7 Best Free Table of Content WordPress Plugins

 Have you ever put down an article because it was too long, you were bored, or you couldn’t find the part you were looking for? It would not have happened if a table of content were there.

 A table of contents on the WordPress blog is a quick and easy way to organize the content and make it easier for visitors to navigate it. Table of contents plugins are easy to install and improve the usability of your website’s content.

Best Free Table of Content WordPress Plugins

Using a table of contents (TOC) in the content provides users with a summary of its contents and structure, as well as the ability to switch to a certain part of a post or blog.

 It might seem a burdensome task, but thanks to some extremely helpful plugin, adding a TOC can be done in a couple of seconds.

The following are the 7 Best Tables of Contents WordPress Plugins for boosting your website:

#1. Easy Table of Content

 For new bloggers, the Easy Table of Contents is the preferable table of content plugin. By interpreting content from headers, this free plugin creates a table of contents for your blogs, websites, and custom posts. You have complete control of when or where the table of contents appears in your posts.

You also have many options for configuring and manipulating how your table of contents is viewed, such as smooth control and several counter bullet formats. You can also choose whether to display a table of content for specific blog posts/articles.

Features of Easy Table of Contents:

  • It enables you to organize headings to make shifting through the list simpler.
  • It permits you to allow it for pages/posts only if required. It supports custom post types as long as your content structure is aligned with the content template tag.
  • Automatically enable the table of content into the article, if desired, based on the activated post format.
  • Provides several simple choices for customizing when and where the table of contents should be inserted.
  • There are several ways for modifying the appearance of the embedded table of contents, along with many built-in themes.
  • In case you did not want to insert the table of content in your article, you can use the provided widget to enable the same in your theme’s sidebar.
  • The widget automatically shows the parts of the website that are available. The highlight color can be changed.

#2. Lucky WP Table of Content

 This TOC plugin was developed by LuckyWP for WordPress bloggers who want to boost their page display. Users can insert the TOC either automatically or manually using the plugin. This feature-rich plugin helps you to embed a table of contents about any page, tailor the look of your ToC right up to the font weight, pick a color theme instantly, and customize the labels.

It seems to have a “hide/show” option in the corner of the table of contents, so users can choose whether or not to use it. Even though it is not a popular plugin, it has hundreds of downloads. Users can use it with both the Gutenberg and Classical editors in WordPress.

 Features of Lucky WP Table of Content:

  • For an improved user experience, the ToC has a “show/hide” icon.
  • It works with Gutenberg, WordPress’ built-in block editor.
  • To display the ToC, you can specify a minimum number of headings. A ToC will not be shown if a page does not follow this requirement.
  • You can personalize the labeling for each segment to make scanning smoother.
  • The colors, width, float, font-weight, and font size of the table objects can all be modified.

#3. Table of Contents Plus

The Table of Contents plus Plugin allows users to create a context-specific table of contents instantly. This plugin is built on the Wikipedia style and is well suited for websites with many long-form texts.

Shortcodes for various websites, as well as custom post forms, are allowed with this plugin. This plugin is available in a variety of languages and has a number of useful Shortcodes.

 Features of Table of Contents Plus:

  • Allows you to place the table of contents where you like it. This is useful for blogs that only need a TOC on certain posts.
  • It allows you to choose which type of headings to insert in the table of contents to improve readability.
  • The current article’s table of contents, website, or custom post form may indeed be removed.
  • You can also use the five default customization options to start from scratch and build your own style.
  • There are numerous ways to toggle the display of the TOC based on the visitor’s choice.
  • It also employs a distinct numbering system that is unaffected by CSS variations between themes.

#4. Ultimate Blocks

 Ultimate Blocks is much more than just a table of contents plugin. There are no additional settings in the plugin, and it’s very easy to use. Once you’ve enabled the plugin, all you have to do is add the table of contents section to your content page.

This will automatically produce a TOC for you based on the headings you’ve created in the article. For Gutenberg users, this plugin is a must-have.

 Features of Ultimate Blocks:

  • You can either show or hide the table of content as per your choice.
  • It develops a table of contents (ToC) based on the page’s headings.
  • You can use different icons as your list style format instead of bullets. The color of the icons can also be customized.
  • The tabs can be sorted using a convenient drag-and-drop function.
  • A ToC can be positioned anywhere on a website or post by simply holding the block there.
  • For an improved user interface, you can divide the list items into two or three columns.
  • It works primarily with Gutenberg but not with any other third-party website themes.

#5. Rich Table of Contents

 RTOC is a Japanese table of contents generation plugin that helps everyone to generate a table of contents quickly and easily. It is designed to follow design and ease of use extensively and is equipped with the functions of a traditional table of contents plugin.

 The plugin provides a real-time preview for TOCs so that you can have a look at what TOC would look like before you make certain adjustments. It has a modest 9,000 downloads but a decent 4.5-star rating.

 Features of Rich Table of Contents:

  • You can also give your TOC a custom name, choose the headings it exhibits, adjust the font of your indices, customize the background, adds animations, and customize the colors for labels, text, back buttons, borders, and the background of the “back to table of contents” icon.
  • More advanced settings in Rich Table of Contents include modifying the button position without post or blog ids and asking pages to just not launch plugin CSS.
  • It allows you to choose your own color or partly change the ToC’s default color.

#6. Simple TOC – Table of Contents Block

Typically, website owners on a tight budget should go for a basic table of contents plugin such as this Simple TOC. Following the Simple TOC plugin’s installation and activation, website owners may use Shortcodes provided by the plugin’s creators to generate a Table of Content for their websites quickly.

There is no restriction on the number of tables created; website owners can easily build as many as they like. Tables of contents can be generated in an infinite number of ways. You can find this plugin for free from WordPress. It also has certain useful screenshots making it the best table of contents plugin out there.

 Features of Simple Table of Contents Block:

  • The Simple TOC plugin provides the flexibility to add a table of contents to a page automatically.
  • It’s easy to set up. Configuration is easy too.
  • The plugin adds a simple grey and black table of content box at the topmost of the post.
  • It gives you the chance to have the same table of contents on various websites and blog entries.

#7.  Heroic Table of Contents

 Heroic Table of Contents is a useful WordPress plugin that allows you to automatically insert a created table of contents to your blog. This plugin thoroughly goes through your articles and creates a table of contents with the headings mentioned.

You can conveniently conceal any heading groups that you don’t want to see. This means you won’t have to manually construct your ToC or edit it any time you add or remove a post. Since it is designed as a WordPress blog, you can easily drag and drop a heroic TOC into your post.

Features of Heroic Table of Contents:

  • It generates a table of contents for you based on the page’s headings.
  • Headings can be modified to make them simpler and easier to search.
  • Headings may be hidden and re-labeled without affecting the original text
  • The content segment can be expanded and collapsed.
  • You may make a counted, bulleted, or plain list of the table of contents.
  • It’s been optimized for use in WordPress’ native block editor, Gutenberg.


 Using a table of contents in your posts and pages is a perfect way to help your followers identify and absorb content while also improving your SEO score.

 And, thanks to plugins like the ones listed above, adding TOCs to your content is as simple as a few clicks. There are plethoras of table of contents plugins to choose from, and it’s critical to find one that fits best for your website. Many of the plugins on this list have useful features, positive reviews, and responsive support. Now it’s your turn to choose wisely!

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