25+ SEMRUSH Key Updates 2020 (Get More Power to Your SEO Efforts)

Nowadays, building a robust online presence with your brand or content has become highly competitive in the digital world.

Not only you have to keep up with the changing Google trends and algorithms, but you also have to level up your SEO and content game to stay ahead in the market.

Semrush is an trusted SEO Tool that I have personally used for keyword research and competition analysis.

It is an amazing SEO tool that helps you analyze your website, compare with your competitor’s websites and suggest vital improvements to grow your site organically.

Over time, Semrush has come up with a lot of updates and changes that have only strengthened the usefulness of the tool.

Therefore, in this post, I am sharing all the latest updates of the Semrush 2020 so that you can take the maximum benefit from this tool and boost your website’s online visibility.

So, without wasting any further time, let's discuss all the updates one by one. Cool?

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The number one thing that has come up with the new Semrush is its vastly increased database.

Back in 2018, there were only 2 billion keywords in its database. However, at present, Semrush has more than 20 billion keywords in its ‘keyword magic tool’.

Traffic analytics tool does analyze around one billion events on a per-day basis.

Not only this, you will be happy to know that Semrush crawls more than 17.3 billion URLs in a day.

You never know your website could be the one.

New branding - The logo and homepage

As you can see, Semrush has updated its new logo, which is an orange color fireball. It signifies the powerful energy that Semrush can leverage to boost up your marketing and content strategy. Interesting. Isn’t it?

Similarly, Semrush has updated its home page design and name, making it more appealing and communicative. Earlier it was used to be ‘SEMrush’, but now it has been changed to ‘SEMRESH’.

Content marketing Toolkit

A complete guide to create high quality content for your target audience is provided in the content marketing toolkit of Semrush. With this toolkit, you can easily create content, find content gaps, write and audit your website content. Get the access to Content Toolkit from here

Here is the step by step process you can follow to write the best and unique content for your blog/website:

 Topic research: As you know the first step to create a best piece of content is to conduct an in depth research around the supposed topic and understand your user’s needs and wants. Semrush content platform allows you to perform extensive topic research and find out what your audience needs characterized by headlines, subtopics and questions in just a couple of clicks.

Marketing calendar: With marketing calendar, you can keep track of your business activities at one place to ensure all the work is happening on time with full efficiency.

SEO content template: Semrush SEO content template tells you exactly what you need to do with your content to drive large number of visitors to your website. High quality optimized content is the key to rank higher and improve your site’s visibility in search engines.

SEO writing assistant: Optimizing your existing text or content has made way too easier with Semrush SEO writing assistant. Here you can clearly see how to optimize your content for search engines right in Google document or WordPress account.

Brand monitoring: With brand monitoring, you can understand the best ways to advertise and promote your content across different channels. Analyze your competitor’s brand, what strategies they are using and create a better content marketing plan for your campaign.

Post tracking: Your job doesn’t end here when you published the content. It is important to keep a track on how your content is performing and compare it with competitor’s content to upgrade it. With Semrush content platform, you can track the performance for 50 articles of your website and your competitors at a time.

Content Audit: The last feature in the Semrush content marketing dashboard is content audit. With content audit you can understand what works best for your audience and what further steps can you take to fulfill your objectives.

New Semrush two factor authentication policy

Semrush introduced a two-factor authentication policy in January 2020 to ensure its user’s data security.

You can enable this feature from Semrush settings, and an additional code will be sent to you either through mail, SMS or Google Authenticator App to keep your account safe.

‘Global information’ of sites and ‘compare mode’ in Domain Overview

The domain overview tool of Semrush has always been exceptional.

It shows you a crystal clear view of your website online visibility across desktop and mobile devices – from traffic counts, Backlinks profile to organic ads and paid traffic.

It has revamped now, and several new features have been updated to it. Let’s see what it has:

Foremost of all is the new ‘worldwide view’ of domain analytics that allow you to do in-depth competitor research and analyze their site metrics on a global level.

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Sometimes you don’t even need to analyze the whole site, so you can use the newly updated ‘subdomain and subfolder level analysis feature’ in that case.

Along with this, there’s a ‘compare mode feature’, which is pretty much not expected from any other tool than Ahrefs.

Now, suppose you want to compare your domain with your competitor’s domains simultaneously. In that case, you can use ‘compare mode’ that let you compare five domains together and discover changes in their paid/organic traffic, Backlinks, organic keywords.

Growth reports

Another feature that Semrush has recently added is the ‘growth report’.

As shown below, you can now choose a particular time period and analyze the growth of any domain.

It is not necessary to compare your domain by month; you can select quarter by quarter or year by year option too.

With that, you will get all the expected data like traffic, backlinks, organic searches, paid traffic etc.

The great thing about this feature is that it shows graphs and charts to understand better the traffic change by country, position distribution etc.

