The Future of the World of Comments: Voice Comments!

Comments are a large part of what makes websites and social media interactive. People feel more connected to their peers when they can voice opinions and share experiences. Comments are usually visible to the majority of people that visit a site. This helps to keep the conversation going. There are some things, however, that get lost in written comments. Tone of voice, intent, and expression, are all guessed when reading text comments. Bloggers, social media users, and businesses often rely on comments to improve their site. The new voice comment options allow for more accurate comments and interactions. The Heyoya plugin for WordPress is a viable option for the new voice comments.

Benefits of Voice Comments 

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It is helpful to review the benefits of comments made by voice, as some users may not understand how they can improve online communication. The future of the commenting world looks bright with these many benefits surrounding comments using voice.

  • Tone
  • Convenience
  • Safety
  • Humanity
  • Accuracy
  • Accountability

#1. Tone 

Comments that appear in text form lack expression and meaning. They are often flat, riddled with grammar errors, and leave the reader guessing about intentions. When you are talking to people in person, tone plays a big part in your perception of the conversation. The same phrase, using various tones of voice, changes the meaning. When reading typed comments, you must guess the tone. This leads to online hostility, when comments are misunderstood. The future holds the potential for commentators to be better understood. Voice comment plugins change, not just the tone of individual comments, but the entire tone of your website. There are several things avoided when voice replaces text.

  • Unclear intentions
  • Altered meaning
  • Guessing
  • Hostility
  • Unpleasant web environment

#2. Convenience 

Many people sift through their favorite blogs or sites while they are on the go. Busy days warrant a quick check from mobile devices or tablets, in many cases. Not everyone has the luxury of browsing with their computer at all times. It is important to make leaving comments convenient for a variety of audience types. Typing on a cellphone or tablet can be less accurate and more time consuming than using a keyboard. Voice comments solve this problem immediately. There is no reason to wait until you are back at the desk to leave a comment. The Heyoya plugin takes convenience one step further by offering 20 language options, 24/7 support, and an unlimited number of voice comments. Enjoy these conveniences when adding a comment plugin.

  • Less time consuming
  • Instant usage, no waiting to be in front of a computer
  • privacy

#3. Safety 

The comment section on many posts allows spammers a place to advertise or harass other users. There is also the possibility of robots leaving comments in the text section. This makes it difficult to read through comments, as the spam clogs up the feed. These spam type items do not cross over to the voice option. Your site remains more secure and efficient. Users are less likely to engage in the comments when they see that robots and spam are able to make it through security. Enjoy the increased safety of the voice comment choice.

  • Less spam
  • More professional and safer presentation to audience
  • Spam free comments easier to find

#4. Humanity 

Online correspondence makes up the majority of social activity for many people. People use social media and website comments to stay in touch with other humans. Many people engage in full conversations that go back and forth in the comments section of a post. Unfortunately, this can have very different results than a face to face conversation. People tend to remove the humanity from these comments. They are more likely to be aggressive or say rude things.

Voice comments bring the humanity back to online conversations. It is important to concentrate on ways to make the online experience more personalized and human, as websites are such a popular form of communication. Voice comments enable people to continue to enjoy their favorite online activities while adding a personal touch and realistic conversational style.

  • Face to face conversational tone
  • Less aggressive comments
  • Personal touch

#5. Accuracy 

Text comments are often typed quickly with little attention to the accuracy of the statement. They are also emotional and judgmental. People are often much more careful about what they say when they are face to face. Voice comments have the added effect of initiating more responsible and accurate comments. More thought goes into the spoken word online, than into a hasty written comment.  A site is likely to experience more peaceful conversations with an appropriate plugin for WordPress.

  • More truthful comments
  • Thoughtful speech
  • Level headed responses

#6. Accountability

It is difficult to feel accountable for a small comment that exits in a sea of typed responses. There is a feeling that you are simply commenting people that do not really exist. These online entities become more alive when you hear their voices. People are more likely to hold themselves accountable for what they say when their voice goes out to the public. A voice plugin adds more personal identification to the individual making a comment, forcing them to be more thoughtful and rational. Accountability becomes apparent in several ways.

  • Comments stand out more
  • Better sense of reality
  • Personal convictions

#7. Plugins  

Plugins offer website owners more detailed choices when it comes to voice comments. When choosing voice comments, it may take time to find the right product for your site. WordPress is a major competitor in website design. Business pages for WordPress allow more plugin options, including the new voice comments. Plugins are a great way to add custom features to your site as you build your domain.

  • Detailed choices
  • Tailored to your site
  • Customized

The future of comments promises to bring a personal touch to the comment section on websites and social media. The Heyoya voice comment plugin is leading the way. It is time for people to be more responsible, human, and accountable in their online endeavors. Features that allow for individuals to remain hidden behind a wall of text present as outdated. Voice comment opportunities bring the person commenting to the forefront. This allows for a better connection between individuals interested in a certain site or post. Comments made by voice are more accurate, less aggressive, and have an understandable tone. People understand each other better in this more natural mode of conversation.

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