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  1. Just landed through Facebook Post and suprised..
    Wow, What a detailed guide to be a Vblogger or Youtuber. Soon i will launch a Youtube channel.

    Thanks for sharing these tips.

    1. sure bro launch it soon and ping me. I would like to watch your videos.

  2. Great ideas!! Really need rhis post to build up the confidence. Thanx!!!

    1. I saw the effect of this post on you. Keep practicing. One day you will get able to produce high quality content.

  3. Great Nikhil, Very insight article here i read. You are well written.

    Thanks for sharing the tips.

  4. Hi bro
    Indeed a blog post that has inspired me to come on camera now.
    Yes, all of the points have to be considered while getting in front of a camera. I don’t know I would be doing great or not, i have to do it people like or criticize has to be the mentality before recording a video. Like Rahul Sihmar 😛
    Amazed thanks for writing such an awesome post.

  5. Hi Nikhil,
    I have never done video blogging but I am planning on it in the near future. And I think these are the perfects tips I got from you. You have done a good job.
    keep up the Good work.

  6. I don’t think that the fear of being infront of a camera is never going to go unless you start doing it first for yourself. Like start with watching your own video and then plublish it in youtube and that kinda stuff. I did it that way so hopefully helps someone else to get it done this way as well.

  7. I can’t even stand in front of the mirror and speak something, so being in front of the camera or speaking in front of people absolutely terrifies me.
    I don’t know when I’ll get over my stupid fear, but it would be nice to start as soon as I can.

  8. very nicely written, i would like to add these knowledge for my research

  9. very nice written blog, i will use these information in my study.


  11. The most of us fear of being on camera including our students even while presenting their topic in university before class fellows. We all need these tricks to follow for an ease in our life. Thanks

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