Download Tak Zang APK Call Bomber (Latest Version 2024)

Download Tak Zang APK Call Bomber

Want to prank on your friends by calling them over and over again? Wouldn’t it be great if there was an app that allowed us to freely communicate with all our friends? That’s exactly what Tak Zang APK does if your answer is yes.

Keep on reading for instructions on installing and using Tak Zang Miss Call bomber I am going to furnish you with a direct hyperlink which will allow you to obtain the newest release of this application Let’s start.

What is Tak Zang APK?

Tak Zang APK is an Android application that can be used for pranking people with endless phone calls and text messages.

Included features of this include caller ID display along with missed call duration tracking.

Additionally, you can establish how long you want your phone call to last (in seconds), then it will conclude.

Missed calls don’t mean missed conversations because both of you still has the chance to talk.

APK Information

App NameTak Zang APK
Size1 MB
Required Android Version5.0 or above

Features of Tak Zang APK

  • Light-Weight
  • Ad-Free
  • Support all Android Version
  • Delay Timer
  • Miss call Catcher

Download Tak Zang APK For Android

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How To Install & Use Tak Zang Call Bomber APK?

Step #1. Accessing the hyperlink provided will allow you to download the APK file.

Step #2. unknown resources can be enabled by accessing the Security menu in Settings.

Step #3. access your File Manager > Download Folder and complete a regular installation of the APK file by tapping on it.

Step #4. initiate the app and give it permission to access everything that is required.

Step #5. To start the bombardment of calls, click the Start Button in Tak Zang Call Bomber after completing Step #5.

Step #6. Now Enter the Victim Number.

Step #7. Could you inform me about the number of missed calls that you would like to give your friend?

Step #8. Now set the missed call duration.

Step #9 after clicking on the Start button now you can watch as your target begins receiving missed phone calls.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Is this app is safe to use?

Using Tak Zang Miss Call Bomber does not expose your device to any viruses.

Is Tak Zang App Legal?

It’s entirely legal to use this solely for the purpose of entertainment


Tak Zang stands out among the various call bombing tools available on the internet due to its comprehensive set of features, enabling individuals looking for pranking their friends with a complete set of tools.

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