8 Things to Consider Before Buying a Security Camera: Security Camera Buying Tip

Technology is the buzzword that is floating in everybody’s day to day life. Technological advancements nowadays enter into every activity we perform from dawn to dusk.

And when it comes to security threats, everybody knows how technology helps us resolve them.

Things to Consider Before Buying a Security Camera

A smart CCTV camera is the best tool to help you out with security threats. Security cameras help users protect their business or home by continuously monitoring suspicious activities.

But whenever you go to buy a security camera, many things can take you to a confusing state. It might be scary for you to have complete knowledge of the security camera before buying it. It might be time-consuming for you to collect every piece of information from a security camera.

So, if you are searching for the same, you have landed in the right blog. This blog will let you know every aspect of the security camera that you must consider before buying it.

Let’s get sorted..!!

Things to Know Before Buying a Security Camera

Whenever you buy a security camera, what are the things you consider? Do you consider the high-end features of a security camera, or do you want a camera with just crystal clear footage?

So there are tons of things to know before buying a security camera. Every security camera and its accessories come with some basic features. You have to focus on those features. Some things matter when you buy a security camera.

Let’s know about them.

Tip #1: Pan/Tilt

These days security cameras are continuously upgrading. Nowadays, security cameras come with horizontal and vertical shifts to cover a larger area around them.

The maximum angle at which a CCTV camera can rotate horizontally is called Pan, and the maximum angle at which a security camera can shift vertical is called tilt.

So whenever you buy a security camera, you must consider this feature. I recommend buying the best in this class, the Sricam SP005 SP Series. These cameras can pan up to 355 degrees and can tilt up to 90 degrees. You can even manage these cameras with an app and monitor your house remotely.

Tip #2: Image Quality

Image quality is one of the most important and most common concerns when buying a security camera.

And when image quality is considered, the resolutions come into the picture. It would be best to consider the camera with resolution 720p and 1080p. The higher the resolution, the better the video quality you will get.

But always keep in mind that you will be needed a large amount of storage to record a whole day video. If you have a DVR with high internal storage, let’s say in terabytes, you must go with the high-resolution camera. The security cameras that come with built-in storage can quickly overfill. And once their storage is filled, they continue to record the video by deleting the old ones. So you might face the problem of recording loss.

So combine the visual quality, storage space, backup time, and CCTV camera resolution before selecting the specific CCTV camera.

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Tip #3: Inbuilt SD Card

The technology in CCTV cameras is continuously evolving. The continuous up-gradation leads to CCTV cameras into proper CCTV systems with the advancement of technology.

Nowadays, CCTV cameras come with microSD card slots with different capacities. Users can insert 32 GB, 64GB or 128GB memory cards for recording. And many modern CCTV cameras can be upgraded to 128 GB.

So whenever you go to buy a security camera, you must focus on the storage capacity and choose the best fit per your requirements.

Tip #4: Motion And Audio Sensors

Security cameras with motion sensors are the complete package for the security of your home and business. You will find the security cameras with motion sensors a bit costly, but you can’t deny that these are the future of CCTV cameras.

Together with motion sensors, security cameras with audio sensors are also available in the market. These security cameras alert owners by detecting unusual sounds and movements by sending a notification to their mobile app.

So if you want a high-class security system that protects your home or office with high accuracy, you must go with the CCTV camera that comes with motion and audio sensors.

Tip #5: Camera Accessories

Whenever you choose a security camera, you should check the accessories you will get when you buy it.

These accessories help you to make the installation process flexible and hassle-free. Installation gears such as mounting stand, power screw, cable and power adapter are the primary materials that must be included in security camera accessories.

If you buy a low-cost CCTV camera, you might not get all these accessories in the package. Even sometimes, a power adapter is also not available in the box, and buying it later will be an additional expense for you. So while buying a security camera, make sure the package contains all the accessories.

Tip #6: Night Vision

Night vision is also the most important criterion while choosing a security camera for your home. Cameras face difficulties in capturing videos clearly during nighttime.

It would be best to go with the security cameras that have night vision modes that automatically turn on when the light is low and manage to deliver a clear view even from a distance of 10-15 meters.

Besides, you can also choose the security cameras that come with powerful LED spotlights; these spotlights can be activated automatically when any movement is detected. It efficiently illuminates the area with bright light.

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Tip #7: Inbuilt Hotspot

Everybody who uses the security camera wants to access live streaming on their smartphones without Internet or Wi-Fi. So it would help if you also preferred the CCTV camera that comes with a built-in hotspot.

The cameras with a Built-in hotspot comes with an antenna, so they are easily spotted. If you have a shop in the mall, you can easily access the various parts of the floor without connecting with an internet connection.

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Tip #8: Wired or Wireless


You can go with wired security cameras if you have a low budget. You can connect these cameras to DVR via Siamese Cox cable. Due to the presence of wires, wired CCTV cameras are preferable as they are tightly connected with the wires.


If you can stretch your budget, you can go with wireless security cameras. These cameras are the best performers in terms of mobility and scalability. You can easily install them. If you have a high-end office and don’t want to play with office aesthetics (a bunch of wires and cables), you must go with wireless cameras.


So, here I have shared what you need to know before buying a security camera. I have also shared the tips that you must consider while buying a CCTV camera.

So whenever you plan to install a security camera in your home, you must consider all the above factors. All these factors help you to enhance your security camera buying decision. If you still have any questions in your mind, you can ask me in the comments. I will be pleased to help you out with this.

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