Top College Admission Test Prep Courses, Practice Tests & Websites to Study

Top College Admission Test Prep Courses, Practice Tests & Websites to Study

PrepAway never ceases to provide you with the best. Yes, the best that can let you achieve your goals. In this regard, it provides you with the best tests that will ace your career. The only way that you can prepare well for the future is having practice on the key features that are ideal in simplifying the complexities that can possibly arise in your career. This article has exclusively featured six top test for the future. Take a breath and let us discover these tests together!

1. ASVAB Practice Test

Have you ever dreamt of working in a military department? This is the perfect test for you. Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery (ASVAB) covers nine distinct topics that focus on helping you to determine whether you are very eligible for a military career. As a candidate preparing to take this test, you should be ready to learn about circuits, transistors and current. This is a solid evidence that you will be much involved with the theories of applied physics that are applicable to military science. Besides, you are ought to be also prepared to learn many military acronyms that are used in military communication and so much more key concepts that you will only get conversant with once you take this test.

2. ACT Practice Test

American College Testing (ACT) is a practice test developed by the American Testing College Program to screen the college applicants. It is specifically designed for the high school-aged individuals who want to determine their readiness for college. In addition, it is designed to trigger a candidate’s readiness in four areas namely:

  • English- this section is focused on testing your prowess in punctuation, grammar, and sentence construction. It exclusively covers your ability to use the English language to express thoughts or ideas using grammatically correct structures.
  • Math- here, you will be required to showcase your arithmetic skills that are typical for a scholar at the end of 11th Some of the key topics being tested here are algebra, geometry and trigonometry.
  • Reading- the reading section is meant to gauge your capability to read and comprehend a given passage properly. You will be required to pay attention to punctuation because they often change the tone of reading.
  • Science- in this category, your skills in natural science will be measured. These include interpretation, analysis evaluation, reasoning and problem-solving.

3. GED Practice Test

This is yet another test that is designed to help you achieve your goals even if you have not earned a high school diploma. GED practice test is an acronym for General Educational Developments and it was developed by the General Educational Development Testing Service (GEDTS). The GED testing program is a mutual partnership between GEDTS and local jurisdiction which are the US States and Canadian provinces. The GED test is regularly standardized and in 2014, two GED scores were designed. They are based on the individual performance of the candidate.

  • GED Passing Score- this score demonstrates a high school equivalency qualification. A student is considered fit for this category if he/she scores at least 150 out of the possible 200 points.
  • GED Passing Score with Honors- this category demonstrates a career and college readiness (CCR) qualification for a candidate. Here, a candidate must score at least 170 out of the possible 200 points.

4. HESI A2 Practice Test

Are you hoping to enroll in a nursing school? Suppose yes, Health Education Systems Inc Admission Assessment (HESI A2) practice test is a perfect one for you because many nursing schools use it as an entrance exam. Consequently, this test covers seven tests which fall into the three peculiar categories (English, Math and Science). Most of the nursing schools will require you to take all the seven tests while others do not. It is paramount to check the tests which your nursing school will recommend you to do out of the following:

  • Reading comprehension
  • Vocabulary and General Knowledge
  • Grammar
  • Basic Math Skills
  • Biology
  • Chemistry
  • Anatomy and Physiology

Lastly, there are two extra components that HESI A2 applicants are supposed to take (Learning Style and Personality profile). They are not tests of your knowledge but rather measure your aptitudes in areas that are deemed to be important for your success in a nursing school.

5. LSAT Practice Test

The students who have ambition in joining law schools are the ideal candidates who should take Law School Admission Test (LSAT). It is designed to measure your skills in critical thinking, verbal reasoning and analytical thinking. Additionally, it has four sections that are scored namely:

  • Logical Reasoning- this part tests your ability to analyze and evaluate arguments based on their strengths. You will also be able to understand the factors that have facilitated the strength of that weakness.
  • Analytical Reasoning- it is sometimes referred to as “Logic Games.” You will be required to do both deductive and inductive reasoning. In some instances, you will be required to solve logic puzzles like the “Einstein Logic Puzzle” which is said only 4% of the world population can solve!
  • Reading Comprehension- this section presents scholarly articles where you will be required to identify the main ideas, draw inferences and make extrapolations.
  • Writing Sample- this part is designed to take 30 minutes and comes at the end of the test. It assesses your skills to support one argument over the other by providing substantial reasons for your arguments.

6. GMAT Practice Test

GMAT test is structurally designed to gauge a candidate’s academic skills and predict his/her business program. This test focuses on four distinct areas which are:

  • Analytical Writing- this section evaluates your ability to explore complex issues and articulate the best solutions. Your score will be based on the quality of your ideas and language.
  • Verbal- here, you will be asked to analyze and evaluate a written material and correcting sentences based on stylistic convention and grammatical rules.
  • Quantitative- you will be tested on the basic mathematical concepts and problem-solving. Additionally, you will be required to determine if there is adequate data to solve an arithmetic problem.
  • Integrated reasoning- this part is focused on gauging your skills to evaluate information from multiple data which might be in graphic interpretation and table analysis.


Having seen the best test for the future, the next step is to get focused on your dream career and do the relevant test. It is crystal clear that every institution will need a candidate to take an entrance exam because there are limited opportunities. Take a step and ace your career with a relevant test.


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