Skype Job Interview: Be prepared, Everything You Need to Know

Virtual interviews are on the rise, and if you have concerns about how to score a winning interview on Skype, you have come to the right place.

With remote jobs becoming a growing practice, virtual interviews are becoming a reality for job seekers around the globe. Beings skype interviews are relatively new protocols for hiring; there is a whole new set of rules and regulations to follow.

Skype Job Interview Be prepared, Everything You Need to Know

However, here’s the kicker-

Even with these type interviews becoming more common, the tricks and tips on how to be successful is still somewhat a mystery. Some simple mistakes can completely wreck your interview. You want to come across as being confident and strong in your ability to prove you are the right choice for the job.

The following are tips you should know to score your virtual interview and win the job.

→ Treat it Like Any Other Job

“A virtual interview is as important as an in-person, traditional interview, so you need to treat it as such” says Jessica Anderson, director of HR, PhoenixNAP.

Even though you are not meeting face-to-face and in person, does not mean the interview will be any different or less stressful.

Prepare for a Skype interview as you would any other. Take some time to get familiar with the most common interview questions and prepare your answers. One of the best parts of virtual interviews is you can make a cheat-sheet to refer to if you get in a bind. Also, make sure you dress just as you would for any traditional interview.

→ Choose an Appropriate Sitting

Just because you are not meeting in an office setting does not mean your surrounding does not matter. Be mindful of what your surroundings reveal about you. If you are in your bedroom at your parent’s house, the interviewer will more than likely not know how to address you.

What a future employer sees as your choice of backgrounds can go far. If you are in the kitchen standing over a stove with one kid on your hip and the other crying in the background, you may not get the time you need to impress the interviewer on the other end.

Find an appropriate area to conduct your virtual interview and be sure it is clean. Your interviewer will notice more about your surroundings than you realize. Be sure to clean the area and make it a quiet spot to appear you have your act together.

→ Look Like a Million Bucks

For your virtual interview, you want to dress for success while aiming to impress. For a Skype interview, that raises the bar. Interviewing online reveals more about you than if you were person-to-person and you may not even know why.

Dressing like a million bucks means you care about your appearance. That says a lot about how well you will represent a company. Moreover, that means everything, including your screen name.

Hate to break it to you, but if you are applying for a prestigious position and your username is “ballsybrian,” you may want to put that one to rest. Opt for a professional alternative, such as Firstname, Lastname or any variation of your name that you like-except use the grownup approach.

Make sure you have an appropriate profile picture for your Skype account. You may be the record making beer pong champion the local pub, but, no interviewer will care one bit. Be professional and look professional.

You should dress for a virtual interview the same as you would if you were in person. Even if your interview is for five minutes at three a.m., make that the best you have ever looked that early in the morning. Look your best to show you can be the best.

Moreover, yes you have to wear pants even if they will only see you from the torso up. Think coffee mishaps, ok?

→ Have Your Answers Prepared

As with any type of interview you need to do your homework and have some questions you want to ask as well as some notes to fall back on if necessary.

“Do note read notes word for word, be prepared but natural,” advises Chere Taylor, founder of Fulcrum HR Consulting

Employers like to hear how people think–own their own. Be creative with your response and be sure you discuss questions and concerns you may have as well. The last impression you hope to resemble is a detached and uninterested individual that could really care less.

Just because you are on camera does not mean the interviewer will not be able to see you are reading from cue cards or a speech from your notebook. If you feel you need help, write a few notes—but, never use speeches drafted like a script.

→ Have a Strong, Clear Internet Connection

Even though you have a secure connection while surfing the net, it may be different with Skype. Remember Skype is a camera, not just a keyboard. Even the best internet providers have issues from time-to-time. Do a dress rehearsal with a family member or friend to ensure your Skype connection is stable and reliable.

If you find your connection is weak, move to an area where there is access to a more stable service.  Everyone knows that WiFi is not the most reliable source on the planet but if your connection fails it will reflect poorly on you.

→ Check all Resources

You need to double check everything to be sure it is all working correctly before your Skype interview. Test your microphone, camera, and your speakers to make sure everything connects and the sound is working.

It would be sad if you lost a job opportunity because your camera failed to connect. Test runs are important!

→ Have all Important Documents Handy

It is just as important to be armed and ready for a virtual interview as one you would have person-to-person. Be sure to have all the crucial documents handy to go over with the interviewer. Documents such as your cover letter, resume, portfolio and any other items you may wish to discuss should be simple to read and present.

Having the materials on hand so that you can navigate to each page efficiently will be bonus points to your interviewer. You want to convey to the interviewer that you can be job ready and prepared when necessary.

It is also important that the company you are interviewing with has the same documents and that both parties copy is accurate and neat. Make sure you never have to scramble through pages to find information. Also, bring a notebook for taking notes during the interview.

Score Big on Your Next Skype interview

More now than ever, the world as we know it is turning tech-savvy and anything but ordinary. Virtual interviews are fast becoming a new way for businesses of all sizes to interview potential employees.

As odd as it seems, some human resource reps feel holding a virtual pre-screening interview with a candidate is more successful than in person.

Skype provides companies a more cost-efficient measure to conduct interviews, especially during a time when remote positions are becoming more common.

Anyone who has applied for a job will agree that is so easy to make a genuine mistake during a face-to-face interview. Most mistakes are forgivable, but in the virtual world of Skype, one minute error can end your success before it gets started,

Put these tips to use, and you are sure to avoid costly mistakes while making a fantastic impression to help you land your dream job.

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