9 Things to Consider [9 Sites to Buy Expired Domains]

One of the most trending topics in the SEO industry right now is Expired domain. I saw many websites which are dealing into expired domains. We will later discuss about those sites in this article.

An expired domain opens a door to make some quick cash which usually starts from $10 and can go up to few thousand dollars. This is called expired domain flipping business. You hunt some powerful domains and sell them on facebook groups or list them on domain auctions sites like Godaddy.

I also sold out some good domains on the price of $50, $105, $340, and $700. There were few more domains those I sold to clients on different prices.

By hunting good expired domains, you can make $300 to $500 a month very easily. And if you work harder on it and find very powerful domains, then this amount can go up to $$$$ or more.      

Lets’ know more about expired domain…

What is Expired Domain?

Things to Consider Before Buying Expired Domains - 9 Sites to Buy Expired Domains

A domain gets expired when the owner forgets to renew it or the owner let the domain gets expired.  After the expiration date of the domain, it falls into the grace period of 30 days where owner can renew the domain.

If he fails to renew the domain after the grace period, the domain’s grace status turns into the redemption period. Now registrar decides upon sending it for the auction, or keeping it into redemption period.

After it, domain will be sent for the higher bidding. If nobody buys that domain, it becomes available for register again.

Several websites list such domains for auctions where from you can buy those expired domains. 

Use of Expired Domains:

Expired domains are handy in multiple ways. You can:

  1. 301 redirect to your money site
  2. Build an authority site
  3. Use for taking links
  4. Flip domains
  5. Flip Sites

1. 301 Redirect to Your Money Site

An expired domain holds authority because of the links built by the previous owner. You can buy such expired domain and 301 redirect to your money site. The existing authority of the domain passes to your money site and boosts up the ranking. To attain redirection benefits you need to have patience. It may take some days to domain to show up the positive results in your ranking.

However,   you need to be careful in this process. You should closely observer the rankings of your money site. If you are getting ranking benefits, keep the domain redirected otherwise it’s beneficial to remove the redirection. If redirection is not working, you can build an authority site on that domain.

2. Build an Authority Site:

I had built an authority site back in 2015 on expired domain. I just published quality content on regular basis and posts started ranking automatically.

That site is making me $1000 a month. You just need to think in long term perspective. 

When you build sites on expired domains, treat them like normal site.

You have to do very less work on the seo of that site. This is the biggest benefit of the expired domains.

3. Use for Taking Links:

Being a webmaster, you already know the value of links in SEO. Still, links are most valuable SEO signals. 

You can build a blog around expired domain and wait for indexing of your posts. Treat this blog like a normal blog and take the link to your money site like you would do from any other blog.

This is the powerful way to boost ranking in SERP and works like a charm.

4. Flip Domains

You need quick cash?

 let’s start domain flipping business….

I have sold so many domains and made decent amount out of it. If you know how to find expired domains then it is very easy for you to make money from them. You just need to list your domain to auctions sites at your set price.

Few open markets like FB groups are also available to sell domains. You can find them by just a simple search in Facebook.

5. Flipping Sites:

Sites built on expired domains give frequent results in ranking.

Create micro niches blogs and list them on sites like Flippa.

This is a great way to make $$$$. The site earnings of past 6 months decide the selling value of the site.

Things to Know Before Buying the Expired Domain:

These are my personal checklist that I always look into before buying any domain:

1. No. of Root Domains:

No. of root domain is the most important factor deciding upon buying or giving up on any expired domain. If the domain has a considerable number of root domains then you should prefer to buy the domain.

Also check those links should come from the real sites. Its’ a good sign if more contextual links pointing to expired domain.

Less profile, forums, comments links and more contextual links are most preferable sort of domains. Domains which are having links from spammed sites should be avoided.

2. Check Archive:


Archive is run the by a non-profit organisation. They save webpages on different time frames. You can plug in any domain in the archive and find the past content on the site. I usually avoid the foreign language content other than English, but you should check once in Google translator by translating the site content. If you find it natural, then domain passes this phase.

Sometime we find that site archive content has Chinese text. In that case, don’t just drop the domain. Use google translator and check if the content is relevant t or not. Preferably niche should be same on the domain over the time.

3. Check DR

DR is a domain authority measuring factor by the Ahrefs. This is not a SEO factor by the Google to decide the authority of site but it helps in filtering spam domains.

