TikTok Trends: What’s Hot and What’s Not

TikTok has a lot of content available. And that too of different types. There is content to satisfy every craving or need for a specific type of entertainment.

It doesn’t boast an active user base of 1 billion users without any reason. It is the go-to place for creators all over the world wishing to showcase their dance moves, melodious voice, or craft in the kitchen.  

TikTok Trends What’s Hot and What’s Not

Dance Challenges:

Dance challenges were obviously going to be a part of the trend list. TikTok has come a long way however, dance challenges have retained their position as a longstanding tradition throughout the evolution of the platform.

Many people even gained fame overnight due to trendy dance challenges. For example, Charli D’Amelio showed off her trendy dance steps and gained the crown of the queen of TikTok.

Culinary Chronicles:

It all started during the pandemic. Everyone stuck at home had nothing to do and this gave them ample time to try their hand in the kitchen.

Everyone had access to cooking recipe videos on various platforms. It became the place where people shared the success stories of their experiments in the kitchen.

Since then, the trend has not gone down. It is one of the top trends on TikTok that has been versatile since the beginning.

Fitness Freaks:

Fitness too erupted as a trend during the pandemic. Gyms and fitness studious drew the shutters because of the disruption caused by the virus.

When this was happening, TikTok emerged as a place for enthusiasts to share their workout routines that could be done in the comfort of the four walls of their home.

Since then, TikTok has witnessed a increase in such content because many people get inspired to work out watching that and it is accessible

Lip Sync:

Lip sync and dubbing videos, a TikTok cornerstone, continue to enchant users. This genre involves users syncing their lip movements with popular songs or iconic dialogues.

The constant influx of new music and cinematic releases ensures an inexhaustible supply of content.

Dubsmash was a big thing when it arrived. But when it became integrated within platforms such as TikTok, there was a massive outbreak in people trying it out. And that began the trend of lip sync and dubbing videos.

These are the type of videos anyone can easily make using background audio or a song. This makes it easy for everyone to participate and have fun. No wonder this has remained one of the top trends on the platform.

Crafting Chronicles:

And of course, for all the crafty people out there, there is a niche that exists on TikTok. DIY videos made as short videos have made their way to people’s homepages.

There is a spectrum of content available including art related to décor to crafting tutorials. Ample to keep artsy cravings satisfied.

However, amid the booming trends, there are a few that are slowly losing their shine. Some examples are:

Prank Predicaments:

Prank videos, once a TikTok staple, are losing their comedic charm. Repetitive and lacking originality, many users now view these pranks with indifference.

Prank videos. Yes, it may come as a shock but once the type of content that ruled the platform has begun its descent towards irrelevance.

Because of the content becoming too repetitive and lacking originality, viewers have lost interest.

Danger and Thrill Pursuits:

Challenges involving dangerous activities, like the infamous “skull breaker challenge,” gained notoriety on TikTok.

However, the platform, responding to safety concerns, updated its guidelines to prohibit content promoting hazardous challenges.

Danger incites thrill. And this was true for a long time. People devoured content that involved dangerous activities.

But that seems to have changed because of the platform’s security concerns and due to this the updated guidelines and regulations disallow any such content to be uploaded onto the platform.

Political Narratives:

Personal is political. Well, this too was true for a long time. Once avid consumption of news was present on the platform but that witnessed a decline and people are avoiding the incessant cycle of news.

All of this basically summarizes what’s hot on TikTok and what’s not. Well, this is going to continue as more trends come and the current ones die or become obsolete.

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