How to Get Royalty Free Photos for Commercial Use

Being a blogger I always find some royalty free photos for commercial use, so I can put them into my blog posts. We also call them public domain images which can be used in client work, blog, online store, etc.

Royalty Free Photos for Commercial Use

Whether you are developer, blogger, marketer, or doing any other sort of work, if you need any free image, then you can download from copyright free image sites. In this post, I will discuss about those royalty free image sites that I use for my work.

Important Points to Know About These Sites

The free images sites I will be sharing in this post will give you following benefits-

  • You can download images free of cost.
  • You can edit images.
  • You can use these pictures on another platform.
  • You are not required to give credit.
  • You can use images for commercial purpose.
  • You can use them in offline marketing campaigns.

I hope that I have answered all your doubts now. If something remains, you can ask me later in the comment section. Now we walk ahead and know about royalty free image sites.

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Get Completely Free Stock Images for Commercial Use

There are many such sites to get the free stock images, but I prefer to visit a few because those sites have large repository of public domain images that we can use for our projects. You can find images for almost each of the category.

1. Pixabay


Pixabay is the first name in this list. I visit it almost every day to get some free stock images for my blog posts. A blog post with relevant images attracts a reader to go through the entire post. As per pixabay site stats, it hosts over 1.3 million images, and videos which have been shared by the community members around the globe. You can also find here illustrations and vector graphics. Almost each of the category images are available in the repository. To find a suitable image, simply put the related keyword into search box or explore the categories. You will get many different images those can be downloaded in your different sizes .

2# Pexels


Pexels is my second favorite site to download the high resolution images. Once you google for free stock images, the Pixels is visible most of the times. The site is quite popular for availing free stock images for commercial and non-commercial use. There are plenty of high resolution images are available. To get an image to your local drive, just click on the image and then download button appear in the next screen. Simply click on it and it starts downloading on your system. Here you are not required to click on next every time to see more images. Just keep scrolling, and you will find some more quality pictures. It has simple layout like Pixabay, so it never let you feel stuck while searching for a relevant image.

3# Burst by Shopify

burst by shopify

I found burst by shopify few days back. It has many high quality images to use in blogs posts, web development projects, offline marketing, etc. If you are creating a Shopify store, this image repository is surely going to help you because you can find here lots of high quality images which can give amazing look to store. The home page of burst has different collections to find images so quick. Just click on relevant collection and download the image you want.  A search box is also given on the home page of burst to make image search easy and quick. Again, there is no need to think about uses policy. All of the images are available for commercial use. The Shopify is helping online community by providing free stock images and they are expanding the image repository size day by day.

Final Words

These are the free stock images sites. I could add more sites to the list, but I’m sharing which I personally use. I don’t want to waste my time only in searching relevant images, so always look at these sites when I need free images for blogs. You can suggest me more sites which have similar features the above sites offer. I would love to add them in this list.

Do visit above sites and share your experience with us….

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  1. excellent way to point out the benefit of using the free images to make the blog an attractive piece of writing and having mentioned the sites on the blog is a good management ability. I think that the picking images with something written on them through social apps would also be beneficial.
    thank you.

  2. Hey Nikhil,

    Thanks for sharing this cool n informative post. I was aware of Pexels amd Pixabay but Burst by Shopify is interesting and can help all of us bloggers to creatively design our blog posts!

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