Top 5 Forensic Cell Phone Data Recovery Software 2022

Extracting data from cell phones for evidence needs to be done carefully with reliable software. Looking for the best software for forensic cell phone data recovery? Then read the entire blog and know the top 5 software helpful in recovery. 

Are you one of those investigators or just a person solving cases and trying to recover data from cell phones? Then we have got you covered. Here are the top 5 forensic cell phone data recovery software. Before getting into the names of software, let’s see what forensic data recovery is and why it is so important. 

What is Forensic Data Recovery? 

The word forensic is very familiar. It is mostly used in crime scenes. Recovering or tracking down data from disfigured gadgets as a part of the evidence is called forensic data recovery. In some cases, even though the gadgets aren’t disfigured, the files and important information might be deleted. Then forensic data recovery techniques are used. 

Why is Forensic Data Recovery Important?

As already mentioned, data recovery is a part of crime scene investigation. As the data will be recovered from evidence, any information useful to the investigation will be submitted to the court and considered legal proof. 

Top 5 Forensic Data Recovery Software

There are various types of software to recover data. But the ranking of these depends on the salient features they provide. 

1. The Sleuth Kit

The reason to put this particular software in the first place is due to its outstanding reliable services. TSK has a command and C library that help in recovering data without any loss. Widely used for Microsoft and Unix systems, TSK helps investigators in extracting evidence from the system. TSK is usually used in combination with Autopsy. Autopsy enables image searching and MD5 image probity check. 

Key Features of TSK

  • It allows multi-user functionality
  • Used to analyze emails 
  • Can get access to recently opened documents
  • Find the geolocation with the help of images
  • Data recovery from SMS, call logs, contacts, tango, words with friends, and more.

2. Magnet Forensics

Magnet Forensics

This software is built with powerful analytic features and insights. Magnet Forensic provides various options for every profession. It offers a variety of recovery solutions for law-enforcement professionals, service providers, and etc. 

Key features of Magnet Forensic

  • Recover data from mobile, computer, iCloud 
  • Helps in checking evidence in all sources
  • 8 products for various investigations
  • Quick response
  • Case management, early assessment of cases

3. Guidance Software

Guidance Software

The visibility offered by Guidance software is impeccable. This software has over 40,000 users worldwide. Many courts have validated the use of Guidance software as an excellent tool for forensic data recovery. Its features include restoring data from multiple devices. Extracting data while keeping the evidence as it is is the most significant attribute that Guidance software has got. 

Key features of Guidance Software 

  • Can extract various reports, insights, and data
  • Review is generated by the software robotically
  • Customizable processing according to the needs
  • Responsive interface
  • Quick and powerful assessment of workflow

4. AccessData

Being taken over by the Exterro company, AccessData is the fastest, effective digital tool for forensic data recovery. The forensic data tool kit product of AccessData is a well-founded tool to extract data from evidence. The analysis of information and risk compliance is powerful. AccessData provides forensic recovery solutions for various categories like the public sector, corporation sector, law firms, international firms, and many others. AccessData has one of the swift databases and guides to the evidence without any delay. 

Key Features of AccessData

  • Rapid results and stability
  • Quick searching facility
  • Amazing data analysis and interpretation. 
  • Can be used by non-trainee too

5. X-Ways

Disc cloning is the most unique characteristic of X-Way forensic data recovery software. Recovering data is easy and hustle-free with X-Ways. The tools, interface, and features offered by the software are numerous and easy to use. Collaboration with people using the same software is an extra feature of X-Way. One necessarily doesn’t need to be a professional or a trainee to use this software. All the features and options are clear. So, a normal person can use this software and extract data like a pro. 

Key features of X-Ways

  • Customization of data using various templates
  • Users can bookmark and annotate data
  • Reading and positioning is made easy with the system structures and image files
  • The software detects Alternate Data Stream(ADS) within no time. 

Final Words:

Forensic data recovery is an important part of an investigation. The software used for data recovery has to be secured and reliable. Although there is various software available in the market, the best software always needs to have the capability to find the evidence and detect useful information even though the user is not a professional. The results provided by the software must be accurate so that the law accepts them as evidence. While choosing a software, one needs to check if the software is updated, and has no negative reviews. 

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