6 Best Content Locker Ad Networks for Publishers/Marketers in 2022

Are you leveraging the full power of your high potential content?  Are your current monetization ad networks giving you enough money for the high quality content you are offering to millions of users?

If not, then probably you are not utilizing the true worth of your content with content locker ad networks in the right profitable way. Don’t worry! We are here to help you out.

Today, in this article, we will tell you everything about content locking, how it works and how you can earn 10X more money by content locker ad networks.

The basic concept behind a content lock format is that it blocks a particular part of a mobile app or website content along with a specific offer. In simpler terms, mobile or desktop users would have to perform a specific action to gain access to this purposely hidden content.

There are a plethora of actions that users are asked to perform in order to unlock the designated content. It could be forms to be filled for registration, watching a video ad, or more. The essence here is to lock content that is in demand or unique that would compel users to take the extra steps to unlock the locked content.

Content locks are rapidly gaining recognition and can be useful when used in lucrative scenarios. They are an excellent option for publishers who own high-quality content, such that it could be locked and require some user input. However, this is a rather tricky path as most users are incredibly busy and would not want to take the extra steps without a compelling reward at the end as reciprocation for their efforts.

An example in the category of websites is that eBooks cannot be locked until a specific action is completed. The logic behind the content locking system that makes it a necessity and success are that the content locked away is extremely worthwhile to the user. The user must be so intrigued that they would voluntarily wish to unlock the content. However, it is essential to integrate content locking slowly and to gauge its success rates with users before increasing the level of content locks.

What are Content Locking Ad Networks?

The first thing to consider before moving further is to understand what is content locking, its networks and the process of their workings. As mentioned above, the concept behind this rather daunting mechanism is essentially the blocking of certain content. This may include a specific section of a website, the content of a mobile app, a video, lyrics, songs, etc., with an offer or a simple task that the user would have to perform to gain access to the particular, blocked content.

The content locking ad networks, mainly, are the ones where you have to sign up with post purchasing their plans. The next step from the company’s side is to take over the said page and affix locks on content. Next, they assign a little task to the visitor and make him bound to complete the task- a quick survey, for instance. Only then would the visitor be able to access premium content ad-free. The idea works on the CPA (Cost per action) pricing model.

How does a Content Locker Ad Network Work?

The basic idea of locking sects of content and revealing it only when the visitor accomplishes a given task is exemplified above. A website owner would hide premium services like EBooks or scripts using a content locking platform and then combine it on their app or website/blog.

Visitors would have to complete a CPI (cost per install), CPV (Cost per view), or CPL (Cost per lead) package offer to view or download that particular content that they are interested in. So then when the visitors complete the given task in the offer, you, will get paid for that specific offer.

On content locking alone, there are various affiliate offers depending upon different states and countries. The average payout per offer is $1-$10.

Best 6 Content Locker Ad Networks for Publishers/Marketers:

There are many content locker ad networks present on the web, but only a small number are ethical. Publishers affiliated with a content locking platform would put out offers from advertisers in the same platform, if customers complete the task, the publishers gain a commission.

A good number of Ad networks offer self-hosted landing pages with a first-class design that significantly boosts the conversion rates.

It is crucial to make the best choice of content locker ad networks and to make sure it is ethical for the best interest of all parties involved. So, here is a concise list of 6 such reliable networks.

1: CPALead

CPALead is a prime CPA and PPC network. It specializes in CPI mobile app and CPA offers. The company has been running since 2007 with high-tech, advanced custom racking to enable the best services for publishers. As CPALead has a high number of publishers on their platform, you can earn a good deal of money with pure content locking as well.

This company provides its customers with the highest available rates in the industry and is given on time. You can also create, host or edit unlimited offers. And, when the visitor on the page successfully carries out the given task the website owner earns the commission. Therefore, if one has a famous site with large traffic, one can earn a lot of money as a commission.


  • Highest paying network in the industry
  • Most prominent and oldest CPA content locking platform
  • Simple, efficient, tested.
  • Has the maximum number of advertisers
  • Offers weekly payment through PayPal, Wire, Payoneer, etc.
  • Have dedicated landing page for installation of mobile apps

Payment details

The minimum payment to be made is $50. There are various payment options offered by the company like PayPal, ACH, Wire, Payoneer, and check. The types of transactions include weekly, Net 30, and Net 15 payments. The incentives included are Content Locking, CPA, and CPL. A referral bonus of 5% is also offered to CPALead customers.

2: AdWorkMedia

AdWorkMedia is a celebrated CPA and Global performance marketing affiliate network. It offers innumerable tools to publishers for content locking. They allow you to confer the greatest profit from app and website traffic.

This company offers extensive content locking ideas with ingenious offers and better payouts since the year 2010. Partner campaigns, offer walls as well as content locking tools for both mobile and web publishers are a few of the monetization solutions provided by the company. These tools are such that they can be effortlessly integrated with any website with secure high-end content.


