Synthesia Review 2024: Features, Pros and Cons

Artificial intelligence (AI) is transforming how businesses create content. One platform leading this revolution is Synthesia – an AI-powered video creation tool.

With Synthesia, anyone can make realistic videos using virtual human avatars. This removes the need for hiring actors or renting equipment.

In this comprehensive review, we’ll explore everything you need to know about Synthesia in 2024.

Let’s begin.

Overview of Synthesia

Synthesia Review

Synthesia utilizes AI to generate human-like avatars that act as presenters in your videos.

The avatars mimic expressions, mannerisms and emotions to seem real. They read out any script you provide with accuracy.

Synthesia makes video production exponentially easier. No film crews or editing skills required.

Quick Verdict on Synthesia

In our tests, Synthesia scores a 4.8/5 overall.

We compared it to similar tools like HeyGen and Visme. Synthesia stood out for its:

  • Ease of use – simple scripting and avatar selection
  • Options – 140+ avatars and 120+ languages

For quickly making professional videos, Synthesia is a top choice today.

Now let’s analyze its key pros and cons.

Synthesia Pros and Cons

Synthesia has many advantages that make video creation almost effortless. But there are some drawbacks too.

Pros of Synthesia ????

Realistic Videos Without Studio Costs:

Traditionally, creating high-quality videos required:

  • Renting filming equipment
  • Hiring actors
  • Renting studio space
  • Professional editing

All this could cost thousands per video!

With Synthesia, the AI avatars act as talent. There’s no need for expensive studios or gear.

You get broadcast-quality results at a fraction of the cost.

140+ Avatars and Counting:

Synthesia offers immense choice for your AI presenter:

  • Various skin tones
  • Unique voices
  • Different ages and genders

With over 140 options today, you can pick an avatar tailored for your audience.

Plus new avatars are continually added.

Simple Video Creation:

You don’t need any prior video or tech skills to use Synthesia. The process is straightforward:

  1. Select an avatar
  2. Enter your script
  3. Download the final video

The AI handles animating the avatars and syncing speech. Even complex product or software demos are easy.

Cons of Synthesia ????

However, Synthesia has some limitations to consider:

Artificial Look On Close Inspection:

The avatars look impressively lifelike at first glance. But on very close inspection, their computer-generated nature shows through:

  • Speech can seem unnaturally perfect at times
  • Facial expressions may not seem entirely human

As AI progresses, realism will keep improving. But for now, it’s not flawless.

Restrictive Personal Plan Limits:

The Starter plan has tight usage caps:

  • Only 120 minutes of video per year which clearly not enough.

For individuals or very small teams, this is restrictive. Upgrading to Enterprise is expensive.

Costly Custom Avatars

Making a custom avatar with your face and voice costs $1000 per year. It’s a premium feature.

For most use cases, the existing avatars should suffice. But the custom option is pricey.

In summary, Synthesia simplifies video production tremendously via AI avatars. But subtleties in their speech and expressions reveal their synthetic origins. And lower tiers have tight limits.

Now let’s examine how we tested Synthesia for this review.

Research Methodology

We thoroughly evaluated Synthesia based on key criteria for ease of use, output quality and capabilities.

Our team tested Synthesia extensively by:

  • Creating over 20 videos with various avatars and languages
  • Evaluating video and audio quality
  • Assessing the platform’s ease of use
  • Comparing output to real human presenters
  • Reviewing advanced features like voice cloning

We measured metrics like:

  • Time to create a video
  • Naturalness of avatars
  • Audio clarity
  • Editing capabilities
  • Customization options

Based on these tests, we gave Synthesia an overall score of 4.8 out of 5.

Benefits of Synthesia for Video Creation

Synthesia makes creating professional videos as easy as writing a script. With its AI-powered avatars, it’s revolutionizing video production. For many use cases, Synthesia can replace the need for:

✔️ Professional actors

✔️ Expensive studio rentals

✔️ Manual editing

✔️ Long production timelines

You get studio-quality results at a fraction of the cost and time.

Some examples of videos you can make:

  • eLearning: Interactive training modules, how-to lessons
  • Marketing: Product demos, promo videos, explainers
  • Sales: Pitches, product walkthroughs
  • HR: Onboarding materials, employee orientations

The applications are vast. Synthesia streamlines video creation for business, education and content creation.

Key Alternatives to Synthesia

Synthesia leads the avatar-based video space today. But these tools offer similar capabilities:

  • HeyGen: AI video maker with limited avatar and language support
  • D-ID: Video and image editing via AI avatars
  • Speechify: Text-to-speech video generator with no avatars

For both quality and ease of use, Synthesia scores highest. Next, let’s explore what exactly Synthesia offers.

What is Synthesia?

Synthesia is an AI-powered video platform that creates animated human avatars from text. Let’s examine how it works.

Synthesia utilizes advanced AI to turn text into realistic avatar videos.

With Synthesia, you can:

  • Choose an avatar presenter from 140+ options
  • Enter your script
  • Download a high quality video

The platform animates the avatar based on your text. Movements, speech and expressions are all synthesized to seem entirely human.

You get broadcast-ready videos without any of the traditional costs or work.

