5 Tips to Boost Your Blog with Writing Skills

Blogging has recently risen in popularity, and many businesses are using blogs as a marketing tool. Besides, many young people and students use blogs as a form of income. If you enjoy writing, you can turn your blogging into a full-time career, or simply use it to share your life with the public.

The ability to speak and write in English does not guarantee an effective and engaging blog. A boring blog means low views and low shares, which reduces the chance of marketing and income.

Here are five ways to boost your blog through writing skills.

Top 5 Ways to Boost Your Blog through Writing Skills

5 Tips to Boost Your Blog with Writing Skills (1)

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#1 Form a habit

form a habit

You’re probably familiar with the phrase practice makes perfect, and this is also true of writing. Writing a blog for publishing is just one aspect of the writing process. To maintain a good, clear writing style and practice different techniques, it is important to write in private as well.

While you may be eager to put everything online, some of your writing will fall short of the mark and may turn people away from your blog. So, use those less amazing writing pieces to learn about your own shortcomings and improve on those pieces you share with the world.

#2 Stay focused

stay focused

When you get distracted, it can take your brain up to twenty-five minutes to refocus on the current task. A distraction costs you the time of the distraction in addition to the time it takes to refocus and remember where you were going with that idea you started.

Similarly, keep your writing focused. If you are running a student blog, you need to stick to relevant topics. Students might not really be interested in Africa’s water shortage or the war in some far off country. Losing focus in your writing can lose your audience and reduce the impact you are aiming to achieve.

#3 Plan Your Writing

plan your writing

It might seem like an extra, unnecessary task, but planning your writing can be useful. If you choose a topic in advance and plan your method, sub-topics, style, and execution, you are likely to have a great article. Planning your writing gives you a path to follow and helps you stay on track, so you can publish more over a shorter amount of time.

It also means fewer necessary revisions, since you already planned a logical flow of information. Planning your writing covers aspects such as research, ensuring the information you publish is verifiable and correct. If people can trust your blog, they are more likely to engage and share.

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#4 Keep it Simple

keep it simple

Using fancy words might make you feel smart, but it usually just comes across as pretentious and arrogant. Your reader wants to feel like they are your equal and your friend. Using unfamiliar and overly-advanced language can alienate the average reader, making you lose support and viewers.

Keep your language clear and simple without sounding too simplistic. Use the appropriate tone and register, and ensure terminology is fitting to the topic and target audience. You don’t want to make it too difficult for readers to understand you, but at the same time making it too simple can make them feel condescended to.

#5 Read

read a lot

Reading has long been considered one of the best ways to improve language skills. Reading gives you a larger vocabulary while also exposing you to a wide variety of writing styles that can influence and improve your own style.

Topics that you read can also be a great source of inspiration in what you like. For example, someone who enjoys reading crime fiction might start focusing their blog on unsolved crimes and this is a point of interest for many readers. Reading is one of the most relaxing ways to improve your writing.


Writing is a skill everyone is capable of, though only some wish to pursue with enjoyment. Throughout school, you are expected to write stories and articles, and perhaps this sparked a passion within you. Writing to be published is very simple these days, with blogs and online writing forums. Getting recognized is as simple as sharing your blog with the right people.

However, writing effective, interesting, and engaging blog posts is a little more complicated than a tenth-grade fairytale. Applying these skills to your blog writing will ensure you are on an upward trajectory toward improvement, and that people share your blog while returning to it as well.

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