  • Have an inventory of 2500+ offers
  • A network built through monthly performance bonuses
  • Expert support team available throughout the week.
  • EBay payments by PayPal, Check, ACH Direct Deposit, Wire, Payoneer,  Payza or Western Union
  • Real-time XML, Postback, and Pixel Tracking

Payment Details

There is a mandatory minimum payment of $35 that can be paid using a check, PayPal, or Wire. The transaction can occur on a weekly, bi-weekly, Nwt-15, Net-7, or Net-30 basis. The types of tools like Product locker, content locker, CPS, CPL, and CPA are what the publishers offer. This company also provides a lifetime bonus for referrals of 3% to its users.

3: MGCash

MGCash delivers a wide range of content marketing and monetization answers to online marketers and medium-sized web publishers. They have a specific keyword-based ad solution system that lists at the top in online advertising spaces.

Advertisers and publishers alike rely heavily on this company’s solutions to generate high revenue on investments. The best feature that makes MGCash a perfect choice for online marketers is that it is easy to integrate its offers into advertising and marketing websites. They also continually invest in technology to meet publisher’s and partners’ needs to keep pace with the rapidly changing online advertising space.


  • Effective monetization tools.
  • Innovative marketing
  • Exclusive offers from advertisers in more than 180 countries
  • Affiliate markets via bi-weekly payments through PayPal, ACH, Payoneer, Wire, and Webmoney
  • Completely optimized for web, smartphones, and mobiles
  • Excellent service and reliable 24*7 support team

Payment Details

The minimum amount of mandatory payment for all MGCash users is $50. Payoneer, Webmoney, ACH, Wire, PayPal, and e-pay services are the payment options available. Talking about the different types of payment it consists of Net-15 for amounts below $1K. Weekly payment, on the other hand, is for $4,000 per month and Bi-weekly payments are at $2000 per month. CPS, CPL, SMS, CPA, URL shortener, YouTube Monetizer, Content locking, and Super URL are the various commission models offered by this company. You can also avail a bonus of 5% by investing in this ad network.

4: Adscend Media

Adscend Media is a leading CPA monetization technique as it offers the best advertising, content locking opportunities to earn money through affiliate marketing to its online publishers. You can also use their mobile apps which have been specifically made for CPA marketing.  This network also renders its loyal advertising customers with great leads and its publishers with massive revenue commissions.

 Adscend media primarily works on the PPC (Pay per Click) model of online marketing which is comparatively cheaper for advertisers. Adscend Media also has a dedicated account management team that offers excellent support to all user accounts and encourages them to earn large profits.


  • Users in more than 180+ countries
  • Diligent and consistent payments
  • Specialized mobile apps
  • High returns

Payment Details

Like many others in the industry, the minimum payable amount is $50. ACH, Wire, Check, Payoneer, and PayPal are the payment options given by the company. Net-7, Net-15, or Net-30 are some of the payment types that one can make in this ad network. The firm’s incentives are loosely based on CPA, Content unlocking, CPS, and CPL. Adscend Media also offers a 3% referral bonus.

5: Cpagrip

CPAGrip is a high-end affiliate network that offers excellent advertising solutions to its publishers. The company offers a great opportunity for their affiliates to earn good incentives. The underlying objective behind this network is to provide extensive knowledge entangled with technology to its users. They also have a 24*7 support team and offer weekly payments. The publishers who wish to explore the fascinating world of CPA affiliate solutions and are also into document locking, content unlocking, or video locking should contact CPAGrip.


  • Simple and easy to navigate
  • Provides high paying CPA offers
  • User-friendly chat option
  • Fast payouts

Payment Details

The minimum payment option offered by CPAGrip is $50. This transaction can be made through Check, ACH, Wire, and PayPal. You can make payments on Bi-Weekly, Weekly, Net-7, Net-15, or Net-30 basis. CPS, CPL, and CPA are a few of the commission types involved. The company has a referral policy with a 5% bonus.

6: OGAds

OGAds tops most lists as a leading CPA network that helps marketers, affiliates, and webmasters promote and monetize their desktop and mobile traffic through apps and content surveys. They also have a reliable mobile content locker for social media publishers who may wish to use Instagram, Twitter, or Vine to promote.

Their crucial selling factors are the high paying, exclusive apps, and weekly campaigns. Needless to say, OGAds rivals most CPA networks with its unparalleled support by account managers who have spread widely geographically and its well-funded campaigns.


  • Fully customizable content locker and user friendly
  • More than 600 CPA offers available to affiliate marketers
  • Easy to integrate with content locker
  • Many monthly and weekly giveaways and prizes
  • 1000+ offers available

Payment Details

The minimum payment in the case of OGAds is $50. The payment frequency is weekly at Net-30. The payment methods are spread across options like PayPal, Payoneer, Wire, Check, and ACH. They also offer an additional 5% commission for referrals.


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Content locking is one of the trending methods of monetizing traffic on a large scale. This method allows you to earn much more than traditional methods of earning money online. Therefore, it is a great way to monetize quality content and traffic in this digital era worldwide.

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