The 3 Top Crypto Apps

The 3 Top Crypto Apps

If you’re getting into crypto, you might not know which app or platform to use. Many of them advertise aggressively and talk about certain features they say you need. You might have different crypto-related needs than someone else, though, so you may want a platform with certain features vs. others.

Probably, the app or platform you choose will depend on what you’re doing with your crypto. If you’re sitting on it and hoping to make passive income, you might want a platform that gives you the best interest rates. If you’re going to secure a crypto-backed credit line or lend out your cryptocurrency, you might go with another option.

We’ll talk about some of the top crypto platforms right now so you can select the one that works best for you.

1# Celsius Network


Celsius Network has existed for a while, and they’re great for either crypto loans or savings accounts. Celsius Network gives you 8.58% Stablecoin APY standard if you’ve put some money into Stablecoins and you’re not going to cash them out for a while.

You won’t find any bank or credit union liable to give you anywhere close to that interest amount if you open a savings account with them. A traditional bank high-yield savings account might bring back 0.05% if you’re lucky.

You might also want to put your money into Stablecoins because they’re tied to fiat currencies like the US dollar. That makes them less volatile than coins without that stability factor anchoring them.   

You can also buy Celsius Network native tokens, but you should see if your country accepts them if you want to pay for purchases using them. Celsius also has some high fees for certain transactions, like crypto trading. That could be the one drawback that leads you to go with another option.

2# Nexo


Nexo has grown quite a bit in the past five years since bursting onto the crypto trading and investing scene. You can borrow money on the platform if you’re running a business and need a credit line. 

You can utilize your crypto as collateral, and you won’t have to submit to a credit check. If your credit isn’t so great, you might go with Nexo for that reason alone.

People also like Nexo because you can store many crypto forms there. You can store ones like Ethereum and Bitcoin, but also many lesser-known ones that you might hold to see if they appreciate.

Nexo also appeals to some people because it features Credissimo as its parent company. That gives you consumer security to some degree if you go with them. Nexo has a more user-friendly interface than some other apps and platforms, so if you’re not too tech-savvy, you might see this as a superior choice to some others.

3# Coinbase


Coinbase sees the most action every day of any crypto trading, lending, or storage platform. You can invest there with US dollars, so you don’t need to hold crypto before you start doing business with them, like so many others.

You can purchase Litecoin there, and also Bitcoin, Ethereum, and more than 30 other choices. If you have USDT, you can earn interest with it there. You can also earn token rewards for completing various transfers or other activities.

When you open a Coinbase account, you get a free $5 BTC bonus, which is nice. All you have to do is complete your first trade, and you’ll see it credited to your account.

Those who use it say it has an easy interface, and they like the token and coin selection. They also enjoy the trustworthiness and the security features.

If you use Coinbase Pro, that comes with extra features, but you’ll also see some high transaction fees. As a user, you do not control private keys with your wallet, which some potential customers don’t like. Also, some individuals complain that Coinbase takes too long to accept newer crypto forms as they reach the market.

We should also mention Voyager and BlockFi as options you might like if you’re beginning your crypto journey. Voyager has a commission-free trading structure, and they also provide better-than-average interest rates. You might have to deal with slow withdrawals, though, and it’s not available in New York yet.

BlockFi has no fees or commissions, and it’s also US-based and regulated. You can earn high interest on your deposits, but an account comes with limited free withdrawals. Also, it does not support as many coins or tokens as some other platforms.  

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