Samsung Dialer APK Download For Android 12 & 13 (2024)

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What is Samsung Dialer APK?

Samsung Dialer APK

Samsung Dialer APK is a designated dialer app designed specifically for Samsung devices, acting as an option to the default dialer application and granting users a smooth and feature-packed calling experience.

Samsung Dialer provides a diverse array of advanced features that amplify ease and effectiveness during call initiation and reception.

Features Of Samsung Dialer APK

Samsung Dialer APK presents an array of advanced features that elevate your calling experience to the next level, including:

Optimized User Interface

A remarkable aspect of the Samsung Dialer APK is its refined user interface. Samsung has given careful attention to the app’s design and layout, ensuring a user-friendly experience.

The interface is intuitive, making navigation and access to the various features and settings within the app easy.

Integration with Samsung Services

Samsung Dialer APK seamlessly integrates with other Samsung services and applications.

This integration results in a more cohesive user experience, encompassing features such as syncing contacts, call history, and settings across multiple Samsung devices.

By utilizing this dialer, you can enjoy the benefits of a tightly integrated ecosystem.

Caller ID and Spam Protection

The Samsung Dialer APK incorporates a powerful feature for caller identification and safeguarding against spam. This functionality allows you to recognize incoming calls from unfamiliar numbers or potential spam callers, giving you the ability to make well-informed choices regarding whether to answer or ignore the call.

By utilizing this feature, you can protect your privacy and prevent unnecessary disruptions.

Intelligent Dialing

This dialer simplifies the process of finding and dialing contacts through its intelligent dialing and search functionality.

Whether you recall the name, initials, or even a few digits of a contact’s phone number, the app conducts intelligent searches and provides suggestions, ensuring quick and accurate dialing.

It saves time and eliminates the inconvenience of scrolling through lengthy contact lists.

Visual Voicemail

Samsung Dialer APK incorporates visual voicemail, enabling you to conveniently manage voicemail messages directly from the app.

Instead of dialing a voicemail number and listening to messages individually, visual voicemail presents a visual interface where you can view a list of messages, listen to them in any order, and selectively save or delete them as necessary.

Call Recording

Samsung Dialer APK offers the capability to record calls, which proves advantageous in various scenarios such as business meetings, interviews, or for personal reference.

Moreover, the app provides the option for call transcription, where the conversation is transcribed into text format, facilitating easy review or search for specific information discussed during the call.

Optimized for Samsung Devices

Samsung Dialer APK is purposefully designed for Samsung devices, ensuring optimal performance and compatibility.

The app maximizes the hardware and software capabilities of Samsung smartphones, resulting in a seamless and uninterrupted calling experience.

Regular Updates

As an official Samsung application, Samsung Dialer APK receives regular updates and ongoing support.

Samsung is dedicated to providing a reliable and secure user experience that extends to their dialer app.

By utilizing this dialer, you can expect timely updates and bug fixes, guaranteeing a smooth and hassle-free calling experience.


This dialer offers diverse customization options, allowing you to personalize the app to suit your preferences.

You can select different themes and layouts and customize call ringtones, ensuring that your dialer app reflects your distinct style and enhances the overall user experience.

Conference Calling

With the conference calling feature of Samsung Dialer, users can swiftly create conference calls with other individuals.

This feature enhances communication and collaboration, making business meetings and group discussions more convenient.

Samsung Dialer APK Download

Samsung Dialer APK Download

Samsung, a prominent brand in the realm of Android smartphones, has established its position by providing a diverse range of inventive devices.

Alongside their impressive hardware, Samsung introduces the Samsung Dialer APK, an all-encompassing dialer application. This application surpasses the traditional dialer, enriching your calling experience on Samsung devices.

This article details the advantages and features of the Samsung Phone APK, explaining how it can elevate your communication skills on your Samsung smartphone.

No need to wait any longer! Begin your Samsung Dialer APK Download immediately.

How to Download and Install Samsung Dialer APK

1. Firstly, download the Samsung Dialer APK by clicking the download button.

2. Once downloaded, proceed with the installation.

3. After installation, open the app and enjoy its functionalities.

Last Thoughts

Samsung Dialer APK is a comprehensive dialer application that enhances the calling experience on Samsung gadgets.

With its optimized user interface and advanced functionalities like caller identification, intelligent dialing, visual voicemail, and call recording, this dialer app stands out as a top choice among Samsung smartphone users.

By opting for Samsung Phone APK, you can elevate your communication prowess, enjoy seamless connectivity with your contacts, and have improved control over your calls.

Embrace this exceptional dialer app and unlock a new level of calling convenience and efficiency on your Samsung device.

If you encounter any problems during the download of the Samsung Dialer APK, kindly leave a comment below, and we will promptly address your concern.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do Samsung phones come with Google Dialer?

“No, Google Dialer is not included with Samsung phones.” They instead have their own dialer program known as the Samsung Phone app.”

Are non-Samsung devices able to operate the Samsung Dialer APK?

The Samsung Dialer APK is specifically designed to work efficiently on Samsung Galaxy devices and may not operate smoothly on devices from other brands.

May I update the Samsung Dialer APK?

In case you obtained the Samsung Dialer APK from the Galaxy Store, updates can be accessed from there. In case, you have manually downloaded Samsung dailer apk, you need to replace the older version with latest apk file.

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