The Best 5 Alarm Clocks Apps that will Wake you up

Did it also happen with you when you set up an alarm to wake for an important meeting, but whenever it alerts you, you press the ‘snooze’ button? Sometimes after pressing snooze many times, you miss the time when you should have woken up.

You might have hated those apps that fix an alarm but cannot wake up on time. So, today we will talk about those alarm apps that will wake you up.

Best Alarm Clocks that will Wake you up

Accept that sometimes we sleep so much deeply that we do not wake up easily. When the alarm tries to wake you up, you love that little button that we call ‘snooze,’ creating the real problem. So, you need an app that will not stop waking you up till you perform certain tasks, which will ultimately make you alert and be in your senses because these tasks cannot be performed in a sleepy sense.

1)  Walk Me Up!: Get up and Walk a Little

Walk Me Up best alarm clock app

If you are like me, who doesn’t like to come out of the bed and keeps pressing the snooze button, then you must need the Walk Me Up alarm app. You can’t just press the snooze button and get away with it. When the alarm starts ringing, you will need to get out of the bed and walk a few steps so that the alarm knows that you are not making it fool, and it stops.

While setting up the alarm, you can decide the number of times you can press the snooze button or enable the “evil mode,” which in turn disables the snooze button.

You can also record after how many steps the alarm should stop. Isn’t it amazing?

Download: Android | iOS

2) Alarmy: Take a specific picture at a particular place

alarmy morning alarm clock app

I generally wake up, go to the bathroom, and do my daily tasks. This is actually what I am supposed to do but don’t. Instead, I keep pressing the snooze button. Suppose you are like me then; you must try Alarmy. When Alarmy starts ringing, you have to go to a particular place like your bathroom and take your photo. Until you do this, the alarm won’t stop.

This is a mode that Alarmy supports to wake up on time without cheating Alarmy. There are other modes like solving a math problem and shaking your phone.

You must try this app before actually using it for day-to-day life. Otherwise, you might end up getting stuck with an alarm and not knowing how to dismiss the alarm. However, I like the feature of solving a math problem because your brain will be alert while solving a math problem and will not like to sleep again.

Download: Android | iOS

3) Motion Alarm Clock: Start Moving to Dismiss the Alarm

Motion Alarm Clock app

Motion is an alarm that will not stop until you walk for a few steps. You can’t get away with it until you start walking. You better not try to fool the app and not try the snooze button ever, or else the count will increase. If you slightly move the app, it will record your movement.

Even if you try to close the app, it will keep sending you notifications about the alarm. So, cheating will not do. One good feature I like about this app is “Don’t Wake My Spouse,” if you try this option, it will stop the alarm sound for 10 seconds which is enough for you to go away from your bedroom without disturbing your loved ones.

So, this may be a great choice because it won’t rest until it wakes you up.

Download: iOS

4) Shake it: Shake it or Scream into it

Shake-it Alarm clock app

Although it looks easy to cheat this app by shaking up a little bit, what is difficult is screaming into it. The good thing about this app is that if your screaming is not up to the mark, the alarm won’t stop.

Or, if the alarm cannot wake you up, it will send a message to your friend, who will wake you up. Isn’t it great?

Download: Android

5) AlarmDroid: Simplicity at its best


If you are looking for a simple yet powerful alarm clock app, AlarmDroid is for you. Although it comes with a very simple-looking interface, the themes it comes with will surely impress you. This app provides you with the tasks to easily stop alarm sounds.

One thing that I liked about this app is its snoozing feature. To snooze the alarm, you just need to turn your phone and enjoy the extra 5 minutes of sleep.

You can even customize the speaking pattern of your clock. It let you know about the time and current weather details. It is available for free on the Google Play store; you can grab it now.

Download: Android


That’s it..!!

We have listed the best 5 alarm clock apps that are best in day-to-day usage and offer some unique features that suit your requirements. If you are using any one of them, do tell us in the comments, and in case we missed any best alarm clock apps, lets us know in the comments.

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