Who is Synthesia Best For?

Synthesia can create videos for almost any industry. But these use cases see particular benefit.

Synthesia works well for:

  • YouTubers: Boost production with customizable AI hosts
  • Marketers: Quickly make promo and demo videos
  • Educators: Engage students with AI lecture videos
  • Entrepreneurs: Rapidly create pitches and explainers
  • Engineers: Demonstrate products without on-camera presenting
  • Anyone needing affordable, professional videos

The platform is versatile enough for different video needs.

Synthesia Features

Synthesia offers a robust set of features for generating AI avatar videos with ease.

Overview of Key Features

Synthesia provides:

  • 140+ realistic avatars with multiple voices and styles
  • Animation engine to make avatars life-like
  • Multiple languages supported
  • Lip sync powered by AI
  • Custom avatars with your face and voice
  • Microgestures like eyebrow raises and head nods
  • Backgrounds and props to further customize

Let’s examine some of these top features more closely.

AI Avatars

AI Avatars

At the core of Synthesia are its AI-powered avatars. These digital humans showcase remarkable realism.

Some details:

  • 140+ options with more added regularly
  • Multiple skin tones, genders, ages and styles
  • Clothing and hairstyles tailored to different personas
  • Distinct vocal qualities like accents and tones

You have ample options to match an avatar to your brand and audience.

Behind the scenes, advanced generative AI animates the avatars based on your script. Movements, expressions and lip sync are all modeled to seem entirely human.

Languages, Voices and Accents

Languages, Voices, and Accents

Synthesia supports text-to-speech in over 120 languages.

So your avatar can present videos for global audiences.

The platform accurately reproduces regional accents and dialects. This increases realism and resonance for local viewers.

For example, your avatar can seamlessly switch between:

  • American English
  • British English
  • Australian English
  • Indian English

And many more.

Ease of Video Creation

Ease of Video Creation

Synthesia makes video production incredibly simple. Just follow these steps:

  1. Select your avatar
  2. Enter your script
  3. Make minor tweaks like gestures
  4. Download your completed video

The complex AI powering realistic speech, animations and lip sync happens automatically.

You don’t need any technical or editing skills. Synthesia handles the heavy lifting so you can focus on your message.

Custom Avatars

Want an avatar with your own face and voice? Synthesia offers custom models.

The process:

  1. Record a 10-15 minute video of yourself speaking according to guidelines
  2. Submit to Synthesia team for model development
  3. Your customized avatar is created within 10 days

Now an AI-generated version of you can present videos! It mimics your unique:

  • Facial expressions
  • Mouth shapes as you talk
  • Vocal qualities

The cost is $1000 per avatar annually. For most use cases, the ready-made models suffice. But it’s a cool premium option.

Micro Gestures

Subtle gestures make avatars more lifelike. With Synthesia you can add micro movements like:

  • Raising eyebrows
  • Tilting head
  • Rolling eyes
  • Smirking
  • And more

These complement your script with natural motions. Your avatar fidgets, reacts and gestures just like a human presenter would.

Voice Cloning

Want your own voice instead of a text-to-speech model? Synthesia can clone your unique vocal qualities.

To create a voice clone:

  1. Record yourself readingpreset texts.
  2. Submit the recordings to Synthesia.
  3. Your digital voice print is created.

Now your avatar can present videos in a voice indistinguishable from your own. Cloning costs extra, but takes realism up another notch.

How to Create Videos with Synthesia

Let’s walk through how to produce a video with Synthesia step-by-step.

1. Select a Template

Select a template

Synthesia boasts over 200 free templates, giving you a wide range to pick from. Choose one that aligns with your vision, and feel free to tweak it to your liking. If nothing catches your eye, there’s always the option to craft a template from the ground up.

2. Edit the Script:

Edit the script

A script is key, whether for training purposes or explaining a product. Don’t have one? No worries! Synthesia’s AI can generate one for you. Plus, with its multilingual capabilities, you can create videos in your local language.

3. Select an Avatar:

Stick with the template’s avatar or choose another. If you’re inclined towards a more personal touch, opt for a digital twin – an avatar that resembles and sounds like you. This requires a green screen video of yourself and a bit of patience (about 10 days) for creation. If you’re in a hurry, existing avatars are readily available for immediate use.

That’s all there is to it!

Once your video is complete, share it on your website or social media to engage your audience. With Synthesia, creating professional and personalized videos is just a few clicks away!

Synthesia Studio

The Synthesia Studio is the web interface for customizing and exporting your AI videos.

Key features of the Studio:

  • Avatar selector and script box
  • Animation controls like gestures
  • Media imports (video, images, PPT)
  • Text and graphics overlays
  • Background selector
  • Music library integration
  • Editing suite to refine pacing and flow

It provides extensive controls while maintaining an intuitive, user-friendly experience.

