Robinhood Mint Integration 2022: Complete Guide

Robinhood Mint Integration - Complete Guide

Mint strikes first when it comes to personal finance service apps. Its flawless functions are always on the top when an investor needs tracking of his investments. You can access its services from anywhere with any browser and device. But when it comes to tracking the investment while using Robinhood you might face some issues. SO how one can proceed smoothly with this?

In this blog, we will discuss the Robinhood Mint Integration, the key points we should know before investing in such conditions, and how we can proceed in such cases.

Let’s dive right in.

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Robinhood Mint Integration in 2022: “The Analysis”

Many of the investors adopt Mint because of its accurate and flexible functionalities such as financial overviews, information about investments, bills, and retirement. Investors can comfortably check their financial situation in one place rather than check with different apps. Mint also enables investors to check the latest trends, monetary goals, and money-saving tips. That is the reason why investors are always seeking the Robinhood Mint integration so that they get the wholesome solution in one place.

But it’s not that much easy..!!

One of the most important things you must know about Robinhood Mint Integration is that Robinhood blocks all third-party apps to provide safe and secure investment activities to its customers. And mint is also a third-party app for Robinhood, and if you think Robinhood is integrated with mint, you are wrong here. There is no direct integration between Robinhood and Mint.

But if still, you want to use it, you can. You just need to grab the “Robinhood Mint Sync” Chrome extension.

Robinhood Mint Integration in 2022: “The Connection”

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It’s sad to relate, but you cannot use Mint with Robinhood. Robinhood doesn’t allow Mint to integrate with its services due to its security norms. And for the future perspective, Robinhood has no plans to integrate with Mint or similar financial services apps in near future. As per the sources, there is a Robinhood Mint integration that sometimes works, but ultimately the Robinhood blocked all the third-party apps and some of the features of Mint that worked before, have stooped working after getting blocked by Robinhood.

Till now there is no official news regarding Robinhood Mint integration. There is speculation only on social media that it is so, but it is not like that at all. Users on different social forums and social media platforms share their experiences of connecting Robinhood to Mint but all gone to the wall.

Robinhood Mint Integration in 2022: “Does Robinhood Blocked Mint”?

Users were facing problems in their transaction updates and account editing. Earlier investors thought that there is a bug in the app so that they are facing a problem, but there is no official news has been provided on this matter. Still, investors are in the lurch if it is a bug or Robinhood blocked all the functionalities associated with Mint or other third-party apps.

Whereas on Robinhood’s website, they have mentioned that they will not integrate with any third-party app based on financial and investment tools due to security or privacy reasons. That is the reason why investors are unable to get their transactions and account info updated. No third-party login has been allowed from Robinhood and there are strong chances of changing security policies in near future.

Robinhood always protects its users, and user’s account security is the foremost priority of Robinhood. They have updated their system or app so that no third-party app can integrate with their app. Maybe after some time, these policies will change but for now, Robinhood has completely blocked third-party penetration. So that they can make their users and community very strong for security purposes.

Robinhood Mint Integration in 2022: “Is Mint Reliable”?

With the help of Mint, users can track their cash and ATM transactions. Mint allows its users to track their expenses. By counting all the funds, Mint allows users to categorize the different areas they spend. And to get a more in-depth analysis of the transactions the customization feature in Mint allows its users to tag specific transactions.

Mint allows users to track cash and ATM transactions to make sure they are tracking all their expenses. By counting all the funds, Mint allows users to categorize the different areas they spend, and the customization feature allows them to tag specific transactions to get a more in-depth analysis of the transactions.

Mint helps in connecting all the financial accounts, bank accounts, bills, and payment apps like PayPal in one place. And this is the point of concern for a lot of investors. As in recent years, hacking and security breaches are the most common activities that led the investors into a discomfort zone.

To provide safe and secure financial transactions Mint uses financial level security measures with 128-bit SSL certified encryption. Together with this they also use third-party sites like VeriSign and TRUSTe to monitor the transactions and make them safer. And to protect the files on Company’s server, Mint uses 256-bit encryption. Mint also use Touch ID, security question and multi-factor authentication to provide the best security features to protect their users from cyber fraud and security breach.

But still, it is advisable to users that they proceed with caution while sharing bank details. And the rest is assured by Mint with a variety of high-level security measures.

Robinhood Mint Integration in 2022: “How to set up Robinhood Mint Integration”?

Currently, no direct link is available for Robinhood mint Integration. Even investors and traders are continuously demanding this much-needed integration for particular features. However, there is one solution available for the investors is to sync Robinhood-Mint with chrome. There is a chrome extension from the app developer to add the Robinhood portfolio to Mint. you can also use this extension with Firefox.

Robinhood Mint Integration in 2022: “Robinhood MInt Chrome Sync”

With the help of the chrome extension, you can easily Integrate Robinhood with Mint. Always remember that this is not the proper or official integration from Robinhood and Mint. It is based on open-source code, which means anybody on GitHub can review or use this extension. It helps in data synchronization between the two apps. This extension enables you to sync your Robinhood amount with your Mint account.

This extension is developed and shared on GitHub by a freelance developer. And since this extension has come into the market, it has got a lot of positive reviews, it is being liked a lot by investors especially those who are consistently waiting for Robinhood Mint Integration.

This extension is very flexible and very easy to use. To sync the Robinhood and Mint you just need to open the Mint overview page and start the sync process. You will get the notification pop up on the top right corner, so whenever you want to use it, just initiate the setup, and that’s it.

Robinhood Mint Integration in 2022: “How Sync Works”?

The Robinhood Mint Sync initiates the work by opening both Robinhood and Mint pages side by side and deliver values from page to page. Once the sync is complete the pages will close automatically. You are not advisable to close the pages while syncing. If you do so, the sync process will be failed.


So, currently, there is no direct integration between Robinhood and Mint. It is one of the most demanded integrations by the investors but due to security reasons, Robinhood does not allow third-party apps to work with. But still, if you want to use it, you can use it with the synchronization process between Robinhood and Mint. A chrome extension is available on GitHub, you can integrate that extension with your chrome or firefox browser and enjoy the Robinhood Mint integration in 2022.

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