Thrive Themes FocusBlog Theme Review: Increasing Conversion

thrive themes focusblog theme review

I started blogging in 2015 with a free theme from repository. Every time when I install a plugin used to feel the absence of something. Sometimes It was a feature or a dashing layout or proper color combinations or fonts or all of them I talked about.

I didn’t even know about a single premium theme. After some research, I came to know about Mythemeshop Themes. Really, all the themes in MTS repository are awesome. I used TruePixel theme for a long time on Myquickidea.

However, we do need to make changes with the time, so I decided to stop at Focus Blog Theme by Thrive Themes. It’s a multipurpose theme to start a blog or selling product/services. To make your site look more beautiful, The Thrive themes offer Thrive content builder to create beautiful landing pages.

Focusblog theme come up with each ​unique features which are required to grow as a blogger or an internet marketer. It’s a conversion focused professionally designed theme to improve the readability. The inclusion of unique features (you will read below) make sure the landing page will convert well.  

Why did I choose Focus Blog Theme?

There were several reasons I bought focus blog themes. I wan to mention below few important ones:

I didn’t want to —

  • spend more time in changing and configuring themes
  • spend more money
  • recreate the blog identity when someone revisits the blog.
  • install extra plugins.

Being a blogger, these things matter a lot to me. I wanted to give a better user experience to my blog readers and Focus blog Theme helped me in this situation.

Whether you are running a site or a blog on wordpress platform, these things are always crucial.

If you aren’t serious about blogging, then just stop reading. You shouldn’t be having any mean from a premium theme. Better use these free themes with limited features and functionality.

How Focus blog Theme Different than Other Premium Themes?

This is an obviious question.

I had one same in my mind until I used this amazing theme.

I found some unique features in Focus blog theme that didn’t have in any theme I used so far. Let’s know about them –

In built call to action:

The theme has inbuilt call to action to add anywhere on header, sidebar, or footer. It can help you driving sales or leads for your business. Even you can offer any affiliate product as I did on Myquickiea.  You can customise it more to improve the conversion rate. 

call to action in focus blog theme

Custom Shortcodes

Thrive Themes come up with the custom shortcodes to insert button, icon box, progress bar, price, etc that make a post/page media rich. Such types of posts increase the conversion. Many niches bloggers love thrive themes due to this feature only.

You needn’t to use any external plugin to insert shortcodes while FocusBlog Theme already comes with built-in shortcodes.


​Thrive Columns

In the regular wordpress text editor, you don’t get option to split the page into multiple sections but with thrive themes, you can find an option in the text editor. It allows columnwise splitting in the different manner.

thrive column

Thrive Opt-in

We all know the importance of list building. A single targeted list can make your thousands dollars or more in no time.​

The built-in opt-in feature allows you accept the emails from visitors. This feature provides a space to fill with HTML code of opt-in form then you can place opt-in form anywhere in sidebar, footer, header, or within page to collect emails.

thrive opt-in

Header Phone

​Thrive themes have been created to grow your business online. They help prospects to directly connect with you. Keeping this thing in mind, the developer of themes created a Header Phone section which display at each page of your site/blog. Here you can display your business contact number or your own number. Thus, it saves the time of visitors, and they can directly approach you. 

header phone in thrive themes

Menu Hightlight Option​

Do you want to stand out a menu from the menu list? ​You won’t believe but it frequently draws the attention of visitors when they land on your blog at very first time and the chances that they will click on it. 

highlight menu

This is not end. ​You have more features to explore…..

Apart from these unique features, Thrive themes offer some advanced features too. Let’s take a look at more features of your use:​

  • ​5 Different color styles available
  • 100% Seo Friendly Design
  • Clean coded and use special features like lazy load to reduce the page loading time
  • 100% mobile friendly to look great at any device
  • Multiple options to customize theme
  • Different blog layout support
  • Custom font support
  • Option to hide categories from Blog page
  • Automated image optimization
  • Availability of floating social share buttons
  • You can create custom 404 pages to improve user experience
  • Conversion influencing content elements
  • Ultimate Customer Support

​What Experts Say About FocusBlog Theme

Buying FocusBlog is one of the best investments you can make for your niche site. The best thing about this theme is: it’s beautiful and conversion-focused!- Al-Amin Kabir (

FocusBlog is another excellent choice for creating successful affiliate sites. The clean, simple design of the theme will definitely draw the attention of your visitors. –

FocusBlog: The perfect theme for creating simple, clean, conversion-focused blogs or business websites. –

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  1. Great review and I guess you did a wonderful job by sharing this awesome review with us. I think most of the people who are looking to try new themes may check thrive theme once.

  2. Well I think old theme providers such as studiopress doesn’t have shortcodes options. So I think using thrive themes will surely save lot of time in building or designing custom pages.

  3. It’s simple, yet effective. A lot of times it’s difficult to get that “perfect balance”between superb usability and appearance. I must say you’ve done a amazing job with this. Additionally, the blog loads extremely fast for me on Chrome.
    Outstanding Blog!

  4. Thanks for sharing such a great knowledge about focusblog theme.i have made up my mind about choosing this theme for my blog..thanks again.


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