Serpstat Black Friday Sale 2021: Up to 50% Discount

In the ocean of SEO, you need some tools like Keyword research tool, backlinks analysis tool, and competitor analysis tool. But how beautiful it will be to have all these tools in a single package?

SERPSTAT is a complete SEO toolkit that offers various features to spy on your competitors and to improve your search rankings. 

On this great black Friday 2021, Serpstat is giving a huge 30% discount on a 1-year subscription and 50% subscription on a 3-year subscription. Is it worth to invest in Serpstat this black Friday? Let’s read why you shouldn’t miss this deal.


We all know that keyword research is the main aspect of any successful website like affiliate sites, micro-niche blog sites, news sites, and the list goes on. After Keyword research, the next thing you have to focus is on content. Once you fish the content, acquiring high-quality backlinks is the final step you could take.

So, successful content creation involves keyword research, structure, content formulas, and backlinks. I was confused that I’m on my way to subscribe ahrefs and then my friend suggested me to give a try for Serpstat.

And Of course, even saving a penny is saving. I thought to try this Serpstat, but i kept low expectations compared to the usage of biggies like Ahrefs and SEMrush. But, ‘Serpstat surprised me with its features.’

Serpstat 2021 Black Friday deal

It cost me $55.20/Month to use this tool for 1 -year subscription a few days ago. I miss the opportunity of saving 50% of my 3 years’ actual cost. Here is the actual plan in Serpstat in regular days.

Serpstat in regular days plan.

And here is the black friday offer for 1 year plan

Plans Lite Standard Advanced
Regular Price $662.40 $1430.40 $2870.40
Black Friday offer $463.68 $1001.28 $2009.28
  Savings (30%)   $198.72   $429.12   $861.12

And here is the black friday offer for 3 year plan

Plans Lite Standard Advanced
Regular Price $662.40 $1430.40 $2870.40
Black Friday offer $331.20 $715.20 $1435.20
  Savings (50%)   $331.20   $715.20   $1435.20

You can get the Serpstat for this price after a huge black Friday offer. Before regretting, invest in such a place where it will benefit you with 10x of your investment.

Why Serpstat on this Black Friday?

Serpstat comes with three different major plans lite, standard, advanced, and one enterprise plan. For a beginner, lite is like an SEO powerhouse tool.

 Serpstat offers various crawl limits, and search results limits in various plans.

search results limits

Now let me tell you why Serpstat is a reasonable option to try on this Black Friday. Serpstat is accurate with the Google database and provides you 95% accurate results every time. The main Serpstat features that made an impact on the SEO industry are

  • Website analysis
  • Keyword Research
  • Backlink Analysis
  • Rank Tracker
  • Site Audit
  • Tools

Website analysis – The most useful and my favorite feature in Serpstat is ‘Website analysis.’ Under the website analysis, you can perform complete domain analysis and URL analysis as well. You can audit SEO research, batch analysis, and can track keyword positions from here.

Website analysis

Keyword research: Serpstat will allow you to steal keywords from your competitors for better rankings. Make a list of common keywords that top 10 results websites are ranking and then create better content than those top 10 targeting the same keywords.

Backlinks analysis: Crawl for the high-quality sites that are linking to your competitors (which helps in authority as well) and outreach them after creating stunning content. Backlinks are one of the strongest factors in SEO.

Rank Tracker: It’s important to check your current top 10 and top 100 rankings frequently. Once your rankings went slice down, then you have to either add content or get more backlinks to get back to the original position.

Site Audit: Serpstat gives the overall SEO score of your site, highlighting the errors and improvements you can make to boost your SEO score.

Since it has a bunch of SEO tools, you have to learn this tool entirely to create magic for your site. If you are a beginner, then you don’t need much time to get used to the interface, but if you are moving from Ahrefs or SEMrush, then you need some days to adopt Serpstat.

Wrap up:

Comparing Serpstat with Semrush would be a bad idea because Sermush has been in the industry for over a decade. As you can see, Serpstat is making a huge mark on SEO. Especially beginners who cannot afford Ahrefs, and SEMruish can try this Serpstat. Moreover, you can get a 50% massive discount on this black Friday.


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