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  1. Great!!! I am waiting for Monday….
    ShoutMeet Pune

    1. Hi Sumesh,
      Had you met with Harsh in pune?

  2. hi nikhil first of all congratulations. same as you i am also a big fan of Harsh Agrawal and i started my blog after reading shoutmeloud . he is real ideal for everyone who are in blogging either planning to start their own blog.

    1. Hi bro,
      Thanks for your comment. You are right. He is ideal for each buddy who has a blog or looking to state with one. I also started my blog by following his guides.

      Have a great day…

  3. Yes just an awesome meet with harsh sir 🙂 and fellow bloggers. Now i got a group of blogger’s from my pink city jaipur. 🙂 its all happened because of shoutmeet in jaipur. Thanks a lot from the bottom of my heart to harsh agarwal sir and their team for this meet in jaipur. And yes nik a very good post 🙂 keep it up 😉

    1. Hi jatin,
      I really loved that meet with Harsh. He is such a nice guy. We will grow this group and will make a solid community of bloggers.

      Have a great week ahead.

  4. Hello there

    First of all congratulation mate. I am sure it must have been a great experience. I am from Kolkata hope he’s made sometime here too.

    1. Yes I am here 🙂
      Thanks a lot bro. you will surely meet him one day. I had a great meeting with him at shoutmeet. You may send him an email requesting for a visit to Kolkata too.

  5. Congrats Bro,
    That’s really a nice meet. He helped a lot of newbies to take a good start. I too read his blog often. Best of luck !!

    1. Hi Nitin,
      Yes, It was a great meet. I would not able to start a blog if shoutmeloud wasn’t there.

      Thanks for your comment Buddy.


  6. I missed the chance to meet harsh coz I was out of Jaipur in that week. He is the role model for many blogger.
    BTW good to know you meet your role model.

    1. Hi Anil,
      Do not take worries bro. He will come again organise such kind of events in future in coming months as he said to us. Hope. at that time, you will be in the city.


  7. Harsh Agarwal is one of the best Blogger.He is sharing on true knowledge on ShoutMeLoud.

    You are lucky you gotta chance to meet Harsh.

    1. Hi Gurpeet,
      He is one of the finest bloggers in India. He helped lots of blogger including me. It was such a nice experience to meet him. I hope he will organize this kind of get-together in each city of India. Shoutmeet was a great initiative by him to encourage people for blogging.

      Good Luck Buddy….

  8. Hello Niks,
    I’m happy for you, it must have been a very awesome and memorable event. I’m also a fan of Harsh, he is one of the few bloggers i followed when i first started some years back and i also learnt so many things from his blog Shout Me Loud.

    Thanks for sharing.

  9. Hi Nikhil.
    I’m from Hyderbad. He Came to Hyderabad on 17th Sept. But my BadLuck, I didn’t meet him.
    And I have a Question for U, What is the Best Moment you shared with him.

  10. Hi Niks,
    You are very lucky that you got a chance to meet him. Hope you would have learnt some good things from him.

  11. Congrats Man. I really liked the Tag Blogging Scientist. 🙂

  12. Kathryn Maclean says:

    Hi Nikhil, Thanks for posting this article about Harsh Agrawal.
    I had seen several facebook posts about his tour in India. I
    wondered who everyone was talking about. We have several
    bloggers now from India at PAC. Thanks, visiting you from
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  13. Wow it was great to share your excitement when you finally met your “hero” and mentor.

    isn’t it great to know that he too is human and a wonderful person, truly someone you can emulate!

    Now it is your turn to step into that leadership role for others.

    Thanks for sharing I took a look at his blog and it is pretty interesting Thanks for the resource!

    All the best with your own blogging journey!


  14. Harsh Agarwal is the Inspirer for all of Us. I daily Read his articles. And Your’s Too.

  15. Shit!, I Missed him in Hyderabad ShoutMeet. Really It’s a BadLuck

  16. Hi Niks !!

    Great meetup !! Let me know in future if any bloggers meetup event coming up. I am too much interested to meet everyone from blogging life guys & girls. I am from Tamil Nadu !! Will interested to travel anywhere to meet bloggers.

  17. It’s a good opportunity to meet him. I think he is the best in SEO in wordpress.

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