New keyword overview to enhance your keyword research

'Keyword research tool' is by far the best tool offered by Semrush for its excellent keyword research potential.

With the latest updates in the ‘keyword overview’, now you can

  • analyze your keywords more efficiently,
  • get global monthly search volume for each keyword,
  • view keyword variations and related suggestions;
  • Latest trends in keywords and many more.

Global volume and bulk analysis

The global volume metric provides the monthly search volume of your ‘seed keyword’ from the list of all popular countries on the globe.

You can also take advantage of the bulk analysis’ feature to analyze up to 100 keywords at a time and save a lot of time.

‘Questions’ and SERP features for each keyword

With SERP analysis, you can analyze the top 100 search result pages of a particular keyword along with their key metrics, including backlink, keywords, referring domains etc.

It allows you to save a lot of time by filtering keywords based on SERP features as well as using variations in the form of questions.

Updated ‘Keyword Manager’

Instead of a keyword analyzer, you can now see the updated ‘keyword manager’ integrated with position and position changes in organic search.

Find hidden keywords opportunities with a Brand new ‘keyword gap’ tool

The keyword gap tool allows you to compare your keyword profile to that of your competitors and find out top keyword opportunities that can help you boost your rankings.

With the brand new ‘keyword gap’, you can leverage the following features:

Top opportunities widget

Try out the ‘top opportunities’ tab and use filters for ‘tops’ and ‘volume’ to discover missing keyword opportunities.

New ‘positions’ and ‘volume’ filters

With the updated ‘volume’ and ‘top/position filters’, easily filter the position of your keywords that you want to analyze. For instance, you might need missing keywords only in the top 10 or top 20.

In addition to this, you can also add filters to the ‘volume’ of the keyword. Only keywords for having enough search volume will be shown to you.

Find all competitors’ keywords with keyword grouping.

Now you can compare your domain with 4 of your competing domains and take advantage of the keyword grouping with new 'missing,' ‘shared’, ‘unique’, ‘strong’ and 'weak' keywords.

Analyze by ‘subfolders’ and ‘URLs'

Find more profitable keywords by comparing them with ‘subfolders’ and ‘URLs’

Keyword manager integration

Keyword gap tool has now been integrated with ‘keyword manager’.

You can use this feature to generate real-time results for your already selected keywords and know what new competitors rank for it. It is available to paid users only.

Target report pages for on target backlink audit

Backlinks audit will tell you the quality of Backlinks pointing to your site and overall site health.

With Backlinks audit, Semrush compiles the list of all spammy links that are linking to your site, and you can easily remove these links from the Google Disavow tool.'

To strengthen your backlink audit effort, Semrush has now introduced ‘target report pages’ that gives information about the new, active, lost and broken backlink of your site.

Now you can view the link toxicity page wise and know which all links are spammy.

For more accurate and in-depth analysis, you can link it with your Google Analytics account.

Target URL error in Indexed pages report

The Semrush new ‘target URL error’ feature in the indexed pages report helps you find endless broken link opportunities.

As you know, broken links are a great way to obtain high-quality backlinks for your website; you can think how beneficial it could be.

Now you can find numerous broken links of your competitors and reach out to their site owners requesting them to replace it with your site’s link.

Found some backlinks? Well I bet now you can.

Share of Voice in position tracking

Before 2020, Semrush position tracking only displayed the visibility score based on keyword positions. That indeed wasn’t much satisfying. I feel so.

But now, you can also track your site’s SEO efforts by using the Semrush latest ‘Share of Voice’ feature in rank tracking.

With this feature, you can discover the percentage of the market you occupy in consideration with not just keyword positions but also on search volume and estimated traffic of your targeted keywords.

Sounds good?

Cannibalization reports and extra features

Here are some additional features that Semrush has released:

First is ‘Cannibalization report’ with which you can update your content strategy by analyzing it with competing pages, spitting content and based on different keyword groups.

You can also track your website’s visibility across multiple devices (phone, desktop, tablet) and locations (down to city level) in position tracking with devices and locations report.

In addition to this, you can also select how often you want the position tracker to send you reports of your website with export scheduling. Using this feature, you can get daily, weekly, or monthly position reports of your website in a CSV file

Markup reports in the site audit.

Did you notice the ‘markup’ data in the site audit?

Semrush' Site Audit' helps you analyze how your website performs and what all issues are there in it. It is far better than the free auditing tools you use and highlights all your website issues that negatively impact your rankings.

Now you can make your site auditing improvement more efficient and get a chance to analyze the SERP features with the help of the ‘markup data feature’.

This feature is one of a kind and can help you boost your website rankings significantly. While you conduct a site audit, it will detect various schemas and display their details in the page report.

Local SEO update with a list management tool

Well, local seo tools are not used by many of us. It is mainly useful for small and large businesses that are trying to establish a strong hyper-local presence.

