The 5 Prerequisites for Successful Digital Marketing

In today’s internet-dependent world, few businesses can be competitive without a well-thought-out digital marketing strategy. An effective marketing strategy is one that leads to new customers, higher sales and long-term growth.

The 5 Prerequisites for Successful Digital Marketing

With competition for online eyeballs more intense than ever before and only bound to grow, businesses that will have an edge are those that can get their digital marketing right. We look at the key prerequisites for digital marketing success.

1.   Focus on Customer Needs

One of the most common mistakes businesses make is seeing technology as an end in itself. Companies can get caught up in the quest to build a spectacular website and lose sight of who the website is meant for in the first place. It’s okay to be keen on ticking all the right digital marketing boxes but remember that no two markets or customers are identical.

Focus on Customer Needs

You should be prepared to tweak your strategy to conform to the unique preferences of your intended audience. In the cut-throat world that is the online marketing space, beating the competition and growing your visibility often comes down to small improvements and customizations.

2.   Regularly Review Your SEO

Your SEO strategy could be delivering results but is it really reaching and converting as many people as it could? While some of the principles underpinning search engine optimization have remained the same for years, there’s always new industry knowledge that can make your SEO more effective.

Regularly Review Your SEO

In addition, not all techniques will work equally well for all. Over time, you are bound to notice that certain SEO tactics resonate the most with your target audience and therefore make more sense investing in.

For these reasons, review your SEO strategy at least every quarter so you can make the right changes to ensure your marketing is always improving. Keep track of activity logs (using for instance) to better understand website visitor behavior.

3.   Don’t Underutilize Social Media

Despite its obvious power as an online marketing platform, many businesses aren’t devoting as much time and resources as they should on their social media campaign. Part of the reason for this mindset is the fact that creating and operating a social media account is free (unlike setting up a website where there are costs for hosting and web development).Don’t Underutilize Social Media

However, you will not get as much out of your social media accounts if you are not willing to go all out and make them a core component of your digital marketing efforts. The average person spends considerably more time on their social media accounts than on any other website. Social media allows you to engage with customers and prospects by initiating conversation, responding to enquiries and resolving grievances.

4. Remember Mobile

The world has come a long way from the time desktop computers and laptops were the only devices used to access the internet. With the exponential growth of smartphone use over the last decade, there’s been a dramatic shift to mobile. In 2016, mobile internet users surpassed desktop internet users for the first time and the gap will only grow.

Remember Mobile

Ergo, your digital marketing campaign must not just include but prioritize mobile accessibility. Your website should retain its flow and coherence whether a visitor accesses it on a desktop computer or a smartphone. First impressions matter and customers are likely to lose interest in your product if their experience on your mobile site is unpleasant.

5.   Email is Not Dead

The growth of social media platforms such as Facebook and the emergence of messaging apps like WhatsApp saw some people predict the demise of email. Far from it, email remains a leading medium of formal and informal communication.

Email is Not Dead

Actually, the growth of mobile devices has been a boost to email. With recipients getting an instant alert when they get new mail irrespective of where they are, email remains deeply relevant. Indeed, no digital marketing plan is truly complete unless it incorporates email marketing.

Above all, your marketing strategy must be authentic. Maintain professionalism but don’t get too bogged down in formality as that may inhibit your ability to connect with customers. Create an online brand that customers and prospects will look forward to engaging with.

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