Top 10 Marvelous Android Games under 50MB

Are you a game lover? Do you find it difficult to play games due to its huge size?

If yes, then here is a solution to it for you. There are various light weighted android games under 50 Mb which you can download in your android phone. Yes, android games are usually large in size and needs more space. So, 50mb is relatively a very small size for games. If you are a game lover, and love to spend hours stick to your android device, here, we are discussing 10 best android games under 50 mb that you can play on your device and can enjoy it.

Top Android Games under 50MB


The amazing highlights of the games are discussed below. So have a look and pick accordingly.

10. Dr. Driving:

dr driving

It is an amazing little application which is appealing to a huge number of individuals. The game is majorly for game and driving lovers. It is incorporated with a number of challenges which is attractive for the goal-oriented persons. The moment you clear the first challenge you’ll get a level up and earn coins for purchasing new vehicles. It is a splendid racing game with the amazing features:

  • The size of the game is just 10mb which is just awesome and can be downloaded even in slow internet connection.
  • It is a successful learning device game that gives a complete detail about the driving to the young drivers.
  • It is incorporated with 3D-visuals, brilliant touch screen control, and a simple interface which will take you to real-life driving experience.

9. Subway Surfers:

subway surfers

Subway surfers are the most famous and frequently downloaded game in the android device. This is an endless running game in which the character’s objective is to run as much as he can without getting caught by the police officer. The amazing highlights of the game are:

  • The size of the game is mere 38 Mb which is really a small size for android game.
  • The key element of the game is that you can also look at the competitors score and moreover, it also gives a reminder if you are lagging behind in the game.
  • It also allows you to modify the graphic of the tracks and moreover, new characters can also be chosen every month according to the choice.

8. Temple Run 2:

Temple Run 2

Temple run 2 is the most successful game since its launch and over 15 millions downloads has been done in all over the world. Alike, subway surfers, it is also an endless running game in which all you need is to run as much as you can to protect the character from getting caught by the giant monkey. It will give you a unique gaming experience. The features of the game are:

  • It is just 44 Mb in size and available to the users on play store for free of cost.
  • It is an advanced version of the previous temple run and it has been cleared for the user as what he need to do to get him a level up, hence it is very convenient to play.

7. 3D Chess Game:

3D chess game is an amazing chess playing game application which keeps engaging the individuals through its attractive features.

  • The size of the game is 6.9 Mb and it’s easy to download with its availability on play store.
  • It is incorporated with alluring animated 3d view which gives a realistic experience to the user.
  • It is backing up with three modes which are Human versus Computer, Computer versus Computer and Human versus Human.

6. Hill Climb Racing Game:

hill climb racing game

Hill climb racing is an amazing game full of entertainment. If you are a racing game lover, then you’ll definitely love this game. The objective of this game is to drive as much as you can while saving your car from getting flip and protecting driver to get killed. There are many attractive features of the games which are:

  • The size of the game is mere 19 Mb
  • Designs of the hill climb game are simple and animations made it attractive which makes the user got engage.
  • There is no slowdown or stoppage in the game which makes user enjoying it with fun and gives a marvelous experience.

5. Magic Tiles 3:

Magic Tiles 3

Magic tiles 3 are one of the most popular games among top 10 android games under 50 Mb. More than 17 million people have downloaded and played this game.  The rule of the game is simple that you need to tap on the black tiles and avoid white one to enjoy the music. The highlights of the game are:

  • The size of the game is too less i.e. 3.96 Mb which makes it the best android game under 50 Mb.
  • It has a battle mode which allows the user to compete with others and this feature makes this piano game the unique one.
  • The challenge mode enables the user to enhance their tapping speed to get the highest points and rank on the top.

4. Billiard City Game:

Pooking - Billiards City

Are you a pool game lover? If yes, then billiard city game is appropriate for you and you’ll love this game.  It is incorporated with the most recent technology and innovations and that’s why it is the most energizing and practical billiards test system. The key highlights of the game are:

  • It includes a realistic 3D HD graphics and fabulous ball physics.
  • Has a super touch control for stick movement.
  • Has a stunning single player mode.

3. Impossbile Stunt Car Racing Game:

Impossible Car Stunt Games: Extreme Racing Tracks

It is a simple and most entertaining game for the racing game lovers. It is one of the best among top 10 android games under 50 Mb. The rule of the game is simple as you need to race at the given speed and objective is to avoid the hindrances like pendulum and need to reach at the goal or end point.  The features of the game are:

  • Size of the game is just 36 Mb.
  • Has many attractive stunt cars and condition simulation.
  • It includes touch and tap screen with 3D simulations
  • Has a multi game player mode.

2. Cookie Crush Match 3:

Cookie Dash Match 3

If you are a fan of playing online board game, you’ll definitely fall in love with this popular crush name which is best among top 10 android games under 50 Mb. The game is too simple as you need to match 3 same kinds of cookies to earn more points and gifts. It has awesome power-ups and the highlights of the game are:

  • The size of the game is very less i.e. 16.43 Mb and it is very easy to download on the android device.
  • It has wonderful designs and impacts
  • It is the best puzzle game which can be played online as well as offline.

1. Candy Crush Soda Saga Game:

It is the best and perfect puzzle game in which you need to switch and match candies to create same 3 and 4 candies in a row to make superior or special candies. This game is for puzzle game lovers. The amazing highlights of the game are:

  • The size of the game is mere 42.97 Mb and it is best android game under 50 Mb.
  • It consists of more than 1000 levels.
  • Include challenging levels to compete with others.
  • The latest version of the game has various new game modes such as soda, frosting, honey etc.


Here are the top 10 android games under 50 Mb which can be downloaded easily on the android devices. The list includes all the kinds of games such as racing, puzzle, adventurous and endless games. You can pick among these best android games under 50 Mb so that you can enjoy android games occupying very less space in the device.

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  1. I played only above 4 games :). But I know that games should never have less advertisements and must not take you to some website forcefully as an advertisement trick after each try as most of the gamer do these days to earn extra money. One do not feel good on such things. You chose a good article as everyone wants ROM saving to keep one’s mobile running efficiently.


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