Semrush listing management tool automatically distributes your basic business profile to the most qualitative and authoritative directories. It enables you to enhance your local SEO business and optimize your business’s visibility for popular voice searches.

You can find more than 80 directories for the US and more than 40 directories for other countries in the listing management tool. The new additions are ‘France’ and ‘Germany’, which was not there earlier.

From the updated Semrush comprehensive local SEO toolkit, you can take massive benefit from the following features:

Suppress duplicates: You can boost your local business visibility by ensuring that your listings are free from suppress duplicates. It also enables your customers to easily find you both online and offline by keeping your business profile unique and without any duplicates.

Track local rankings: With a local rankings tracker, you can know and analyze how your business performs for local SEO.

Organize GMB and Facebook listings: Now, you can create your high-quality business listings on Google, Facebook and various online directories, including all the relevant information about your business like working hours, working days, photos and payment options. Also, track how your listings are performing by analyzing how often you searched and displayed online.

Manage reviews and user suggestions: With the review management tool, you can view and reply to your Google and Facebook reviews from the Semrush tool itself.

Local ranking heatmap: It is an advanced version of local tracking, enabling you to track your business’s Google map position for a specific location. With this, you can track up to five keywords on a hyper-local level and analyze your local rankings.

New market explorer features

Market Explorer is an excellent tool of Semrush with which you can understand the current trends of a particular niche in the market.

With 2020 latest Semrush updates, you can notice three added features in market explorer:

Growth quadrant

With this, simply enter any domain in the search bar, and you can see how other websites/domains are performing in the market.

Along with other data, it shows the list of top game players, their market value and share and insights into the audience’s behavior and characteristics which is really awesome.

For instance, when I put ‘forbes.com’ in Market Explorer, under the ‘growth quadrant’ section, it showed me the established players like nytimes.com and washingtonpost.com and game-changers like businessinsider.com that are growing primarily.

Benchmarking reports

Another notable feature is ‘benchmarking report’; you can benchmark the selected domain against the five various sites and compare their traffic reports and audience characteristics.

Custom markets

If you want to do a customized market analysis, you can use the option ‘custom market’ and add up to 20 domains in the list to evaluate their market share.

So, on an overall basis, Semrush market explorer has become a great tool to discover everything about a niche and understanding its top competitors, players and audiences insights.

Granular traffic analytics and competition comparison

As you can yourself see, guys, you can now get the correct traffic counts based on its subdomain for each generated report with subdomain analysis.

The second amazing feature updated in traffic analytics is the Audience overlap report. You can compare your website statistics with that of multiple competitors’ websites through the audience overlap report.

With this tool, you can compare the audience of chosen websites and see how the competitor’s audiences overlap with yours. It also helps you select the best partners for your marketing projects based on audience matches.

Traffic journey report

With the traffic journey report, you can see how a visitor travels on a website and what all sites they travel through before and after they land on the analyzed domain.

You can analyze these insights wisely and repurpose your audience to attract their attention to your website.

Impact hero

This one is not alone an update. In fact, it is a brand new tool that Semrush has come up with to make your market research more accessible and better.

What you can now do is analyze your website content from the buyer’s perspective with the help of Semrush ‘Impact Hero tool’. This tool can help you analyze high performing assets on your website and suggest improvements to scale your site.

Impact hero is an AI-based tool, and it generates data from hundreds of survey. So you don’t really have to go anywhere else now. All your market research needs and data have been compiled in a single tool by none other than my favourite Semrush.

Content marketplace expansion- gets your content in a click

Do you find it difficult to write high-quality SEO optimized content that can help you rank at #1 position in Google?

You should try out the Semrush content marketplace then.

Yes, guys, Semrush has introduced a new content marketplace with which you can uplift your content game and beat your competitors by posting traffic driven content.

Here you can take benefit from on-demand content and copywriting services- product descriptions, sales copy, newsletters, blogs, website content, eBooks and press releases.

If you sign up for a premium plan, you can take benefit from the following mentioned features:

  • You can avail a 20% discount on all order you book and an unlimited number of content revisions.
  • Media stock capabilities which mean that you will have numerous opportunities to find visual content solutions through high-quality images and videos.
Access to shared workspaces which is highly beneficial for companies having big teams. It allows you to collaborate with their team members on employing orders, content revisions and feedback.

New social media analytical tool

Social media has become a massive opportunity to drive real-time visitors to your site in today's times. After all, who doesn’t use Facebook, Instagram and Twitter too?

And will not you be happy to know that you can monitor all your social accounts and make changes to them through one single interface?

Well, yes, Semrush has made it possible for you with its latest social media analytics tool.’

Now you can use a Social media analytics tool to track social media accounts and get data about new followers, reach, engagement for Facebook and Instagram, all from a single platform.

