The Power of Visualization – 5 Step Theory will Change Your Life


Everyone wants to be successful and prosperous in life. And to taste the success, concentration and focus on particular goals play an important role.

But the question is, how can we grasp the concentration and focus?

It’s not like we go to the market and buy it.

Concentration comes from the visualization of your goals.

In today’s lifestyle distraction is very common and it is a major cause of disappointment of not being able to achieve the goals.

Visualization is a process of practice that can overcome this distraction.

Now your question must be how this process helps in concentration?

Simple shot.

Our focus depends upon our physical and mental state. When we are in the physical state, it means our body language as well as our breathing pattern, and mental state makes pictures that keep coming to mind at that instant of time. Anthony Robbins in his book unlimited power says that when we change our physical state by our will, we prepare our nervous system for that change.

Let’s understand this by example; If I want to take an apple which is kept on a table 2 steps ahead of me.

So firstly, the picture of taking that apple will create in my mind before I do that. It happens every time. We prepare and order our body and mind to act accordingly.

We have two options either we worry about our current situation or we can think of solutions or processes that make us closer to our goals. Thinking about our current state or past will never be changed. It makes us weaker and creates obstacles in taking our future actions.

Eventually, we start giving up on our goals. But visualization is the best scientific method to stay in your active presence more powerfully and make your goal achievable.

After practicing this visualization you prepare your body, nervous system, and mind for the situation that you will face in the future and you prepare yourself for the future. Now you know, what you have to do for achieving your goal so that the possibility of distraction is minimum and focus on the work remains maximum. With focus, your target gets completed and you don’t get stressed. And eventually, you start moving towards your goal.

There is a scientific 5 step method for practicing visualization. 

Step 1 – Write your Target

First, you need to write your target that you have to complete in a specific time. According to your profession, it may vary. The most important thing in this is to provide yourself a time limit which will increase the effectiveness of the work.

Step 2 – Give the Power of Intention to Your Target

It is very important to note that you should know the intention behind your work. It will boost your courage. In this process, you prepare your mind for future results and you can clearly see the situation and can take actions accordingly.

Now your mind is completely ready with the target and intention.

Step 3 – See the End

Now, it’s time to imagine that you have achieved the target. Just feel the future with your completed goal. This is very effective. It gives an extra boost to your willpower as well as extra strength to move forward.

Step 4 – See and Feel the Process

Imagine yourself doing continuous work to achieve your goals. See yourself doing hard work and make yourself feel that how you are focused at one point and all your mind going deep into that thought. Now you are in the flow of your work. Feel what you can see and what you can hear from your inside. You will see your energy gradually increases and your workload getting reduced, and with this, your inner feelings reduce your stress level.

Step 5 – Feel the Result

Now feel the result that you have been waiting for. Tell yourself, because of the energy and focus you have created you have completed the target. All the obstacles had vanished. Now you will feel more energetic and light.

Here, the process of Visualisation ends.

It just takes 2 to 3 minutes and does it before every session and you will notice that gradually this process becomes more and more powerful and you will realize that after doing this you get more inner strength of willingness to start your work and your mind will be trained for achieving your goal.

Let’s do it..!!

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