I usually prefer DR 25+ domain. You can check the DA of any domain in Ahrefs.com.

4. Check Anchor Text:

This is underrated factor in expired domain hunting. It affects the power of a domain. You can check the anchor text distribution of any domain on Ahrefs.

Links with brandable and generic text are good to go. Anchor should not be over-optimized or spammed with casino, drugs, payday loan sort of phrases.

A domain with over-optimized anchor may lead to anchor  text penalty. Plug in your domain into Ahrefs and from the left menu, choose the Anchors option to see the anchor text distribution of any specific domain.

check anchor text

5. Domain Age:

People might not consider domain age but it gives SEO benefits.

I have seen sites having good domain age ranking high in the Google.

Aged domains are always good to buy. Several tools are available to check the domain age.

6. Multiple Drops

Avoid domain with multiple drops. You can check the domain history in whois.domainstools.com.

Multiple drops might be a reason of some issues with the domain. There may be some other reasons as well, but you should keep a close eye on the domain and analyze it deeply before buy.

7. Check for Adsense Ban

If you want to monetize domain with Adsense and it is already Adsense banned then it may spoil your hard work.

So check the domain in Adsense ban tool before purchasing. Find multiple sites for it just with a simple Google search.

8. Check for Indexing

Many people say that if the expired domain is not indexed then it is penalized. This statement is completely false.

Domains wipe out from Search results because of non-use. So if you found a powerful expired domain and it is not indexed in Google then don’t think it is penalized. It can be a penalized domain but deindexing isn’t enough to decide upon it.

9 Websites to Buy Expired Domains with Powerful Metrics

You don’t have enough time or don’t want to take make these immense efforts to find expired domain, so we are sharing few sites to buy expired domains:

#1 Expired Domain.net

It’s a very old site where marketers are using to buy expired domains. It allows you to apply filters to find the most powerful domain in your niche.

Using this site to pick powerful domains from 2015. Expiredomdins.net picks domains from different domain registrars and list on its platform for backorder.

Once you decide upon a domain, click on that domain and choose the platform you want to make a backorder from.

expired domain .net

#2 Domcop


Domcop is another awesome site to buy expired domains. With the powerful sorting capabilities, it allows to find power domains from the 200,000+ domains.

They take the support from best industry tools like Semrush, Moz, Similar web, Majestic, Ahrefs and many other to show the domain related metrics.

#3 Freshdrop  


Freshdrop allows to sort domain metrics on the basis of page rank, age, backlinks, price range, Moz DA, etc.

It has small database compare to other sites, but filter process gives an edge to find best domains for use.

#4 GoDaddy Domain Auctions

One of the most popular platforms to have a powerful domain in hand. Godaddy auctions is the best place to buy expired domains.

godaddy auctions

It lets you bid on your desired domains. It frequently adds powerful gems in the list.

The advanced search feature makes domain sorting damn easy. You facilitate to narrow down the list of domain by applying price range, desired extension, no. of characters, domain age, keyword inclusion, etc.

godaddy auction filter

#5 Dynadot:

dynadot expired domains

Dynadot is one of the top platforms to bid on expired domains. You can find here the powerful domains and place your bids which are expiring soon.

If you win the bid, the domain becomes yours. You can also add the domain to your watch list to buy later.

#6 Namejeet:

Namejeet provides a list of domains which are expiring in future. It categorized the domains in three categories: Hot picks, Last chance and Open auctions. You can book domain as per your requirements.

namejeet expired domain

As the Namejeet claim on its site, they use award winning domain name aftermarket technology that allows domain professionals, businesses, and individuals to acquire domain names including those that just expired.

#7 Flippa:


I know this site name from the beginning of my blogging career. Flippa is one the best place to buy quality domains, sites, and apps.

They have different sort of filters to sort the domains as per your user needs. Filters help in finding appropriate domains fast.

If you are looking for a authority domain, Flippa is good to go.

 #8 Namecheap:

Namecheap is a big name in providing cheap domains. It has also vast collection of expired domains.

You can go through the Featured, premium, and closing today sections to book desired domain.

#9 Moonsy:

Moonsy is a popular website for finding high quality expired domains. The site allows applying  filerations  based on different factors.  Searching for a good quality expired domain then give Moonsy a try.

Final Words:

So we have talked about different measure you need to consider while you buy expired domains. And also mentioned few best places to buy expired domains.

If you have any doubt related to this post, please drip your questions in the comment section.

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