Top 10 AI Content Writing Tools for 2022: Complete Guide

Despite millions of blog posts being released every day, everyone wants to be seen in the front-line search engine results. Businesses want to convert their visitors into business sales with excellent content quality. To do it, the first thing required is to be seen differently from others with unique content. In the world of content writing, there is an endless list of AI content generator tools.

AI has become a part our life. It also helps in content creation. These tools are generally called automated article writing software. They got unique machine learning feature that helps you draft sentences accurately, check grammatical errors, and more. There are many article writing ai writing tools online, but you need best best ai content writer which can cater to all your content needs.

Top AI Content Writing Tools

We will be sharing with you best AI Writing Software that can generate unique content in less time. Generally, it takes 2-3 hours to write a quality content manually, but with these AI Powered Writing Tools users can get written content in between 20-30 minutes. So let’s get started with it..

10 Best AI Powered Content (article/blog) Writing Software/Tools | AI Powered Writing Tools 2022

1# Jarvis

jarivs ai content writer

In our list of AI content writing tools, Jarvis tops the chart. Content written with Jarvis does not look monotonous and scripted. Content looks unique and personalized as a human being writes it. Anything can be written on Jarvis.

When you begin with your content and initiate a sentence, it gives you several sentences; you can choose the best suggestion that suits the theme of your content and finish it. Along with suggestions of sentences, it also corrects grammar and takes care of punctuation.


  • Lookup– Jarvis has a feature of looking up data in different attributes like the name of people and places, pronouns, etc.
  • Find/Replace– In your article, you can search for any word with its keyword or by synonym.
  • Punctuation-This is one of the most micro features of Jarvis where you mostly forget to punctuate your sentences. It adds commas, hyphens, question marks, etc. 
  • Fonts Style– Jarvis has a collection of countless fonts that feathers your article. It has over 11,000 fonts and several writing styles that suit your mood.


2# Rytr

Rytr best AI Content Writer

In our list of top 10 AI-powered content writing tools, Rytr is one of the best best AI Content Writer. Rytr is a lightning-fast AI software that helps you create anything in no time. It creates high-quality content at a minimal cost to your business. You need to decide the type of content you want to create; it will finish the job for you with excellent quality. Rytr can type anything for you, be it an article, ad copy, creative writing, etc. You can go for a demo version of Rytr, and once you are satisfied, you can take a premium version.


  • Autocorrection– While writing, there are many errors that we commit. Rytr corrects them then and there with its auto-correction feature.
  • Sentence Rephraser– Plagiarism in an article is another challenge for any content writer. Rytr replaces certain words with their synonyms, idioms, and phrases.
  • Tone Checker– I like this feature of checking tone. It tells you the tone in which you are writing your content.



outranking best ai content writer

This is one of the best ai content writers. Outranking is an AI content creator which is SEO rich in its content. It takes care of your SEO requirement, good sentences, phrases, and good stuff to take your content on high search engine ranking.

It gives you micro details of your content to create trending content. It brings organic traffic for your content and better income from your blog.


AI Corner– AI corner will always help write your content. You can design your title, metadata, paragraph, sentences, etc. As you progress, AI will update itself to give competent advice.

One-by-one is considered one of the best ai blog writers because it guides you step-by-step on how to move on your content for better results.

Check your progress side-by-side- It’s a good feature that when you are writing your content, you will be able to see your progress side-by-side to make changes immediately. This will save you time.



Snazzy is one of the best AI writing software. It is the best for writing social pages, ad copy, headers, taglines, etc. It is an innovative solution that does the job of writing SEO-rich content for you.

In a nutshell, we can say that all the jobs related to content writing can be done in If you have a package of, then you don’t have to look for anything else out there.


  • Snazzy uses its technology in writing copywriting, known as GTP-3. It has several templates for sending various emails for marketing purposes. You can create ideas for a blog, suggestions for sentences for your content, and design your social media ads through
  • Some templates are suitable for sending to your audience. These templates can be customized anytime as per the theme you are following.
  • I like its feature AI Content Extender in which you write a sentence, and AI will convert it into a whole new content keeping your mood in mind. That will save you from plagiarism.


