11 Ultimate Tips to Crush the Fear of Being on Camera

Tips to Crush the Fear of Being of Camera

A common question that I’ve been receiving is how to overcome the fear of standing in front of a camera and talking or just presenting at the front of the camera.

There are lots of people who are getting in the front of the camera for the first time, second, third, fourth or fifth time still have this massive fear.

Now look at why this happens and how you can overcome this.

What is the source of being so fearful at front of the camera?

It’s just a piece of equipment. It’s not even a real person.

Why should you be scared?

Why should you choke on getting in the front of the camera?

What is the reason behind this?

Well, think about it.

Inside this post, you will get some points on how to be comfortable while being on camera.

It’s very much practicing thing. It’s not something that will just come easily to you, but once you get habitual of it, it becomes very easy.

That’s how I made videos very quickly.

Let’s have some actionable tips for being fearless in the front of the camera.

11 Actionable Tips to Make You Fearless at Front of Camera

  1. Script it Out
  2. Pretend Talking to a Person
  3. Turn it into an Interview Style
  4. Take help of any of your friend
  5. Stop Thinking About Less Valuable Things
  6. Speak About the Topic You Are Passionate About
  7. Keep it short
  8. Nobody is Perfect
  9. Don’t Over Expect
  10. Eradicate Fear of Rejection and Recondition Your Mind
  11. People Care about Your Stuff

1. Script it Out

Script it Out

The first thing I want to share with you is if you’re not comfortable being on the camera, first thing that you can do is “script-it-out”.

Write down some notes.

The most important thing is just to write down the outline. This way you don’t get mentally blank. You can stand in the front of a camera and talk on.

It’s not only just getting the script, and everything is over, but make sure that you have your eye contact with the camera because that’s crucial.

2. Pretend Talking to a Person

Pretend Talking to a Person

Pretend as there is a person in front of you, like a friend who you are talking to.

It will be like dating or talking to somebody as you’re introducing them to the first time about a particular topic.

You will think back to the days if you ever tried to pick up a girl. I know that this is a very popular and hot topic.

When you are working to pick up a girl, this is the same idea when you talk to them.

You want to make sure that you have eye contact but also strike a conversation that interesting to them or with them.

Just talk as you are talking to another person.

This way creating video becomes very easy because once you don’t think that you are in front of the camera, but you are talking to someone else, it increases your confidence.

3. Turn it into an Interview Style

Turn it into an Interview Style

Turn it into interview style. It’s not that hard to do. So once again, it’s very similar to number two except that you don’t have to look in front of a camera.

You want to pretend as there is someone in front of you and have a list of questions.

So what we could do is whenever you got your question. Answer the question as you are doing an interview with someone.

So as you can see that wasn’t that hard. You can stand in front of a camera, facing at a different angle and behave like an interview type.

4. Take help of any of your friend

Take help of any of your friends

If you aren’t comfortable directly going in the front of the camera, just take help of your friend.

Record your video and ask them to watch it. Also, get some genuine suggestion from them to improve the videos.

You aren’t required to upload videos until you get confident being on camera.

Once you achieve a good level, then you can present yourself without having any hesitation.

Just hit the wall of social media and all around where you can publish your video. This is going to be awesome.

5. Stop Thinking About Less Valuable Things

Stop Thinking About Less Valuable Things

I know a lot of people who are fearful and personally when I first got it I was the same as we wonder how we look, worry about how shirt is, how to talk well, but after practicing harder, I feel a lot more confident.

Even today I still get nervous speaking in front of an audience for hundreds of individuals.

It’s natural being nervous, but if you’re running far away with the feel of how you will look in the front of the camera, that’s not okay. When people hear you at a video, they will only be interested in your message that you want to convey through your video.

For instance, watch this video

Were you looking for the face of the speaker or were focused on other things appearing in the video?

Naturally, we human beings focus on the face of the speaker. We listen to the message of the speaker that he or she wants to convey.

So, just get fearless about your appearance and deliver your best in videos.

6. Speak About the Topic You Are Passionate About

Speak About the Topic You Are Passionate About

I’m in huge support of this thing.

If you are passionate about something or have enormous knowledge about your topic, then you can easily create a video.

The things you have gone through are easier to talk on because you have experienced everything you are going to speak about.

In this situation, you needn’t remember anything. You will look more natural and everything will come out from your experience.

It was always better to experience the things you are creating the video for.

Well, this is not feasible in all the cases.

However, If possible you should try it for every video you make.

7. Keep it short

Keep it short

According to a survey, the shorter videos have the higher number of views than the longer videos.

Normally, a 3-4 minutes video is enough to convey your message.

If you stretch it  then it becomes harder for you to manage the interest of viewers.

In that case, you need to be an expert to keep the audience engaged with the video.

Better, you should try to create short videos. Once you learnt the basics of video creation, go for longer videos.

