“Review Hidden By Sensitivity Filter” On Amazon, Know what it Means

“Review Hidden By Sensitivity Filter” On Amazon, Know what it Means

Have you heard or seen a message saying a review hidden by a sensitive filter by Amazon? Know the meaning of it and the exact reasons for your review getting hidden by Amazon’s sensitive filter. 

Are you an Amazon review writer? Or is your review getting hidden by Amazon’s sensitive filter while you are trying to review a product. It happens for specific reasons. And not all reviews are hidden by Amazon. Read the entire blog to know the reasons for reviews getting hidden. Also, know about the sensitivity filter and its operation in the Amazon reviews. 

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“Review Hidden By Sensitivity Filter” On Amazon, Know what it Means

Sensitivity filter is one of the biggest flex that Amazon users have got. Breaking the term “sensitivity filter”, means that reviews that are sensitive are hidden. To be more precise, Amazon hides sensitive reviews. Reviews are written by people for various products. A few might be writing it for the first time and a few others might be pros in writing Amazon reviews. Whomever it might be, Amazon reviews are hidden by a sensitivity filter. A sensitivity filter is mostly used for medical products and adult products.

For example, if you are writing a review for a face cream then it might get hidden by Amazon’s sensitivity filter. The reason is skin texture varies from one person to another. Suitable face cream for you might not be suitable for others. In that case, your review is hidden. Most importantly sensitive reviews are hidden from the writer’s profile and displayed on the product page. Taking the above example into consideration, your review might get hidden from your profile but will be present in face cream product reviews. 

The advantage of a sensitivity filter is one can’t access others’ profiles after reading reviews on medical products and adult products. The sensitivity filter protects user privacy. There are various health and other products available on Amazon like and many of them are adult products like estrogen boosters, supplements, etc. Reviews by writers on products like these are hidden to protect the writer’s privacy. Though reviews are available on these products, one can’t trace the writer’s profile as Amazon’s sensitivity filter prevents it. 

Types of Reviews that can be hidden due to privacy issues or by the sensitive filter

It is clear that Amazon hides sensitive reviews on various products automatically. Now, let’s see all those sensitive products for which the reviews by writers are hidden by the sensitivity filter. 

  • Personal care products 
  • Jewelry and cosmetics
  • Personal clothing
  • Self-care, self-help products
  • Erotic products
  • Personal protection products

So, these are the sensitive products for which Amazon might hide the reviews. The most significant reason for the usage of the sensitivity filter is Amazon never compromises when it comes to customer satisfaction and privacy. This filter enables writers’ privacy. Even reviewers who feel embarrassed about writing reviews can express their experience about the product as the sensitivity filter guards user privacy.  

Is turning off the sensitivity Filter Possible on Amazon

We have already discussed that these sensitive reviews will be visible on the product review page and not on the personal page. Thus, it is possible to turn off Amazon’s sensitive filter if you wish to. All the reviews will be displayed on the public profile once the filter is turned off. Amazon might even hide a few reviews that aren’t sensitive. And the reviewers might want to turn off the filter to let people know their review. So, here are steps to turn off sensitivity filters,

  • Log in to your Amazon account. You can log in from any smart device. 
  • Find the “Accounts and Lists” button on the top of the home page and click on it. 
  • After “Accounts and lists” select “Your Amazon Profile”.
  • After selecting “Your Amazon Profile”, Amazon will automatically open two tabs from which you have to choose the right tab.
  • Open the right tab to edit privacy settings.
  • You can find the “Hide sensitivity” checkbox. It will be turned in by default by Amazon. All you need to do is uncheck the checkbox.
  • After unchecking the checkbox, move to the end of the page and hit the save button to save the changes.

So, this is how you can turn off the sensitivity filter in your Amazon account. You can either keep the filter turned on or can even turn it off if you don’t want anyone to know your identity and stay autonomous. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Let’s see a few frequently asked questions

Can Amazon sellers hide reviews?

Yes, Amazon sellers can hide reviews. They can change settings by logging in to their profile and changing the community activity section. They can either delete or edit the review. It is also possible to hide the review by the seller. 

How to turn off the sensitivity filter in the Amazon app?

The settings can be changed in the “Your Profile” app. Whatever the portal it might be, the sensitivity filter can be changed in the “Your Profile” section. 

Final Words

Sensitivity filter is a user-privacy protection filter by Amazon. This filter hides sensitive reviews from user profiles and displays them only on the product review page. You can turn off the sensitivity filter if you want to. Even the sellers can hide reviews from the product reviews. 

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