5# WordHero

AI Writing Software _ AI Writer & Assistant _ WordHero

It is a unique and innovative ai-based content writing tool. It helps you create content for your business, so we can say that it is one of the best ai copywriting tools.


Autocorrection- When you are writing an article, there is a need for someone who keeps on correcting your error. The auto-correction feature of WordHero does this job.

Grammar Check- It checks your grammar when you type a word in your article. This is done automatically.

Sentence Formatting- It formats your sentences to don’t look monotonous. Each sentence after formation looks attractive and engaging.


6# ClosersCopy

AI Powered Copywriting - ClosersCopy

ClosersCopy is a great copywriting assistant with a lot of features. It has many templates that work the best for you. If you want to write a copy for your social media, ClosersCopy is the best choice for you.

You can choose a template from countless choices, and it will give you the marked words which you can replace with your brand.


Artificial Intelligence– Of course, AI makes it a more accessible and intelligent choice. It has an AI-based editor that edits your marketing copy with intelligence.

Mix n Match-One of the most outstanding features is drag and drop as per mix and match. So, whatever you like to add and remove, you can do it by dragging and dropping.

Templates– It has a never-ending library of templates that has something to fill your theme of the copy.

Step by Step Copy Wizard– When you start writing content, it gives you step-by-step suggestions to beautify your content.



ShortlyAI _ Your AI Writing Partner

Shortly AI is another excellent content writing tool powered by AI. It gives you ideas about writing thoughts. It knows you better in what you are going to write. Shortly AI helps you create the best-selling blogs that bring business. While you write, it keeps on assisting you with better ideas for good words, sentences, and paragraphs.


Sentence Formatting– When you will be typing a sentence and moving to the next, it gives you various ideas for better sentences that may fit into your theme. It’s like somebody guiding you when you are writing your article.


8# Longshot AI

LongShot _ AI to generate authentic, SEO friendly content

Longshot AI is one of the best AI content writing tools. After you sign in, it gives you an easy dashboard to navigate. Once you reach the dashboard, you can use various features like writing blogs, FAQs, and word extender. Along with it, you are also guided with writing suggestions. Longshot AI uses the same machine learning process, which makes it bright and learns by itself. It is mainly built on MS Azure.


Blog Guide– It helps you in writing your blog. It gives you many suggestions to end your sentences, and in fact, you are suggested to take a suitable title heading.

Generation of Marketing Copy– You can create excellent marketing copy with the help of Longshot. It hints you with many words that may fit your marketing copy according to the targeted audience.

Advertisement Generation– Eye-catching advertisements can be generated with Longshot. That’s why it is one of the best ai copywriting tools.

Brand Development– Writing good marketing copy helps you create brand value for yourself.


9# Scalenut

Scalenut's AI Copywriter _ AI Content Creation Made Easy

In our list of searching the best ai powered writing tools, Scalenut stands out. It’s a SaaS platform that redefines the way you write content. It can write any content in no time. They use NLP algorithms by which they search content insights going by the market trends.


Sentence Formatting helps you format your sentence with suggestions based on your writing.

Locates Citation– It locates citations for you in your written content.

Recommends Ideas– When you write content, it recommends ideas to improve your content.


10# WriteSonic

AI Copywriting Tool _ Marketing Copy In Seconds _ Writesonic

WriteSonic is also one of the most potent AI writing tools online. We would call it an ai copywriting management software.

You can create a copy for social media and other websites that impress. It can help you decide production description, YouTube title, taglines, etc. You create one part of the content, and it gives your multiple options which you can use to go further in your marketing copy or article.


Ready Templates– Ready templates give you ideas for writing content of your choice.

Content Management– You can manage your content in different ways like readability, SEO, etc.

Rich Text Editor– This feature gives you an option to write content in the rich text options.


Final Words

So here are the ten best AI writings tools that you are searching hard on Google. I have tried to include all the best AI writing tools that really help you to write better, write engagingly, and write attractively. I personally have tried all these tools before, including them in this list. And I must say you can go any of them without making any second thought in your mind.

If you still have any questions or queries in your mind, you can comment below, and I will sort them out as soon as possible. Till then, keep writing and keep reading.

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