Termux APK Download (Latest Version v0.119.1) 2024

Using the Android terminal emulator gives you a hacker-like experience. The Termux application provides the command terminal directly on your device, allowing you to feel like a hacker.

Termux APK is an exceptional Android Terminal Emulator application, delivering a unique user experience. By executing simple commands, you can fully control your smartphone and have complete authority over your device.

Are you familiar with using Command Prompt in Windows and Terminal in Linux? If so, you will undoubtedly appreciate this remarkable application.

Termux APK download

The Termux App simplifies access to a multitude of excellent features. It is an outstanding application that enables you to explore the technical realm of Android devices.

Whether it’s coding applications, modding apps, accessing system data, or performing any other task on your device, this app makes it all possible.

Excited about downloading this exceptional application? Read this post thoroughly, and you will obtain comprehensive knowledge about the Termux app for Android.

App Details:

Package Namecom.termux
Size107 MB
Requires Android5.0 & Above
Last UpdatedAugust 15, 2024

Features of Termux for Android

#1 – SSH Access

Those familiar with technical terminology and engaged in technical tasks recognize SSH as a crucial protocol. By utilizing SSH Access, developers can effortlessly retrieve data from remote servers. Specialized SSH clients are available for this purpose. However, by using the Termux application, you can conveniently access all resources, simplifying server access and enhancing your efficiency. This application fully supports the SSH protocol, ensuring secure access to remote servers.

#2 – External Keyboard Support

If you find the on-screen keyboard to be somewhat peculiar and unsuitable for extensive command typing, you have the option to effortlessly link an external keyboard. The application is compatible with all external keyboards via USB OTG. Utilizing the external keyboard, you can employ various keyboard shortcuts such as Ctrl + C and Ctrl + V within this application. This keyboard support greatly simplifies the process of connecting your device to Type long commands or lines of code using Termux.

#3 – Multi-Language support

The Termux application offers compatibility with various programming languages. It goes beyond ordinary command lines and includes support for renowned languages such as Ruby on Rails and Python. Therefore, if you intend to develop applications or programs on your device, you can conveniently write and compile them directly on your smartphone using the Termux app. Simply establish a connection to the specific server via SSH Console, and you can proceed smoothly without encountering any problems.

#4 – Git-Support

If you’re a developer who works on Git projects, you’ll find the Termux app incredibly useful. When you’re on the go without access to a laptop or desktop, you can conveniently connect to GitHub or other project repositories. This allows you to effortlessly work on your projects by committing changes, adding changelogs, or performing any other tasks. The Git comments feature enables you to perform all the actions available in the Github command line system directly on your device.

#5 – Edit APK files

To modify APK, possession of Android Studio or a similar compilation suite on your computer is necessary. However, by installing the Termux application on your Android mobile device, no additional requirements are needed. This app enables effortless opening and editing of APK files, granting full access to an Android app’s entire codebase. Moreover, it empowers you to construct an APK file from the ground up utilizing your coding expertise. Numerous add-ons are accessible that facilitate the creation, compilation, and installation of custom applications through Termux on the Android platform.

How to Install Termux APK on your Android Smartphone?

APK file installation is a breeze. It’s not complicated at all. Just acquire the app and follow the straightforward installation steps. Below is the precise procedure to help you install Termux on your device.

  • Initially, download the APK file. We have already provided a link for download.
  • Next, tap the downloaded APK file and choose “Install.” This will initiate the installation process.
  • Kindly wait for a few seconds as the installation concludes.
  • Upon completion, a message confirming successful installation will appear. Tap “Open” and you’re good to go.

Frequently Asked Questions

1 – Is it possible to modify the APK using the Termux application?

Certainly. Modifying the APK files or building Android applications can be effortlessly accomplished using the Termux app.

2 – Does Termux serve as a coding platform?

Indeed. Termux conveniently supports coding in diverse programming languages like Python, Ruby, and numerous others.

3 – Is the Termux app secure for use?

When equipped with fundamental coding knowledge, it is entirely safe to use. Since it necessitates root access for full potential, any error may potentially result in device complications.


Termux APK is an exceptional app for Android users who want to delve into the realm of coding, hacking, and app development directly from their smartphones. By providing a terminal emulator experience, Termux allows users to unleash their inner hacker and execute powerful commands with ease. Whether you’re an experienced developer or a curious enthusiast, Termux offers an array of impressive features that make it a must-have app.

From SSH access to remote servers, external keyboard support for efficient typing, multi-language programming capabilities, Git support for seamless collaboration, to the ability to edit APK files and create custom apps, Termux empowers users to explore the endless possibilities of Android development.

Installing Termux APK is a straightforward process, and once installed, the app provides a secure and convenient environment to experiment with coding and utilize powerful tools right on your Android smartphone.

If you’re looking to embark on a coding adventure or enhance your development workflow, Termux APK is the ideal companion. With its seamless integration with the Android platform and its vast range of features, Termux opens up a world of opportunities for users to unlock the full potential of their devices. Get ready to explore, create, and innovate with Termux.

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