By analyzing your audience's wants, you can upgrade your content strategy and identify the best performing content in your niche.

I personally found it highly valuable. Don’t you?

New ad manager

It is a great feature that Semrush has enormously updated for paid specialists to create, launch and manage their compelling ads from Semrush.

With its user-intuitive interface, you don’t have to face any complexities to run your ad campaigns through Semrush.

New client manager update (New Beta Tool)

A client manager tool is a long-awaited tool for many marketers and SEO experts. It’s finally there with the Semrush latest 2020 update.

Now manage all your clients right from the Semrush dashboard.

What’s more- You can create reports of the changes made and send them to your clients through email.

All you have to do here is simply add your client and then view his stats in the Semrush dashboard.

With this, you can make all possible edits from the Semrush to their site and send them the generated report.

Agency growth kit for enterprises

If you’re an agency looking to uncover all your agency needs and manage your entire client’s workflow effectively, then the Semrush agency growth kit can be a perfect option for you to consider.

With the Semrush agency growth kit, you get access to a tailored marketing platform catered, especially for your agency to attract more clients and grow your client base.

Get new lead generation opportunities with the agency partner’s platform. Here you can collaborate with brands for mutual cooperation.

Next is you can access ‘advanced reporting capabilities’ under ‘My Reports’. With this, you can brand, customize and schedule client reports with various customization options such as branding, white-label etc.

Another useful feature for agencies is ‘unlimited client manager access’ that let you drop spreadsheets and managing all customers’ data, projects and reports in one place.

Sellerly: A toolbox for Amazon success

Sellerly, as the name suggests, can help to increase your sales.

Semrush has specially designed a small toolkit for Amazon sellers to help them take maximum profit from their product listings and grow their customer base broadly.

Let’s see what Sellerly can do for you:

Traffic insights:

To scale up your Amazon selling business, you can now get a detailed account of profitable traffic channels for various Amazon products and get new customers through traffic insights.

Listing quality check

You made several Amazon listings for selling your products, but what’s the point of it if you are not able to generate potential customers out of it? Right?

So, here ‘listing quality check’ can help you. What the feature does is it improves your listing performance and makes it suitable for Amazon guidelines to help you boost your visibility and win quality customers.

Listing protection

Listing protection works like your security system.

It sends an alert either through SMS or email informing them to manage their listing changes and traffic loss by analyzing changes in the competitor’s prices, keyword positions and buys boxes.

Yoast integration with Semrush

You must have used the Yoast plugin in your WordPress account.

As you know, Yoast is a powerful tool giving you suitable suggestions for optimizing keywords, headings and content in your blog/website.

And do I have to list the benefits of Semrush here? Obviously, no.

Now isn’t it amazing that Semrush has integrated with Yoast? It’s a win-win situation now.

Both these tools will only help you multifold your SEO strategy and rank higher and higher in search engines.

Prowly acquisition

Have you heard about Prowly before?

Well, I have gone through it for the first time, but now I have a pretty good idea about it. So, let me tell you what it is and why Semrush has acquired it?

It’s a PR and media relation SaaS startup providing access to 1 million journalists and influencers whom you can approach to amplify your marketing efforts.

You can build meaningful connections with these journalists and take their help to reach your target audience by the right means – tailored online campaigns, newsletters, CRM functionality and much more.

And again, the good news here is you can access it for free if you have a Semrush account.

Yes, you heard it right.

New Semrush pricing plans

Semrush has not just released the latest updates in its tools, but it has also upgraded its pricing plans.

The prices of all the plans offered by Semrush have increased now.

However, after reading this article till now, you can yourself think how valuable the tool is, and therefore all its price is worth investing your money.

Pro- It costs $119.95 per month (annual subscription- $99.95)

Suitable for: For small companies and growing startups

Guru- It costs $229.95 per month (annual subscription -$191.62)

Suitable for: Medium-sized businesses and agencies

Business- It costs $449.95 per month (annual subscription- $374.95)

Suitable for: Large size businesses, Agencies, and Ecommerce

Enterprise – Here, you got the custom pricing options set when you configure your customer interface.

Suitable for: Large scaling brands

If you purchase any of the plans mentioned above on a yearly basis, you can save 16%.

Semrush also offers a free 7-day trial which you can purchase to test out its features for a fixed duration before purchasing for a premium plan.

The standard version is only available for 7 days, but you can avail yourself limited access to the tool for an extended period of 14 days.

Wrapping up!

Considering all its outstanding features and unique latest updates, Semrush is one of the dominating all-in-one SEO tools that you need to optimize your site based on accurate data analysis.

I can bet that once you start using Semrush, you will realize why it is the most preferred choice of so many influencers, bloggers, and marketers. So, I would highly recommend you to purchase the Semrush plan according to your requirements, or you can also avail of its 7-Day Free Trial to test the tool yourself.

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