be misused, or to infringe upon personal privacy, is real and concerning. It’s not just about the technology; it’s about how we, as a society, choose to use it.

As we stand on the cusp of further AI advancements, it’s imperative for everyone involved – be it developers, everyday users, or those making the rules – to collaborate. We need to shape a roadmap that not only unlocks the potential of these tools but also ensures they’re used ethically.

By championing a culture of responsibility in AI, we’re not just harnessing its capabilities; we’re ensuring it serves as a force for good, avoiding harm to individuals and the broader community.

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