8. Nobody is Perfect

Nobody is Perfect

The people are fascinated by the perfect things or to those who are better than them.

This also happens to me.

I love to watch such videos which are unique and better than my videos.

This can create a phobia like we can’t create such level of videos.

Maybe you can’t do it right now, but after practising regularly, you can make it one day.

However, in the beginning, don’t try to be perfect.

Being a beginner, you would try to wear a perfect dress, will try to speak as professionals do, you will try to make everything perfect, but this doesn’t work at all.

What I suggest you is- just start doing. You can’t be a professional video maker overnight. Just give yourself time and after having consistent efforts, you will be able to produce high-quality videos.

9. Don’t Over Expect

Once you start with the video creation and go across many videos and see that people are getting millions of views on every video they share, then you also expect the same figure for your vidoes.

If you are also expecting those numbers for you, I have to lose your moral down here because it happens rarely.

It is very crucial to tell you because, once the first time video makers’ didn’t attain the expected results, they just give up on it.

For being an authority, you have to create the quality content.

Once you become the master of video creation, people get to love your videos.

10. Eradicate Fear of Rejection and Recondition Your Mind

Eradicate Fear of Rejection and Recondition Your Mind

The fear that we are talking about here has nothing to do with a camera.

It is everything to do with your fear of rejection by all these masses of people who are going to be watching you.

Now just think about how silly that fear is – you know it’s just self-made fear.

You are only talking to the camera.

So, first of all, at the time of the recording, you shouldn’t be feared because, at that very moment, there’s no one watching.

It’s just the camera and maybe the camera person, perhaps some bystanders who is watching the whole recording.

So when the video goes out, you may have the fear of rejection like people might not like what you have to show.

That could also be for some reasons. You might not think that your information is good enough, or you might think that you look silly.

Let’s tackle this whole situation.

First of all, when you watch yourself on the video, you don’t look the way you usually see in the mirror.

When you look at yourself in the mirror, it’s in the mirror image of you, not a real picture of you.

So, when you see a video that is a True Image, which is the reversal of your mirror vision, your subconscious mind rejects that because you aren’t used to seeing that.

The same goes for your voice when you hear yourself; it comes from the inside but when you listen your voice coming from a video is actual sounds like everyone else hears you, but to you seems different.

First of all, you need to recondition your mind to believe that what you’re seeing and hearing is truly you. The simplest way to do is the repetition. What you need to do is to keep on watching those videos over n over.

You need to hear your voice over and over and over so that you can reset your subconscious mind to accept your image and to accept your voice.

Whenever you create a video, watch it a couple of times.

Not only will you learn from your mistakes, but you will also recondition your mind for both the image and the sound.

11. People Care about Your Stuff

People Care about Your Stuff

When we start creating videos, there always be doubt in mind to be weak than others.

You might think that person are more knowledgeable than you; your information might be wrong. Such thoughts always strike in the mind of a video creator.

Those people might be better than you, but you should also think that you got a separate audience for your blog.

There will be individuals who care about you.

Those people are your target market, so what you need to get into your head is that your information will be useful to someone, and that becomes your target audience.

Realize that there are other people who do want to know your information, who do want to watch a video, who will find it entertaining.

Wrap up:

I hope this post gives some tips and some strategies on how to overcome that fear of getting in the front of a camera.

I think the main thing is practice. Once you become confident to get in front of the camera, you can easily talk and share ideas. I can guarantee you that because personally I have done it.

If you’ve got any other question, feel free to ask me down below in the comment section. I like actually to know what thing you find fearful when you came from a camera.

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  1. Just landed through Facebook Post and suprised..
    Wow, What a detailed guide to be a Vblogger or Youtuber. Soon i will launch a Youtube channel.

    Thanks for sharing these tips.

    • I saw the effect of this post on you. Keep practicing. One day you will get able to produce high quality content.

  2. Hi bro
    Indeed a blog post that has inspired me to come on camera now.
    Yes, all of the points have to be considered while getting in front of a camera. I don’t know I would be doing great or not, i have to do it people like or criticize has to be the mentality before recording a video. Like Rahul Sihmar 😛
    Amazed thanks for writing such an awesome post.

  3. Hi Nikhil,
    I have never done video blogging but I am planning on it in the near future. And I think these are the perfects tips I got from you. You have done a good job.
    keep up the Good work.

  4. I don’t think that the fear of being infront of a camera is never going to go unless you start doing it first for yourself. Like start with watching your own video and then plublish it in youtube and that kinda stuff. I did it that way so hopefully helps someone else to get it done this way as well.

  5. I can’t even stand in front of the mirror and speak something, so being in front of the camera or speaking in front of people absolutely terrifies me.
    I don’t know when I’ll get over my stupid fear, but it would be nice to start as soon as I can.

  6. The most of us fear of being on camera including our students even while presenting their topic in university before class fellows. We all need these tricks to follow for an ease in our life. Thanks


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