Join TeslaThemes Affiliate Program for Passive Income

In the online world, many people are struggling with making money online. They have started blogs and joined advertisements programs like AdSense, instead money isn’t flowing into their accounts. There might be two following reasons of it.

  1. Low Traffic
  2. Not utilizing other sources of income

A few blogs and sites only have a constant flow of traffic; they make decent money from advertisement programs, but what about rest of them who have little traffic.

Maybe you are one of them with little traffic. In this case, you should look over another source that can generate a decent income for you. I guess you got my point.

Yes, I am talking about the Affiliate Marketing. I always feel good seeing such messages in my inbox, and I’m sure you would also love to see it.

paypal payment notification

Such words motivate me to work harder on my blog. Affiliate marketing is such a boon for bloggers and marketers. You can make decent money even you don’t have enough traffic to your blog.

What is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing is a way of selling a product online in which a marketer promotes the product of a company through a banner or a link on different promotion channel like social media, blog, Email marketing, etc. While someone buys the product through your link, you get paid.

About TeslaThemes Affiliate Program

Numerous companies offer affiliate marketing programs to increase the sale of their products, but not all are trusted. You should go with one such program the enough number of affiliate marketers is already following. TeslaThemes Affiliate Program is one of those superb choices you can go with. It’s an affiliates’ friendly program that helps in making money in the shorter span of time.


TeslaThemes affiliate programs favor you in making money with fewer efforts. It’s following features support achieving high conversion rate:

  1. Get flat 50% commission on each sale.
  2. Get 15% commission from the sales made by your referred users.
  3. Cookies avail for 90 days
  4. Well equipped affiliate dashboard to smooth track down affiliate stats and payout.
  5. You get customizable banners and links to promote Tesla themes.
  6. No unwanted payment threshold. You may receive payment directly into your PayPal account even if you have only $1 into your account. I like this feature very much. In case you don’t have PayPal account or PayPal isn’t offering service in your country, then you have one more payment option – Payoneer. There is no information available on the affiliate dashboard for payment via Payoneer. The one needs to place a request to TeslaThemes Support in this regarding. They will release the payment via Payoneer.  
  1. No need to have two separate Signups. You can use one account for both accessing themes and affiliate
  2. You can track down Keyword performance on two different

Money Making Potential of TeslaThemes Affiliate Program

affiliate income

You can even make $1000/month, which is almost next to impossible with any other Advertisement method.

If one TeslaThemes costs a buyer $48, you get 50% commission on each sale, which equals to $24 in this case. Suppose, you make 5 sales in a week. Thus, you made $24*5= $96 which itself a good amount.

Do you want more meat?

Oh yes,

This is a trailer only.

You can generate more income with its package plans which breaks down into the developer and standard plan.

If your referred buys any package, you make more money than selling a single theme. Take a look at their package plans:

teslathemes susbscription plans

Thus, you can make more money. If you have good traffic to your blog, then it can go up to $1000/month or more.

How to join Tesla Affiliate Program?

How to join Tesla Affiliate Program

It takes only a few steps joining this affiliate program. No need to have two Signups. You become a member and an affiliate at the same time. Please follow these steps –

  1. Go to this link and hit “Become a member”.
  2. If you already have an account here, fill the credentials, otherwise click on “Signup here”.
  3. Fill all the essential details like email address, username, password, select country, verify captcha and finally click on SIGN UP.

Congrats! Now you are a member of most prominent and trusted affiliate program.

  1. Now login to your TeslaThemes account and access the dashboard.

Actionable Tips to Increase Your TeslaThemes Affiliate Sales

tips for increasing affiliate sales

These tips can boost your sales. You should primarily include them into your marketing plan.

  • Write Product Review

Most of the readers follow blogs to get the trusted review of the product they intend to buy. Blogs are run by the real people who first evaluate the product on different measures then write a trustworthy review. You should write reviews for the product because it has a high conversion rate.

  • Write Problem Solution Guide

 Not all the products are compatible to each user. The problems usually arise at the front of the end user. If you are offering problem-solving guides related to that product on your blog, then you can make more sales.

  • Aware Readers about the Seasonal Discount 

No any person would be on the earth who doesn’t love the discount. Use email marketing or social media to aware people about the seasonal discount on the product. If you are offering a huge discount that others aren’t able to offer, you can make massive sales. Your commission will be little, but in total, you become a winner.

  • Use Banner on your blog or Site

 Banner reflects massive conversions. Therefore, many companies love to buy space on high traffic blogs or websites. Place the affiliate banners and record increment in sales.

  • Use Social Media 

People on social media are your target audience. They could be your loyal buyers. You should feed them with what they want and make money. Share your affiliate link with a proper description of the product. Don’t forget using URL shorter so that the readers won’t get an idea about your affiliate link.

  • Utilize Q&A sites

Show your knowledge on Q&A sites by answering questions and build authority in your niche. Many people post their problems that a particular product can solve. Quora is an ultimate example of such site. Search there question related to your industry, and wisely share your affiliate link within answers.

Follow these Things to be Safe from any Affiliate Commission Locked Out

Each affiliate program has some terms & condition. If an affiliate marketer doesn’t follow, then he or she has to face account suspension or payment disapproval. Tesla theme has also imposed few T&C that you should follow in each condition. These are as follows:

  1. If you make any purchase through your own affiliate link, you won’t get paid for this kind of sale.
  2. You cannot use PPC (Pay per Click) advertisement program to promote your affiliate link.
  3. Any marketer who is starting a niche blog for Tesla Themes isn’t allowed to use the Tesla Themes’ Brand name in the domain

Final Words:

I accept that the TeslaThemes Affiliate program is a great opportunity for you to earn decent money with fewer efforts compare to any advertisement program. There are a few affiliate programs only which offer their affiliates an open environment to work smoothly. If you haven’t tried affiliate marketing, TeslaThemes Affiliate Program is the best option to start with. Affiliate marketing is amazing. It gives huge money with less effort. I have experienced it.

Don’t wait.

Just go to the link and Join TeslaThemes Affiliate program.

Believe in yourself. You can also make money through affiliate marketing.


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