Features and Options in Synthesia Studio

With the Studio, you can:

  • Tweak avatar appearance: Hairstyle, clothing, color schemes
  • Add microgestures: Smiles, blinks, shoulder shrugs, etc.
  • Import media: Images, video clips, PowerPoint slides
  • Include text overlays: Titles, captions, subtitles, quotes
  • Adjust backgrounds: Solid colors, office, classroom, abstract
  • Set camera angles: Close up, waist up, full body
  • Edit flow: Adjust pacing, silence breaks, line repetition
  • Add music: Background tracks from music library
  • Export in resolutions up to 4K

The Studio provides end-to-end control for professional results. Next we’ll explore Synthesia’s pricing and plans.

Synthesia Pricing

synthesia pricing

Synthesia offers personal and enterprise pricing plans to suit different video needs.

Starter Plan:

Price: Starts from $22 per month


  • 1 editor & 3 guests
  • 120 minutes of video/year
  • 70+ AI avatars
  • 120+ languages and voices

Creator Plan:

Price: Starts at $67 per month when billed yearly


  • 1 editor & 5 guests
  • 360 minutes of video/year
  • 90+ AI avatars
  • 120+ languages and voices
  • and many more.

Additional Information:

  • Free Trial: A free demo video and a free personal demo for larger Enterprise customers are available
  • Customization: Custom plans are available, and custom avatars can be added for $1000/year
  • Billing Cycle: Monthly or annual billing for Starter, Creator users, and annual billing for Enterprise customers

How Secure is Synthesia?

Synthesia takes security and ethics seriously. Private data is tightly protected and AI responsibly applied.

Synthesia safeguards user data with:

  • AWS Cloud Infrastructure – for reliability and encryption
  • GDPR compliance – for EU data privacy
  • SOC 2 Type II compliance – ensures data controls are independently audited
  • Data encryption – including AES-256 bit to secure files
  • SSO & Google Auth – for enterprise single sign-on

For custom avatars, a detailed video of your face is required. But Synthesia provisions that no other party can access or use your personal avatar.

Overall, security and compliance is enterprise-grade.

Media Integrations with Synthesia

The platform also integrates various media capabilities beyond AI avatar creation.

Synthesia provides:

???? Screen recorder – capture your device display

???? Media library – access 100,000+ video clips, images and icons

???? Music library – use background music tracks

???? PowerPoint import – convert slides into video

Examples of Synthesia Uses

Synthesia has diverse features across industries. Here are some examples.

Various Applications of Synthesia:-

Let’s explore real-world usage across sectors:

Learning and Development:

For training employees and students, Synthesia enables:

  • Rapid course creation – Generate interactive lessons overnight
  • Expert knowledge sharing – Extend top talent reach through AI videos
  • Personalization – Tailor training to individual viewer needs
  • Accessibility – Support different learning styles and needs

It streamlines development of everything from new hire onboarding to masterclasses by top performers.

Sales Enablement:

For sales teams, Synthesia offers:

  • Custom product demos – Highlight key features and capabilities
  • Lead generation videos – Create tailored outreach content at scale
  • Virtual assistants – Provide 24/7 self-service via AI
  • Training at scale – Rapidly educate global sales reps

It unlocks more personalized, consistent and engaging sales content.

Customer Support:

For customer service, Synthesia helps with:

  • FAQ videos – Definitive self-service content for common questions
  • Tutorials – Step-by-step guidance for using products
  • Virtual agents – Extend support beyond chatbots
  • Localization – Efficiently adapt videos to new regions

It improves customer satisfaction and reduces case volume.

Information Security:

For security teams, Synthesia enables:

  • Policy communication – Bring guidelines to life through AI videos
  • Training at scale – Rapidly educate employees globally
  • Reduced risk – Central control over approved avatars and scripts
  • Compliance – Demonstrate requirements are met

It allows managing security programs more effectively.

The possibilities are vast across sectors. Synthesia makes video production achievable for all use cases.

Quick Recap

Let’s recap the key benefits that make Synthesia a top AI video platform:

  • Affordable studio-quality video – Without expensive actors, equipment rentals or editing
  • 140+ realistic avatars – With a variety of voices, styles and personalities
  • 120+ language support – For global reach and localization
  • Easy video creation – Just script and download videos within hours
  • Advanced customization – From microgestures to voice cloning
  • Robust Studio editor – For maximum polish and professionalism
  • Secure infrastructure – That safeguards data privacy and ethics
  • Wide applications – Sales, marketing, training, support and much more

For any individual or organization needing affordable, scalable video content, Synthesia delivers.


Synthesia makes studio-quality video production achievable for all. By utilizing AI avatar presenters, it removes the traditional costs and barriers of video creation.

Within the platform you can:

  • Choose from 140+ realistic avatars
  • Script your narration in over 120 languages
  • Download professional videos within hours
  • Apply microgestures, voice cloning and more for maximum realism

The advanced AI handles animating and syncing everything seamlessly. You just focus on your message.

While subtle facial movements can sometimes reveal the synthetic origins, the realism is impressive. And it will only improve as the technology evolves.

According to our extensive tests, Synthesia scores 4.8/5 overall. It surpasses competitors in ease of use, output quality and breadth of options.

For YouTubers, marketers, educators, entrepreneurs and more, Synthesia unlocks new potential. Video production is democratized.

So if you have stories to tell, products to demonstrate or lessons to teach, Synthesia is worth exploring. The AI avatar world awaits.

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