Toolkit For Facebook Latest Version 2022 – TFF Premium v4.1.6

The toolkit is generally software or program that help us to achieve some task. It consists of Tool+kit. For example, you may have used Facebook toolkits that help us to like or post in bulk. Facebook Toolkit is an online application that comprises a broad collection of over 20 activities that helps in simplifying Facebook. From Facebook IDs, you may obtain vital information such as phone numbers and email addresses. Such kind of unofficial Facebook tool is formerly meant for those who manage accounts with a large number of friends. This application’s timesaving capabilities are easily executed as a Google Chrome extension.

Toolkit For Facebook Latest Version

There are certain ways, that you can use to block certain people on Facebook. There is an extension on google chrome named Facebook Toolkit, with that toolkit you can use your Facebook more effectively. There are so many options for customization like you can follow, unfollow friends, at once, unfriend, and send request people in bulk. You can leave multiple groups at once, or send one message to all of your friends. Like there are so many options you can use for the customization. So now we will talk about one such Facebook toolkit which will help you in performing all the above-mentioned tasks efficiently.

Toolkit For Facebook Latest Version Features

Bulk Unfriend & Block – You will get an option to unlike all the pages at the same time. That means with just one click you can get rid of all the pages you have liked on Facebook in the past. The new premium toolkit also provides you the option to ditch all of your friends on Facebook with just one click. If you want, then you can also remove all the comments of yours at once. There’s an option to remove all the pending friend requests is also available in it. Not only this but you can also find an option to remove all the likes you have given from Facebook in this tool.

Various Invite Options – The premium Facebook tool also provides an option to delete all of your Facebook groups. You can also extract an ID from your Facebook profile with the help of this toolkit. You can also invite all of your friends in your friend list to like your page or join any group with just one click. From sending friend requests to multiple people or inviting people to join any event, Facebook Toolkit has got you covered. Since there are limitations on the number of actions, we will recommend you to use this toolkit wisely to keep your account safe from a shadow ban.  

Built-In Downloader – You can also suggest one of your friends to another friend with the help of Facebook Toolkit. It also provides you the option to download certain videos (public) from Facebook. If you want, then you can also publish content on multiple groups at the same time using it. Posting to your Facebook pages will become reliable and easy with it since you can do it all at once. Remember that you must have posting eligibility if you are thinking of posting to a group. Apart from that, you can also add all your friends from your friend list as the admin of the group.

Send Bulk Messages – Another good feature of this toolkit is sending a text message to all of your friends with just one click. You can post comments on the posts of pages you have liked and you can join multiple groups just by using the group IDs. With the help of Facebook toolkit premium, you can extract the fan ID from the Facebook page and it also helps in extracting the likers of a page. You can easily extract emails of your friends with just one click and also IDs of your friends. You can also track the number of likes using it.

Other Notable Features – Facebook Toolkit 2021-2022 has some decent features but the above-mentioned features are used most of the time. You can use this toolkit to get the most out of Facebook but make sure you do everything within limit and for research and educational purpose. Last but not the least, Facebook Toolkit premium allows you to extract phone numbers from all the friends in your friend list. Since this is the most asked and used feature of Facebook Toolkit premium, we will recommend you to use it wisely.

Download Toolkit For Facebook Latest Version | Facebook Toolkit TFF Premium 2021-2022

  • Click on the below link to download Facebook toolkit premium zip file.
  • Extract the zip file in the same folder.

Download Toolkit For Facebook: Toolkit (Premium) v4.1.6

  • If you get any confirmation message, simply click on Yes or Keep to save the file.
  • Open your web browser settings (3 dots) and click on the Extensions.
  • On the extensions page, enable the Developer Mode. Simply toggle the option to enable it.
  • Click on the Load Unpacked button on the extension page of Google Chrome/Edge browser.
  • Select the unzipped extension folder and click on Open.
  • Your extension will be installed automatically.
  • Now head to the Facebook Toolkit extensions in the add-ons menu of your google chrome browser and enter your login credential in the specified blank spaces.
  • Open Facebook in your browser and then you can take the advantage of your Facebook Toolkit premium.

Final Words

Facebook toolkit premium has been in trend nowadays. Users are liking this tool a lot. All the features of the premium toolkit are working smoothly and that is the reason behind the huge success of this toolkit over the years. This is the best toolkit of Facebook because it provides full automation to the user and has uncountable features which are pretty hard to deduce. This toolkit will open the God mode for you on your Facebook page. Facebook toolkit premium provides a plethora of distinctive features which are not available on other toolkits available on the internet.

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